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Speedster Conversion: 1987 Porsche 911 Targa

There was a time in air-cooled Porsche ownership where making your existing car into the model you actually wanted was an accepted form of upgrading. Now, you’d be vilified for cutting up an air-cooled 911 in any fashion, unless you happen to be on the waiting list for a Singer conversion; in that case, it’s a completely acceptable manner of flaunting your wealth. This 1987 911 began life as an ordinary Targa but was converted to a Speedster using OEM parts. Find it here on craigslist for $69,000.

The 911 is located in New Mexico. The Targa of this vintage was often a target for modification, as the removal of the Targa bars made convertible ownership a very real option for owners disenfranchised with living in between hardtop and open air experiences. The conversion to a Speedster-style setup is seen less often, what with its unique folding top and dual-hump cowl that hides the space where the since-deleted rear seat once resided. This example is said to have just 40,000 miles and a salvage title.

No photos with the top down are included, which would offer a better sense of how well the conversion was executed. To me, there’s something off about the proportions from the rear quarter panel view above. The wheels either aren’t wide enough at the rear, or the suspension is somehow unsettled. The 1989 Speedster is low and somewhat fat – in the best way possible – and this car comes across as being too narrow. Inside, the rear seat is gone with the iconic cowl installed above the now vacant space.

I believe Speedsters came with the turbo-look rear fenders, and that could be where this replica is tripping me up. Regardless, the interior is in nice condition with custom upholstery over the dual power seats. The seller notes other aspects of the Speedster conversion includes door glass, doors, and windshield posts, and that all conversion parts are OEM Porsche. The A/C blows cold and the engine is said to be tight with no leaks. Would you spend $70,000 on a replica Speedster like this?


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Wheels are the 6s and 7s that came on the SCs of those years. What make them look weird is the stripping of the black paint off of them. The real Speedster top is a weird looking unit in itself and really needed to be down most of the time to look good.That’s a good looking interior, sort of a blah paint color and without putting the Turbo flares on it could use 7s and 8s for wheels.

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  2. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Oh, agree price is too high.

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  3. Avatar photo Classic Steel

    salvaged means lower pricing

    Comments on you’d spend x if original but you’d get close to x on resale too 👀

    Nice looking car

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  4. Avatar photo lbpa18

    Much of the attraction to the 911 Speedster is its rarity. Hence the high prices the typically go for. It wasnt really a nicer convertible car. Part of the equation here is why the salvage title. That would influence the price too. Speedster parts were basically bolt on parts with the exception of the windshield which is a weld in replacement if Im not mistaken, and a difficult part to source without breaking the bank. Cabs in general, of this vintage, can be had for about half the asking price. If the conversion work was done to a high standard, I can see those expenses recouped in a sale. Beyond that, its a nice car but still just a cab with salvage title.

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  5. Avatar photo Malcolm Boyes

    Without the salvage titlethis might be worth the $$ but that would be a deal breaker for me…OK til you try to sell it again. Looks like a reasonably well done job but, as said, crazy not to take pix with the top down.

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  6. Avatar photo Jasper

    Would’ve been cooler with its Targa top. Yeah, that price is crazy.

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  7. Avatar photo dougie

    There can only be one reason why this car is not photographed with the top down. Not to mention, he was smoking something when he picked that price out of his a$$.

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