Spider Shack: 1970 Ford Torino Wagon


You might look at this car and think that it was abandoned, and I can’t fault you for that. This 1970 Ford Torino wagon here on eBay was driven into the woods and forgotten about – but I think the woodland creatures have decided to make it their new home, based on the photos below. There’s just over a day left on the auction, so act fast if you’re interested. 


The state of the car does make you wonder what the plans were. Did the seller intend to drive it again or just forget about it? Was it going to become a rat-rod or remain OEM? The missing wheel and cement blocks under the front end indicate to me some work has possibly been attempted, but more than likely the seller just needed a spare tire and rim to use to pass an inspection with another car.


Here’s the shot that gives me the chills: wow, that must have been a big spider! And whatever else was living in there first has clearly taken up residency. I see the classic signs of mouse infestation, no doubt helped but this Torino’s long sojourn in the Tennessee woods. The seller appears to have several abandoned vehicles on his property, so the rough wagon featured here is in good company.


I’ll admit, this is not the prettiest thing to look at. But the Torino station wagon was never intended as a piece of artwork, just cheap, honest transportation. Which may in part explain why the seller had no issue shoving it between a few trees on his property and letting Mother Nature take over. For $1,600 or best offer, would you want to clean out the critters living in this Torino wagon?


  1. Warren

    $500 at most.

  2. Mike D

    with it sitting in leaves and such up to the hubs, it may have frame issues as well 156K miles on a 302 is A LOT of miles, tho I did put 168K on a 289 so it is possible ( body and frame bit the dust, the engine was still strong) tailgate has the typical rust, but the rest looks OK 1600 is a bit much, and it would probably be up to the buyer to get it out of there it is nothing out of the ordinary.. I wouldn’t chance it, though

    • Ethan

      I agree with most of what you said but 156k miles is NOT a lot of miles for a 302. They are known for incredible reliability and longevity due in part to the near perfect rod/stroke ratio that results in very low friction/ wear. A lot of them can go way over 200k without major repairs and outlast the rest of the vehicle. Don’t mean to sound too defensive, but I guess I am a little bit. :)

  3. Charles

    Parts car and scrap iron. Where’s the barn?

  4. mark

    Absolute junk.

  5. JW

    $200 Parts car and that’s on the high side.

  6. p

    To quote a line from a Bugs Bunny cartoon….

    “In this corner……The CRUSHER….”

  7. Marty Member

    What Warren said!

  8. randy

    Many parts including the taillights fit a Ranchero, so the taillights will bring a very high price. This would make a great parts car for a Ranchero guy.

  9. Cassidy

    Do people think of woodlands as a garbage dump for cars? We sure are seeing a lot of cars left in the elements to fend for themselves. Out of sight, out of mind? Considering how it has been “stored”, it doesn’t look like the owner intended to wait out the market to see if it would be worth more in a few years. Seems more like he’s trying to appease his wife or the county inspector who told him to clean up his junk yard! Would I buy this? Never! This guy can drag his junk out of the woods on his own and ferry it to the junk yard. You know if he sells it, it will be the buyer finding a way to get it out of the woods while he sits on his hands laughing to himself and thinking “Sucker!” Far too many nicer vehicles to buy than something that’s been severely compromised

  10. MountainMan

    I’m not seeing much appeal either. Lazy sellers who leave a car in the garage urk me. The same goes for one left in the woods. If someone really intends to sell a vehicle why not drag it out into the open or move all the junk piled on it away or pull it from the garage for pics. The worst ones are when a car is supposed to run and drive but is photographed in a garage and pics are only taken of one side.. Grrrr.
    As Randy said, the tail lights would make spares or replacement parts for a ranchero… Beyond that I don’t see much value

  11. piper62j

    It ain’t worth paying extra for the spider webs…

  12. PRA4SNW

    Imagine paying this seller for the privilege of removing junk from his property?


    • randy

      I am sure he is expecting a line of folks wrapped around his property for the privilege. I’d gladly haul it off for free though.

  13. Jason Houston

    They must be smoking some new brand of opium down there in Michie, Tennessee. Or grandpa is using this car to hide his still from the revenuers.

    Or both.

  14. Dovi65

    If he’s offered anything over $250 he needs to grab that cash FAST. If it was a viable ride, why relegate it to the woods? If there was a plan to get her back on her wheels again, it would have been better stored. Most likely something major [engine/trans/rear] went belly up

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