Split Bumper Delight: 1973 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Perhaps not as popular as the first generation of Camaros, the 1970 to 1973 cars are equally attractive as the earlier cars. This 1973 RS car has received some recent work, and appears to be a great start to a restoration. For $8,500 this split bumper Chevy could be yours. Find it here on craigslist out of St. Louis, Missouri. A shout out and thanks to reader Rocco B. for the split-tastic submission!

Recently a fair amount of money has been thrown at this Camaro to improve its interior and other aspects of the car. Fresh upholstery is installed on the seats, and there is a new interior carpet as well, although not yet installed. The dash and door panels are clean, and with the installation of the carpet, this interior would be very nice.

Power comes from a Chevrolet 350 V8 and an automatic transmission. Unfortunately there are no detailed photos of the engine bay. The exterior looks to wear its original gold paint with some primer. The rear quarters, and trunk floor have also been recently replaced, making for a very solid back end. Looking over the rest of the body reveals a solid car but there is some rot in the lower front fender extensions, as well as in the bottom of the passenger side door. With a little more body work, and some paint, this Chevy will be a real looker. Are you a fan of these Split Bumper cars?

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  1. Scot Douglas

    Love it.

  2. JW

    Actually I prefer these Camaros over the first generation, they look more road worthy than the others and I love the split bumpers. If I was looking for a Camaro I would be looking at this one since it’s just across the state and for $8500 which I’m sure you could negotiate the price some after a inspection. The only thing that bothers me is if he isn’t a flipper than why is it on a trailer.

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      On the comment about the trailer, the first shot on the ad shows what appears to be a lot of junk cars in the background. Might be a work tool, who knows?

    • Jesse Staff

      Maybe he was moving it around?

      • JW

        Jesse you could be right, I guess it’s just my curious nature in todays world.

  3. Rod

    I am also a fan of this style. My preference would be the 70 version but this is nice as well. Wouldn’t mind having this one.

  4. Rock On

    This car might not look like much to someone living in the sunbelt. I remember these cars rusting out within 5 years of being new in Toronto winters. If the bodywork was done properly then this car could be a good deal. Most anything you need to finish it is being reproduced.

  5. Blyndgesser

    I love these cars. It’s a pity they rust so badly–like most ’70s GM cars, they had weak seals and trapped moisture in all sorts of places.

    On the plus side, this one has the column shifter and no console. Way too many have been butchered to fit aftermarket shifters.

  6. John K

    Another one who is a fan of this over the 1st gen. But dang, I haven’t been following prices on these at all so I’m shocked by the asking price for this. Guess that’s market now!

  7. 68 custom

    the 70.5 to 73 cars look the best and this one look fairly clean, it looks close to original and it would look great in my garage! rare find here.

  8. Thunderstein

    Have always been a fan, but never searched for one until one practically fell in my lap. They were trying to sell as a Z28, but quick look at vin shut that down along with the price. All said and done was a great 73 RS with little to no rust, numbers matching 350 slightly modified, and Muncie 4 speed for $5,000.

  9. Larry K

    Back in 1979? My friends and I (10 yrs old),were out on Devils night soaping a few windows. These two guys came out of this house and chased us in a gold one of these. We were jumping backyard fences and hiding in bushes. Loud and scary.

  10. Steve

    Maybe not the most popular generation but definitely my favourite. I’ve always preferred the second gen.

  11. John H from CT

    Zoom in on the picture with the open hood and you see an engine that looks in a sorry state. To make this car decent including engine compartment and bodywork will be $15K minimum, and that’s assuming no engine rebuild or new suspension. Sorry, but I’d rather put my money on a one in much better condition.

  12. RoselandPete

    The price seems a little high to me but I love the early 70’s RS.

  13. DG

    If these 70-73 cars aren’t the most popular, they are a very close second, especially the split bumper RS cars. $8500 seems fair seeing as the interior seems to be sorted out and its a runner. These cars are going up in value. First thing I would do is rip off that cowl induction hood.

    • Adam

      The cowl hood adds so much to the looks of these cars why would you remove it. I have a 73 Z/28 RS that I debated with a co-worker on stock hood or 4 inch cowl. He convinced me it needed a cowl hood and I am glad he did.
      It makes the car look like a real muscle car as long as you also have the tall rear spoiler.

  14. ACZ

    Still have the one I bought new. I ordered it with every option except the two that would have boosted the value the most……RPO Z28 and RPO M21. With that said, the one shown here looks like the engine was on its way out or in. No upper radiator hose, no alternator, and a few other things. It is a Type LT, in addition. Would have been nice if it had a/c. Price isn’t bad but it is dependent in how much work the drivetrain needs. Still one of the most fun cars for the money.

  15. stillrunners lawrence Member

    With JW…..

  16. Show73 Ron Jellum Member

    Love these cars, have owned 7 of them. You use to be able to buy cars like this for less than a $1000.This is my first, owned since 85, 3 1/2 years building it.

  17. Ron

    Bought a 73 body without motor back in 83 for $250. Motor cost another $250. Ended up paying about $1000 all together getting it on the road. Still needed paint and a little body work but it was fun to drive. Wish i still had it.

  18. Bob S

    My Brother had an Ugly 76 version of the base Camaro V8. That thing was fantastic on the highway. Loved the handling.

  19. Rolf Poncho 455

    Nice Camaro Ron here is my firebird same body shell a 4year build

  20. T-bone

    To much money for a car that you will have to drop another 20k in. I guess the disease BJS (Barrett Jackson Syndrome) is here to stay….wish we could find a cure for it!

  21. half cab

    My favorite style of Camaro as well.

    My sister had a ’73 gray n black Z28.
    Sure would bark second gear but that was about it.

  22. joeinthousandoaks

    I often wonder why people on here are worried the seller is a flipper. If you like the car for the price or can negotiate with him, why does it matter to you when and where he got it? Personally I’d like to hear from him where it came from and how he got it. Sure, I’d like to have been the one who found it, but that ship has sailed.
    Regarding the car, I like it but my concern would be that both 1/4 panels have primer. What is that hiding?

    • brian crowe

      new quarters.

  23. Nicolas Giguère

    Having own a 73 Type LT, 350 4 Speed,this car was a blast to drive. Kept it stored in Winter because here in the frigid Province of Québec, it would have rusted very fast. Sold it on 78 because m’y Wife was pregnant with our daughter and de needed furnitures for the baby. Wish i kept it.

  24. Alan (Michigan)

    Can you imagine trying to get the front design past the safety geeks now?

    Current styles have to be “impact friendly” for pedestrians. What a joke. Ruins the possibility of having different looking cars.

    • JW

      I just watched a episode of “Gears” Saturday where Stacy David put a second generation frontend on a 81 Camaro, so far it looked great, I’ll see the end result this next Saturday.

      • mars2878

        1981 model year is still a 2nd gen. 70-81. believe you meant to say: “early 2nd gen nose on a late 2nd gen body”. w/ the major differences being the back window & tailpanel, the main body shell is relatively the same between the 2.

  25. Hammer

    Second & 4th generation F-bodies are the best. I had a 69 Firebird with the OHC6 I liked it after I swapped in a 400 4bbl. I later had a 71 Z28. Current working on restoring a 1979 Z28 and a 1981 Turbo Trans AM. My fun driver is a 4 GEN 1995 Z/28 with 170,000 miles. I am looking for a 2001 or 2002 Z/28 or preferably a SS. I also had 3rd GEN Formula. Needless to say, F bodies rule.

    • Show73 Show73 Member

      I also had a 69 firebird, 350/350. love those cars.

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