Split Decision: 1963 Corvette Project

If you could buy a solid 1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette with no motor, would you resto mod it or make it original? This auction seen here on eBay, might be your chance to make that type of decision. With 3 days left in the auction, the car is bid to $40,000. The car is located in Harpursville, New York.

First thing to know is that there is no engine or transmission. The ad states that the car was a 4 speed car and that the pedals are still in place as is the gas tank. There are no promises of extra parts as the seller states that all the parts are on the car. The car was originally Riverside Red with a red interior but now is in primer. The car does not have its factory wheels but does have the correct factory hubcaps.

Even though the seams in the seats are splitting, the interior of the car looks pretty nice for a project. The buyer states the condition fairly and that the gauge cluster and clock are from a 1964 Corvette. He is selling the car due likely for financial reasons. The Corvette is a factory power brake car and the gaps and lines look pretty good.

There were 10,594 coupes and 10,919 convertible Corvettes made in 1963. I am sure there are not that many left in this condition ready for restoration. If you have a trailer and some time, this could be a worth project. So, would you be split on what decision to make on this car?


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  1. Benjy58

    It looks like a deal until you have to buy the unobtanium rear window stainless trim, headlight motors etc.

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    • gbvette62

      The rear stainless and headlight motors, are the least of this car’s problems. The rear stainless is being reproduced, though it’s not cheap at around $3500. Brand new headlight motors are available for about $650 a pair. What will be harder to find will be the windshield stainless, door stainless, and the doors. This car has 64-67 doors on it, not 63 only doors. 63 Coupe are hard to find and expensive, with bare door shells selling for $1500+ each, when they turn up.

      The seller is right that the gauges are 64’s, but so is the cluster they’re installed in. Anyone buying this car would be much better off selling the 64 clock, cluster and gauges, and finding a restored 63 cluster and clock.

      I get the impression the seller bought this car thinking it was an easy restoration, only to realized how much was wrong and missing. Though he is somewhat honest about what’s missing, I get the feeling that he’s hoping to find another unsuspecting buyer, like himself.

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      • bull

        OR the seller bought the car and harvested the parts he needed for another car OR the expensive parts to sell and then unload the car.

        GREAT WAY to make a HUGE PROFIT on a roller!

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      • bull

        Look at the seller’s EBAY name. CORVETTEBARN

        Corvette guy selling the car. I’ll be he has ALL THE PARTS to finish the car!!!

        For a PRICE!

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  2. Kuzspike

    Wow, already bid that high and still needs a ton of work.

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  3. George Mattar

    40 large is steep for this car. Great colors but missing who knows what. 63 cars had many one year parts only and even changes mid way through the model year. They are very expensive to restore. Even done correctly, you will not have the orig engine. Trans is missing. It’s 57 years old.
    I would be very suspect of bird cage rot. These cars had notorious water leaks. In today’s market of falling C2 prices, this would likely sell in the $75,000 range. Maybe.

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  4. jerry z

    $40K and needs total restoration or restomod since there is no engine or trans? GLWS.

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  5. TB

    It would be cheaper to buy a C8.

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  6. brianashe

    The world has enough museum pieces. Do what you want with it.

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  7. Karl

    Guys I have a question for you folks smarter than I? In your opinions is this car to incomplete and a to Mish mash other not correct parts to ever be worth anything as an original? Missing the original engine and trans is THAT a deal breaker here?

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    • PatrickM

      Can;t be original. Can only be upgraded and/or restomod. As for your question…Yes, way too expensive. Bidding set at $42,800.00. Another $40K will give you an $80K+ car worth abot $50K to $60K. yet, some folks can roll that way. Just not this old guy. Basically, I love 63’s. Just not this one.

  8. David Miraglia

    Not my cup of tea. Never liked corvettes. Overpriced to boot.

  9. Comet

    What gbvette62 said.

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  10. canadainmarkseh Member

    There’s a sucker born every day and this car will find its sucker too.

  11. Raymond Hurst Member

    One just sold that was shown on here. It was a ull only with wrong frame, engine, and justt a HULL. It brought $50,000.00. This looks like a pretty good deal so far. At least ths one has seats and has not been gutted.

  12. Peter Hoffmann

    Good pick up gdvette62 on the doors. Not only are they no 63s they aren’t 64s either. 63 and 64s had a raised pads for the door handles to sit on. 65, 66 and 67 did not have those raised pads and because of that the door handles are even different. 63 also have a lot of one year suspension parts.

  13. Danno

    A ’63 split-window coupe with a modern drivetrain? Sounds like a perfect daily-driver to me. Price is already beyond my ability to care.

  14. dogwater

    I think this car is over priced ,no motor or trans etc. 24k at best.

  15. TimM

    Way to much money for a roller in my opinion!!

  16. chrlsful

    around 46K$ & “ended”. Not sure what that means but near 80 biders?

    I like’em, ’56-60 is ‘my’ model tho. Also like the BlueFlame & would get an ol truck motor (that’s what they were – w/2 carter YH side drafts, also like them) to put in, 4 speed auto (OD), may B a radio?….

    Hafta buy this @ 15 – 20K$ tho so no deal….

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