Split-Window Corvette Found In Hawaii!

Jesse MortensenBy Jesse Mortensen

This Corvette hasn’t been driven since 1991. The seller doesn’t mention why it was parked, but it’s claimed to have had just two owners and only covered 39k miles since new! It currently isn’t running and has some bumps and bruises, but looks decent overall.¬†More details about its past would be helpful, but I’m sure prospective buyers will call the seller up anyway. It’s located in Hawaii and is listed here on eBay where the auction ends shortly.

This Stingray is fitted with the 250 horsepower 327 Turbo Fire V8. That was the base engine option in ’63 and this one is attached to a PowerGlide automatic, so it wasn’t exactly a fire breathing monster. Once it’s running again though, I’m sure it will be plenty quick enough for most people. Besides, most collectors are more interested in that one year only “split” rear window. The more powerful engine options do obviously add value though.

The interior is claimed to be original. If that’s true, then those seats are very well preserved! Power brakes, tinted glass, and a AM/FM radio are on the options list, but no heater? You actually got a credit when you checked the heater delete box on the order form and I guess that makes sense considering where this car was located. I’m not sure how classic cars fair in the island State, but this one appears to have avoided serious corrosion.

If you look closely, you can see the pillar that runs down the middle of the back window. It looked great from the outside, but must have been annoying to see in your rear view mirror. Chevrolet discontinued the unique feature the next year making the ’63 an instant collector item. Even without it, this would be a special machine – fiberglass body, V8 power, and seating for two. Sounds like a recipe for sports car success to me!

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  1. Metoo

    39k miles? Well, it is Hawaii. Not the place for long road trips.

  2. Dan

    Power windows too…




      Not everybody’s dream car… Years ago I passed on a split window with 153k for $1500. Never saw the interest coming.

  4. Jon

    The humid air that it has been parked in has not treated it very nice.. Look at the engine compartment.. The valve covers are even showing some surface rust, or is that just a lot of dust.

  5. Pete


    No surprise there

  6. JW

    Could have bought one of these used and cheap back in 1972 but like other decisions at the time I blew it.

  7. gaspumpchas

    Owner ended auction, was at 44k…wonder what it sold for..too bad its not a 4 spd…good luck to new owner!!

    • gbvette62

      Are you sure the seller ended the sale early? It appears to me that the sale ended on time, without the reserve being met.

      I’m not a fan of 63 split windows, or 63’s in general. Personally, I find the split window and hood pans ugly, and prefer the cleaner looking lines of the 65-67’s. All that being said, it is an interesting car, being relatively “loaded” with automatic, power steering, power brakes, and power windows. If the car was delivered new in Hawaii, I can understand the heater delete, but I’m surprised that it doesn’t have air conditioning. Air became available near the end of 63 production. The VIN indicates this car was built in early June of 63, and AC was available by then. Considering the other options on the car, it’s sort of surprising that it doesn’t have AC.

      None the less, even with an automatic, I think this would be an interesting car, for someone wanting a split window.

  8. lawrence

    check the rash on those tires….yep it was sitting for awhile….

  9. Dave

    It should have been illegal for vettes to have automatics…

  10. RicK

    Back in the day some guys put 64 rear windows in their 63s (after removal of the center post of course)


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