Spooky 1961 Buick Flxible Hearse

1961 Buick Flxible Hearse

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This looks like the perfect car to have parked out in the driveway for halloween! What kid isn’t scared of a creepy looking hearse? Listed here on craigslist in Allentown, Pennsylvania is this 1961 Buick Flxible Hearse with an asking price of $2,900. The owner says this is one of less than 12 made with this package. Regardless of production numbers, we want this hearse simply because of the oddball and creepiness factor!

Buick Flxible Hearse

We really like those Buick portholes!  Said to be a solid car with some “minor rust spots”.

Flxible Flxette Hearse engine

Here is the 401 with a reported 50,000 miles on it. The engine cranks but hasn’t started in 2 years.

Flxible Flxette Hearse intr.

The seats and headliner will need some attention, but look complete enough to act as patterns.

Flxible Flxette Hearse working end

Sitting in the business end of this unit appear to be the air cleaner, fuel tank, some hub caps, and other miscellaneous bits.

Flxible Buick Hearse

It is believed this hearse originally came from a funeral home in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.  The body panels, except for the bits of rust, look fairly straight and in good shape. This owner has too many projects and not enough time once again. This hearse is titled and is close to being a one-of-a-kind. So will you be repairing and driving this Flxible Buick?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Eric

    Low miles on these is very common as they don’t get used much… at least back then… as long as no one beat on the motor this should run pretty well with some fine tuning and such

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  2. jaygryph

    Hearses are a lot of fun but don’t creep me out (have had several, still have a 73 Miller Meteor Cadillac).

    Ambulances are creepy. They are full of screaming and pain and blood and people die in them.

    Nobody dies in a hearse, it’s part of the healing process for a great many people, bringing closure to all the squicky horrible things that happened earlier in the ambulance.

    Not easy to convince people of this outlook though :P

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  3. Rick

    Wonder what those taillights came off of? Sure aren’t ’61 Buick. 60 Olds maybe?

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    • That Guy

      1961 Buick Special

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  4. Tyler

    This one has been for sale for several years.

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  5. Rick

    Of course, ’61 Skylark sedan taillights. Wish GM woulda used the taillights off the ’61 Skylark station wagon instead. (would post a photo if I could figure out how)

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    • Mark E

      This the one?

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  6. Wayne

    Never have been, and never will be interested in these. Unfortunately I will have no choice but to be in one at sometime. It will be once only.

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  7. Graham Lloyd

    Here’s a little more detailed photo of the tail lights on the wagon

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  8. Woodie Man

    Back in 1972 in Frisco Colorado I worked part time at a Chevron while I banged nails and lived out my youthful dream/delusion of being a mountain man. I owned this purple ’61 Pontiac limo. Slept in at times as it had a bed built where the rear seats had been. When I left town I sold it to a friend who I think took it to Rifle.Co. If anyone out that way has ever seen it……….it was mine! This and the hearse would be a great fleet. Start your own funeral home! Man forty years went fast!

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  9. Mike

    Park it in your Driveway on Halloween? There is a guy in the next town over from where I live that drives a 67 Caddy Hearse, everyday, and no he is not in the funeral business. He bought the old beast from a funeral home that went out of business, and at the auction he bought it, cheap. It was sitting in the back garage of the funeral home, got it running and has kept it running ever since. It is weird to go to Wal-Mart and it is sitting there in the parking lot. He did repaint it some years back and had it painted the silver/blue color of a lot of them.
    Also for years one of the local funeral homes, had one that was used as an ambulance for a local hospital , before we went to a County Ambulance District with modern state of the art Ambulances. of course I was talking about the early 70’s before the ambulance district was formed, the local hospital would contract with the funeral homes for ambulance services, I guess killing 2 birds with 1 stone if you think about it!!!!

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  10. Pat

    love seeing pics of the old girl! An update: I bought this beautiful Buick and am driving it almost all the time! Restoring as i go! Love this ride!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerStaff

      Congratulations, Pat! Keep the updates coming!

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    • Mountainwoodiegi

      Good Man!..I love the ribbon speedo on these! Send in some current pix! 😁

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    • Christopher Fetko

      That use to be mine, I never got the time to work on it, I hated to sell it. If you ever want to sell her please let me know

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