SS 427! 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe

When I first spied the listing for this 1968 Impala SS427, I was initially reluctant to cover it because it looks like a similar car, that was detailed here on Barn Finds back in March. It’s not however, it’s a different body style and for that reason alone, I felt it worthy of coverage. This 1968 SS427 is located in Denver, Colorado and is available, here on eBay for $85,900. Thanks to Larry D for this tip!

Confusion sometimes abounds for the Impala SS427. It was offered for three years, ’67, ’68, and ’69 and it’s not an Impala SS with a 427 motor, though that arrangement was available as well in ’67 and ’68. The SS427, known as RPO Z24, was a unique package available on the Impala Sports Coupe, convertible, and starting in 1968, the Custom Coupe too. And that’s what separates this car from our previous feature, it is the seldomly seen Custom Coupe body style wearing the Z24 option. Total ’68 SS427 production was 1,778 copies, not ultra-rare but not common either, and in reality, these cars were referred to simply as SS427’s because the Impala nameplate is nowhere to be found.

The difference between the Custom Coupe and the Sports Coupe is the roofline, the Custom uses the “squared-off” formal roofline of the Caprice coupe, first introduced in 1966. The Sports version continues with the sloped fastback roofline that first appeared on the redesigned ’65 Impala. The Impala Custom Coupe initially surfaced in 1968 and continued in production through 1976. There is no discussion regarding this Chevy’s past, as to whether or it’s a survivor or a restored car – whichever the case, it looks great. Rust is the enemy of this vintage Impala and this example is clean, no signs of corrosion top or underside, and the shunt lines are as even as they ever were in ’68, which isn’t always so even. This coupe is resplendent in its code R, Matador Red finish, it’s quite deep, and is finished off with a typical vinyl roof covering, also presenting itself excellently. The SS427 was recognizable by a few styling cues including the domed hood, front fender “gill” treatment, and SS427 badging in the grille, both front fenders and on the deck lid. The box-tipped tailpipes, however, are not original to this car and have been added. Mileage is recorded as 99K miles but there is no claim to that reading. Of note is the header emblem, the Chevrolet bow-tie should be red on this model and not blue.

Under the domed hood is a 385 gross HP, 427 CI V8 engine known as RPO L36. The 425 HP “L72” option was available too but as to how many graced the SS427 cars is unknown though the total estimate for 1968 L72 production is about 600 vehicles, spread across all B-Body trim lines. I have encountered maybe two SS427’s with that rare and very collectible engine. Gear changing occurs via a Turbo-Hydramatic 400, three-speed automatic transmission which is usually the case, though a four-speed manual was available. While there is a walk-around and engine starting video included, no mention is made as to how this SS427 runs and drives.

Inside is a non-standard bucket seat/center console arrangement covered in parchment vinyl. It’s non-standard as a bench seat is what buyers got if they didn’t specify bucket seats. It’s all in bright and clean shape and the parchment shade is not showing signs of yellowing. This is a nicely appointed car with power windows, A/C, and full instrumentation including a tachometer.

To cut to the chase, this SS427 is very nice but quite expensive for what it is. These big cars perform well in a straight line but they are hampered by their weight in spite of the 427’s prodigious power – it’s a sort of muscle car, but more a great-riding cruiser. Handling is not their strong suit, however. Looks are always subjective but I’d score this one with a home run – it’s sharp. The seller suggests that this Chevy would be a great start to a new car collection, true, but at this price point it might be the only member of that collection for quite some time, wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Don

    Wow ! I owned a car just like this but mine was butternut yellow with black top and interior in the mid 80’s.Didn’t really get much attention back then and my car was in very good condition. My car had disc brakes which were optional but no gauges. It did everything well and it was my everyday driver. Sold it in 1985 for $ 2500. Really miss that car !

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  2. Jcs


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  3. Hans

    Nice ride. But it’s not an L72 427-425HP but rather the LoPo 385HP variant with an auto and AC. $85K?? Seems a little steep…

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    • Alan C Hubbard

      I’d rather leave 40 hp on the table and have the A/C & Auto for this driver. B bodies are not really drag racers.

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      • Keith

        Beg to differ with you Alan B bodies with the 425hp big block would beat almost everything on the street. I have a 69 Biscayne with that engine and have not lost a race yet. But have not raced everything with it. There is always a faster car out there. Until the Chevelle with the 375hp came out in 66 big Chevys ruled the streets. Then the Camaro with that 375hp engine put the icing on the cake.

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  4. John S

    Really neat car with great options (as equipped). Lots of things going for it. A few questions: does it have original engine? And does it have any factory supporting documentation? Has it been body-off restored? Nice car but that’s a lot of dollars for a 68 Impala.

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    • Will Fox

      All indications are this SS is a full restoration. The interior is a little too perfect to be original. Also, no mention if this car is numbers matching. I’d be VERY surprised if it is. Also, it’s not difficult to fabricate such an “SS” out of a basic Custom coupe. All it takes is enough money to pull it off. Emblems are reproduced now, and rally wheels/trim rings are everywhere. But without factory documentation, I’d call this a very faithful tribute at best.

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  5. gbvette62

    I believe this car was previously owned and restored by Don Bock from NJ. Don owns a business specializing in used and NOS 60’s Impala parts, and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country when it comes to these full size Chevrolets. I’m a little surprised to see it up for sale again, especially at a dealer, since it was sold by a dealer outside of Philadelphia, not all that long ago. I think it had a couple thousand miles less on it the last time it was for sale.

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  6. John

    I owned a very similar car in 1968, bought it new in Dayton, Ohio at Ray Bryant Chevrolet. Mine was all red, no vinyl top, it had black cloth full bench seats and a 4-speed Trans. I did not have air. It was an extremely fast car considering it’s weight. I loved that car, sold it when I got drafted.

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  7. Marj

    The seller must be on crack, he will never get $85k. I had a 69 and was a tank that was very disappointing in every way. Too heavy for performance.

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  8. Larry D

    These late 60s big Chevrolets are just beautiful to me. I owned a ’67 Impala with the ubiquitous 283 which I bought from an old lady’s estate.

    But I also owned a ’69 Caprice which was the demonstrator for the owner of the local Chevrolet store. And as such it was totally loaded, including all the power options, cruise, Comfortron climate control, 8-track tape, light monitor system, tilt rosewood steering wheel, hideaway headlights, fender skirts and that wonderful 385 HP 427.

    That is one I definitely wish I had kept.

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  9. Slp 2269

    Very nice, but where do people come up with these prices?

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  10. bikefixr

    World Record money by a HUGE margin. Dreaming. A gorgeous example was shown here last week for less than 1/3 the price.

  11. Timothy Phaff Member

    Love it but 85k, not with my budget. If I was wealthy I might run a program with it.

  12. Ed Piotrowski

    For that much I ordered C8 Vette. 2LT options Z51,in mist red etc. And only 79k.

  13. Daniel Soukup

    Only worth what someone will pay for it

  14. Ken

    Love 68s but in Sport coupe. Love the color and options just not the square roof. I am restoring a sport coupe for every day driver.

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