SSP Equipped! 1991 Ford Mustang LX

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The seller of this rare 1991 Ford Mustang LX SSP laments his purchase being one that was slightly worse than described. The SSP is one of less than 500 notchback Mustangs outfitted for high-speed police duty, combining the desirable coupe body with the allure of being equipped with some unique police-only equipment. The seller has listed the Mustang here on eBay at no reserve and describes the car as a worthy project that has clearly been sitting for a while.

Bidding is just over $6K at the moment, and the SSP presents better than the seller lets on – in my opinion. Perhaps it was over-hyped by the previous owner to the point that any blemishes or road scars were viewed as significant by the seller. The interior looks quite nice and I suspect it’s been redone, as I believe the SSP cars were far more bare-bones inside. This one is an automatic, but a 5-speed was optional.

The Mustang has an oil leak from the intake gasket, and the seller suspects this is due to the gaskets drying out and cracking after prolonger periods of being parked. I have a new project at home with likely similar issues, as the car sat for several years until recently, and now I have small rivers of oil to contend with. The 5.0 is a familiar sight and should come with some additional cooling capacity thanks to the SSP kit.

The seller points out that the paint is tired and the tires are dry-rotted. Shocks and struts are worn out and the steering is noted as being sloppy. The rear drums were upgraded to discs at some point, so it has that going for it. The seller notes that his mechanic recommended brake pad replacement, too. Nothing all that intimidating on a special car such as this with the desirable notchback body.

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  1. Bestguest

    This just really trips my trigger! So much fun and such a great stance

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  2. MAC

    Knowledgeable sources say Ford built approximately 15,000 SSP Mustangs from 1982-1993. Where do the numbers in this article and the ad come from?

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  3. charles Flowers

    Like the car, totally respect the seller too. I feel the same way, my integrity is going out the window to try to make a few hundred extra dollars. Karma can be a b!tch!

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  4. Brian K.

    Nice find. It sounds like it needs new suspension, tires and intake gasket. I’m sure you find would other things worn out and needs replacing also since it’s been sitting. The cool thing is there is so many part available for these.

    I would keep this 100% stock and refresh new parts needed if I bought this. As for the paint, I’d leave it. The only thing I would change is a nice set of 17×9’s pony stars all around to make it pop and drive it.

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  5. whmracer99

    First off, I love this car BUT as Jeff mentioned in his write-up a couple things don’t add up. Now, I have to admit that most of my history is with the GA State Patrol cars and maybe they were equipped differently, but this has a ton more equipment inside than any GSP car I’ve ever seen. The GSP seats were quite different and none of the cars I saw had the full length consoles or the alloy wheels. This car’s interior also has minimal wear for an actual patrol car and they don’t usually retire them with this low miles. It does have the correct speedometer. Do I like it — yup. Do I think it’s an actual state patrol chase car — not so sure. Still a decent price and if the miles are correct (?) then it would be a good car to drive and fix as you go.

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  6. Doug

    One thing to know about these cars – The Highway Patrol quit using them fairly quickly due to instability at high speed, especially if there was a cross wind. Apparently the rear end would get aero-light at speeds over 105-110. One was rolled up into a ball a few miles from my home- the driver survived, relatively uninjured, and stated he lost control at about 105 when involved in a chase.

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  7. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Per some Googling: the SSP cars were in production for over a decade, and reportedly over 15,000 were built. So not sure about the “quit using them fairly quickly” comment. They did have their drawbacks, the cramped interior being chief. I have a friend who has one which is approaching 300K miles on the original 5.0 motor.

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  8. BP

    Should have the 10 hole aluminum wheels, and a 160 MPH speedo, this one has the 140 MPH unit found in earlier SSP cars. All the ones I’ve seen did have consoles, at least the later cars, maybe GSP removed them. I don’t see the relocated trunk release button, normally in the glove box but put on the dash on the SSP cars, could be just hiding in the interior pictures, it was yellow so it should show up pretty easily.

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  9. Ed

    I don’t think we can tell if its a real SSP from the pictures. But the speedometer is a major red flag.

    Here is what the SSP package had.
    5.0L Engine
    Automatic Or 5 Speed Manual Transmission Options
    8.8 Rear End
    Calibrated Certified Speedometer (140 mph – 1989)
    Calibrated Certified Speedometer (160 mph – 1990-1993)
    2 Piece VASCAR Speedometer Cable
    Single-Key Locking (One Key Fits All VS Dual Keys)
    Fuel Size Spare Tire
    Relocated Deck Lid Release
    135 Amp Alternator (1987-1991)
    130 Amp Alternator (1992-1993)
    Radio Noise Suppression Package
    Air Deflector, Lower Front Radiator
    Silicone Hoses
    Front Disc Brake Rotor Shields
    Reinforced Front Floor Pan
    Aircraft Type Radiator/Heater Hose Clamps
    Heater Hose Inlet Restrictor
    Automatic Transmission External Oil Cooler
    Optional Blackout 15×7 Cast Wheels (1989)
    Cast Aluminum 10 Hole 15×7 Wheels (1987-1988)
    Engine Oil Cooler
    Unique Fan Clutch
    Upgraded Upper Control Arms W/ Stronger Bushings (1992-1993)

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  10. Brandon SpearsMember

    I have a 91 SSP, and would love to know if any one can tell me how to get a build sheet, the DSO is #17-0400, which is no reporting agency.

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