Stalled 1970 Mustang Mach 1

1970 Mustang Mach 1

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We see this happen quite often, someone buys the classic of their dreams with the plan of restoring it. They then get it home, tear it about and never get any further. This Mustang Mach 1 is a bit in that someone actually got it nearly completed before giving up on it. Typically paint if the big hurdle that trips people up, but this one was painted and never put back together. The seller found it in a barn that’s packed with other Mustangs, which seem to also be for sale, and have listed it here on eBay in Spring Hill, Florida. They aren’t sure what all is here or what might be missing, so they are offering it without a reserve. Bidding has already reached $8,600, so a few people must want to finish it!

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I’ve always been a fan of ’70 Mustang and I wouldn’t mind giving this Mach 1 a home. Finding any replacement parts it will need should be relatively simple. With any luck everything it needs is here still, but you won’t know until your putting it back together. The problem with putting together a project like this is that you have to try to figure out where everything is suppose to go, which can sometimes prove to be a painful task. I’m sure someone familiar with these will have no problem finishing it. Once it’s done, it’s going to be a sweet machine! So do you think you could get it back together?

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  1. Mr. Bond

    I stripped an Alfa GTV back in the early 90’s and was able to use a bunch of that stuff putting together someone else’s stalled project a couple of years ago. There is certainly a bunch of folks in a similar position with mustangs. This would be a sweet project for one of those folks!

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  2. Sukey

    Make sure you get all the parts for the interior before you shell out your cash

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  3. James

    Even if the interior parts are there, those pressed foam door panels and dashboards usually are cracked badly needing replacement and are not cheap. Think around $3,000 in parts to get that interior straightened out.

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    • JW

      Hmmm … In 2009 I bought a dash pad from “Just Dashes” for something like $400 to $500 and a pair of refurbished deluxe door panels from a guy who had a ebay store for $350. Where you really can get hurt is on the seats as the 69/70 seats sell high when in decent shape also if the rear seat is a fold-down seat and missing or in bad shape can be costly to replace or repair.

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  4. DolphinMember

    I think the car probably passes Peter Egan’s test of being offered by a good seller, with what seems like straight-up information on what they know and a willingness to try to get more info for questioners. The photos aren’t the best and there are repeats in the Photobucket set, but there are lots of them. And the no reserve auction format helps.

    I don’t know much about these but I have always liked the aggressive look. The auto trans would be a negative but you might be OK with it if you like the car enough.

    The SCM Guide puts these at $25-$34K in excellent condition so maybe it’s an OK deal without being under water if you can do the work. The unknown from here is the condition of the underside and the quality of the engine rebuild and paintwork. Only going to Spring Hill, FL would answer some of that.

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  5. Steve Eckart

    Hi All,

    I have what I think is the LAST BRAND NEW 351 Cleveland motor long block on the planet.

    It has the carburetor, water pump, distributor, plugs and wire and the fuel pump.

    If interested, please call me anytime.


    Steve Eckart
    in Leander, TEX

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  6. JW

    Well if the body & paint are fine and the engine rebuild is of quality work and has been stored correctly this is a great so far. It is the 2 barrel 351C and if the trans is original it is most likely the crappy FMX. I switched ours out for a AOD. Most likely a 3.00:1 open rear gears which I also switched ours out to a Strange Engineering 3.50:1 posi. This car is the low end Mach1 but still a nice car.

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  7. piper62j

    This is actually a great project and the final value will be worth the labor investment.. One little suspicion by looking at the pics is the floor pans.. You would absolutely need to do a visual on this car before committing any green backs..

    Nice car.. !

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  8. Texas Tea

    Oh God! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Time is short, and there are much better ways of going about a car. This project should be on the double cheap, but the market gets the dollars. Not mine.

    I learned a long time ago to let other people do these projects and then buy them on the cheap.

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  9. piper62j

    This is what scares me.. Restoration was complete but not reassembled.. What about the floor pan in the rear?????? Did it just get a “myaculpa” blessing and forgotten??

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    • Silicon-Surfer

      The floor pans are normally just red primer (which could look like rust) from the factory, so it looks to be in pretty good condition to me?

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  10. piper62j

    I have worked on and rebuilt quite a few of these older Ford Mustangs over the years and I can qualify that the floor pans were mostly left with the body dip primer and the over spray from the outer shell at best.. I have never seen the red primer left on the floors. Granted, with the felt backed asphalt sound deadener and jute backed carpeting, the floors couldn’t dry out from the moisture that seeped thru.. those floor pans rusted out like crazy and for the most part, the owners never knew it..

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