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Stalled Outlaw Build: 1960 Porsche 356

There was a time when an old Porsche 356 was treated like any other used car, and that meant that it was just as likely to be used for hot-rodding as it was for a weekend track car. Times have changed, obviously, but seeing examples like this 1960 model offer a reminder that not every car has to be treated to a concours restoration. This example was supposedly parked for 30 years in a California barn as a stalled “outlaw”-style build that never took off. Find it here on craigslist for $43,500.

The outlaw 356 is a well-known variant of the model, with the West Coast car culture seemingly responsible for bringing this subculture of the air-cooled community to life. Similar to the “Cal-look” VW Beetle, it’s a language of sorts for car enthusiasts, who can trace back many influential trends and custom touches to California’s custom car community. The 356 shown here looks to have been a tired used car at one point in time, which makes it the perfect candidate for such a build.

As you can likely see in the photos, this 356 has more than a few bodywork needs. The front fenders are in pretty rough shape and the same goes for the rear quarters. Fortunately, photos in the listing show that some spare body parts will accompany the 356, including what looks like an extra set of rear fender arches and a complete set of bumpers. The rear fenders appear to have been in the process of being worked on, but whether this was for repair or for the purpose of widening them isn’t disclosed. The seller also notes he has front replacement panels as well. The interior is in fair condition, but obviously needs some work as well.

This is a non-matching example, not surprisingly, and the seller notes that the engine is from a 1959 model. It will fire up with some starting fluid, and he notes it sounds quite healthy. The listing also indicates that the previous owner had big plans for this build but sadly never got to it, which just goes to show that it’s never too late to get started as it sure beats watching a project sit for three decades only to have to sell it later on. Thanks to Barn Finds reader T.J. for the find.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    This car has “Amateur” written all over it. Have flared some 356 race car fenders but we surly didn’t slice them up like cheese to do it. Asking price is double what it should be and that’s only taking into account what the engine/transmission is worth.

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  2. Jeff

    Does it come with the original ‘Even You Can Do Body Work!’ VHS tape?

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  3. Big C

    Did a blind guy with a ball peen hammer, start this project?

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  4. BlondeUXB Member

    “Rumpled Doorskin”

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  5. RMac

    This was obviously in a front end hit and has been drilled pulled and hammered back to …… sort of shape. That passenger rear fender is beyond comprehension what was going on there? Going take big skill or big cash to get this one sorted had a buddy with a sweet metallic green 356 outlaw back in the 70’s it was just a cool old street carver then but LOTS of fun

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Saved a ’60 Roadster race car with the same front end damage as this car. Took 11 days to get it back to shape. Didn’t want to throw away the original body pieces so did it the hard way. Haven’t made that mistake since.

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  6. Dave

    Hopefully someone can repair the criminal activity inflicted on the rear quarters with the included parts. The rest of it will take time, but I think it’s doable for a patient person. The price I can’t speak to, I really don’t have a handle on the value of one of these in this condition.

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  7. Ward William

    Danger Will Robinson. This looks like one of those 356s that you just know that once you take to the dipper, it will come back in a bucket looking like a crumpled coke can with a Swiss cheese label on it. When you could probably snag that 912 here on another barn find today for 45k and just drive it after a couple of days of recommissioning and pocket change, I’ll take the 912 for common sense please Alex.

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  8. Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

    This Dodi fella has gotten a tad full of himself since he became slightly famous for selling Concours de Lemons cars to a certain wee white haired TV personality. He’s quite proud of all his clunkers. Lol.


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  9. Matt W

    Come on guys, he was clearly making a golf ball themed outlaw.

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  10. Steve

    I had on in 1988 it was a roll over I fixed it A blast to drive but this one is miss a lot of parts!

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  11. Chemster

    Any metal left under that sculpture?

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    • Al

      Bondo Beetle, and no metal !

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  12. Once bitten

    The sad part of all this is someone will pay full price pay someone to fix it. Then a 200k asking price. Such is life for now. Sooner or later these boomers will be out of money and the whole bubble will crash.

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