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This nice-looking, original 1968 Dodge Polara 500 is on eBay in Lowell, Michigan with a current bid price of $1,850.01. Which one of you put in that $0.01 bid?! (kidding)

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This is a third-generation car, which ran from 1965 to 1968. Dodge wanted to get in on the space race hype in the early-1960s and they named the Polara after the Polaris Star. The Polara name was used until 1973 when it was replaced by the Monaco, in Dodge’s attempt to get in on the hype of naming things after exotic casinos (kidding, again).

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The seller says that this particular car is fully-functional and they wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere in the country. They say that there is no need to have this one hauled home. That’s the very definition of adventure in my book: flying somewhere, buying a car, and then driving it home; hopefully the whole way without breaking down or having any major problems along the way. It sounds like this is one car where a person could do that. Of course, you’ll have to source some OEM seat material and there’ll be a few things to do, but it really does look like a great car.

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This is the original 6.3L 383 V8 with 290 hp and it is said to run perfectly. The seller also says that  the car drives perfectly and the tires and brakes are good. There is no specific word on if the AC works or not, but that this car even has AC is frankly surprising to me. I love cars of this era that have AC, it seems so rare, especially for non-luxury cars. I wonder if this is an original Michigan car or from the south or southwest to have AC? 1968 was the second year that Polaras required to meet new government safety regulations and they had an energy-absorbing steering column, blunt dashboard controls, and more interior padding. The 1968s also received front shoulder belts for outboard occupants. It’s hard to believe that cars didn’t have those things at one time.

I think that this is a great-looking car and it would be a nice way for someone to get into the collector hobby for a low price. There are a lot of photos on the auction link; check them out and let us know what you think about this star car!

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  1. Mike

    Three years ago I bought my 66 Beaumont in Victoria BC and drove it home to Winnipeg MB. It got me home without incident and drew a lot of attention all the way. So if the owner says he would drive it anywhere, I’d take the opportunity for a road trip.
    This appears to be a well equipped old boat in pretty decent shape. An excellent find for anyone in the market for a car of this era to tinker with.

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  2. Dennis

    I had a 67′ Chrysler 300 (C body!) and it was a high performance cruiser!
    Body parts are a little hard to find online, just because there were so few of them made. But drivetrain parts are easy. There are web forums for repair advise and part upgrades.
    It was a great car and I miss it…

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  3. Paul R

    Noticed in the E-Bay pictures there is a “Direct-Connection ” valve lash adjustment decal under the hood. Direct-Connection is or was a performance parts division of Chrysler. Maybe an aftermarket solid tappet cam has been installed?

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  4. angliagt

    From back when even big cars had style!

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  5. piper62j

    Ya know !! I almost bought one of these new in 68 when I came back to the world.. Only things I didn’t like was the heater controls.. The push buttons seemed stiff and I wasn’t comfortable with the view out the windshield..

    This seller has some great 10′ & 20′ pics, (meh!), so the buyer should do a personal inspection before buying.. AND why leave all that crap in the trunk when you’re trying to sell your car??? Whacchha hiding?

    Great find and a great car.. needs rear springs though..

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  6. Charles

    Sweet boat!

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  7. Jubjub

    I always liked these Back when I was a wee fart, my oldest brother was driving one just about like this. However, both front corners were wrecked and it had no reverse. He drove it for a while until he pulled the drivetrain out to put in his ’50 Dodge Business Coupe.

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  8. Al8apex

    Where is Canda?

    “Ben” should have paid attention in 2nd grade and learned how to spell.

    Describing anything in ALL CAPS makes it very (not vary) difficult to read not to mention all the misspelled words makes one look like an illiterate.

    Hard to tell how rusty the trunk floor is (every MoPar has a rusted out trunk floor) with all the trash in there.

    It might be a good car but the illiterate presentation makes it hard to tell

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  9. james burton

    he’s probably french canadian and english isn’t a common lag. to him would explain the spellling. don’t be a jerk and down canadians that is the problem with our country we treat nonamericans as idiots.

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  10. piper62j

    Most Americans are good hearted and understanding when it comes to language barriers.. In a case like this, I took Al8apex’s comments as humorous and not condescending in any way. America is a melting pot and I guess that’s what propagates our odd sense of humor with outsiders..

    IMHO, no harm done..

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  11. Scotty GAuthor

    Auction update: the bids went up to $2,475 but, “This listing was ended by the seller because the item was sold.”

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