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Stately Wagon: 1967 Chrysler Town And Country

right front

Jim S and Charles H found this beauty here on eBay in Ontario, California with a reasonable BIN of $4,999. It’s especially reasonable if you consider the price by the pound! This appears to be a really nice car, completely original, unmolested and possibly low miles. They don’t provide many details, but they do provide lots of pictures, even of the underside. It seems to have only surface rust. This wagon looks ready to be a stately cruiser, hauling and towing whatever you have. There are still questions, though, like was it maintained regularly? How well sorted is it really? What would it take to have it ready to drive across the country? This is one I’d love to deliver for someone.


  1. Mark E

    Gold, Avocado and Brown. The big three kitchen colors of the time all in one car! ^_^

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  2. jimbosidecar

    That big block looks small in the cavernous engine bay

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  3. jaygryph

    Heck of a good price for that car. Had I the money and not my 69 galaxie wagon I’d sure be looking that car over closer. The interior looks to be in outstanding shape. If ever I saw a car begging for dual exhaust it was that one.

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  4. Badnikl

    Always liked the way the interior door handles are flat against the door. They hinge out and raise up to open the door. A curious friend of mine in 6th grade opened the door by mistake as my Mom made a turn at an intersection. Luckily she did not fall out. No seat belts were worn back then, at least not by 5 kids in a Station Wagon.

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  5. Dan

    Wish this popped up a couple days ago. I was in LA to buy a Corvette (was in much worse shape than described and walked away). Would have gone and checked this one out and maybe done the deal. Much cooler than a dime a dozen SUV!

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  6. Toast54

    Steers with a pinkie, I bet. Power steering then isn’t what power steering is today (at least from what I’ve driven)

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  7. randy

    Great car, great price!! Too far away. I got smoke in my eyes!!

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  8. joeinthousandoaks

    I can inspect if anyone is really interested.

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  9. Donny

    This would be a fantastic band touring car – if you had a 4 piece. I bet you could fit three guitars, three amps, and a drum kit in there no problem, with the microphone in the glove box.

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    • Woodie Man

      Funny you said that. In the mid seventies I actually had friends who had a band and drove a white 65 in New Orleans. We used to call it….. The Whale

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  10. DRV

    I had a ’65 I found out of a field in 1975. It had been abandoned but all it took was new fluids and a battery to get it on the road. The drivers side was left threaded lugs coated in copper. When you jacked it up on the bumper the whole side of this monster lifted up. Truely a military grade wagon.

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  11. stillrunners

    New lower price….looking better…….

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  12. erikj

    These wagons are fun to find and worth money. I just got a 70 ltd wago with a 429 very nice inside and the woodie look out side. Payed $500 with very little work sold to a local muscle car dealear for 2200. Saw it yesterday on his lot. Little more done ,8500.

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  13. Charles

    Classic 67 family hauler! Rust will become serious soon if not dealt with and it is missing the fender skirt on the driver’s side. I’d love to own this although the 66 model is my favorite. It’s on the wrong side of the country and would costs as much as the car costs to have it shipped to the eastern side.

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  14. joeinthousandoaks

    Charles, you should look into shipping costs. It’s actually a lot cheaper than you think. Coast to coast is not any more than 1/2 way since most of the cost is loading and unloading the vehicle and most carriers have trucks going coast to coast.

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  15. Bobsmyuncle

    Wow I would LOVE this thing. The exchange rate and distance ruin the opportunity but wow I want this and would use it daily, dogs, drywall, tools, camping gear, kayak on top… AND cars and coffee!

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