Station Wagon Muscle: 1972 Dodge Coronet Crestwood


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What is there not to love about a cool station wagon? Especially one that has a muscular appearance such as this 1972 Dodge Coronet Crestwood. With fresh paint and upholstery this wagon is ready to roll. With an awesome appearance, this wagon is priced at $6,500. Find it here on craigslist out of Birmingham, Alabama. A big thanks goes out to Pat L for the awesome submission! Thanks Pat!


Although this is a V8 wagon, we would have either hoped for more options, or more power. Currently powered by a 318 V8, we could easily see something a little bigger going into this Crestwood, with the help of a shoe horn. All opinions aside, this 318 is very clean and classy, sitting in a beautiful engine bay. It would seem the 318 is in good health, as is the rest of the car, having covered only 93,000 miles. With that being said the 318 V8 and 727 Torqueflite are certainly capable of moving this wagon, being affordable and reliable units.


The interior of this Crestwood has been revamped and is very nice. All three bench seats have been recovered, and the carpet looks to be new as well. The door panels, and dash look original and very nice. It would seem that this lower mileage wagon had some perks, being a good starter to repaint and reupholster. On the outside is a lovely custom paint in a nice and smooth burgundy like color. The hood is painted in matte black and looks to borrow a hood scoop from another Mopar product. We appreciate the attention to detail by adding the Crestwood emblems to either side of the scoop.  The front bumper and the grill look great, with no obvious signs of damage or aging. In fact, the only noticeable flaw to the exterior of this Crestwood lies with the passenger rear taillight trim. Part of the taillight trim is missing, but it is something simple that would likely go unnoticed by many, and could likely be replaced for not much trouble. The Cragar wheels are fitting, and classic, for this muscle wagon, as are the dual exhausts.


Beautiful with a great deal of potential, this Crestwood wagon seems like a great deal. If it were equipped with more options we could easily see this being an awesome family hauler, not to say that it couldn’t be, but we know how kids are about being “too hot.” Another possibility may be that you aren’t concerned about its cargo capacity, and you are more interested in its “hauling” potential, by adding a bigger engine that will “haul” down the track. There is no real right or wrong answer with this Crestwood, other than letting it slip by at a reasonable price. What would you do with this ’72 Dodge Coronet Crestwood?


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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    A Crestwood? I thought I knew every model car name from this era, but a Crestwood? A local grocery store chain had Crestwood Bakeries,,, anyway, I’m kind of in shock. I mean somebody really sunk the money (and time) in this thing. Not really sure why? I mean, a stock wagon like this would be neat, or a full blown funny car, but this seems to do neither. Incredible job, got to have $50g’s in it, and selling for $6,500? I never understood how someone could take a $45,000 loss on something. Sure looks nice, though.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Howard…I’m not so sure that they have 50k invested. If they had a decent example to start with and maybe a few skills or connections…it’s not beyond scope to drop 5k into a vehicle to realize this result. I seriously doubt that the seller would be taking a 45k hit.

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Drinkin’ ok, so I went a little overboard, but I still see it. I’d bet they have at least $5g’s in the motor alone. Very nice paint, and interior, ok, $25g’s, at least. People spend a lot of money on vehicles that may have limited appeal. ( like the Malibu wagon the other day) We all talk about liking it, but who here is gonna shell out $6 grand for this? IDK, I guess my tastes are a little different.

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  2. Jeff V

    This is cool, as an aging “baby boomer” I would take this over a modern “soccer mom” van or suv to transport the kiddos around! What a conversation starter huh? Probably even safer! And the best part of it is I would b able to perform most maintenance on her! I was always a fan of the old “Hurst” olds vista cruiser wagons 69-71???

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  3. 68 custom

    looks pretty good but needs a little more under the hood, like a 360 with some early 340 heads a torque cam and maybe a set of headers, then that big Holley may be able to do something other than waste fuel.

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    • mike d

      a friend of mine worked at a major car rental company, and in ’75, the company had several Fury SWs ( the ” downsized ” ones, like this Dodge ) it had the 318, and have to admit it powered right along, but, I agree, the 360 would be a choice for me . I am not too crazy about the interior redo, and I would skip the hood scoop . It looks to have been tastefully redone . Hopefully the next owner will keep up with the care that this owner has

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  4. Coventrycat

    Love it, but the scoop and hood pins – always on cars that would never need them – gotta go.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      What’s done is done, but, it seems to be done tastefully and period correct.

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  5. DrinkinGasoline

    Talk about your cool grocery getter with a little bit of gas mileage advantage.
    This is one wagon that the kids wouldn’t hide from when you picked them up from school, unlike that mini-van with the stick figure family on the gate glass.. Just make sure them duals are feedin’ through some glasspacks, maybe even some flamethrower’s? Prom time…..Dad? Can I take the wagon ?? You betcha Son !

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  6. JW

    Really cool wagon, love it.

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  7. Mr. TKD

    That’d be a fun cruiser for me.

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  8. Mr. TKD

    Just wish it had A/C.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      For that money…there’s always add on air….

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  9. Enesset

    And 3rd row rear facing! I already have a family hauler (1992 Diesel Centurion) or this would be on my list! Awesome and I’m sure sounds mean!

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  10. Philip

    Add on air tinted glass and a 440 6 pack with better looking hood and no hood pins. Yep this one has po-tent-ial … I’m liking it. Id offer him 5K cash and drive home smiling.

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  11. george

    I have had several Dodges: A 1973 Dodge Sport powered with the 318 V8. A 1973 Charger also running with a 318.The Cordoba ran with a 360. The 66 Charger was a 383. I had a ’59 Impala with a small V-8, and 62 BelAire with a 283. I presently have a nice 1960 Pink/white CoupeDeVille with a 335 V8. It accelerates quite well and drives like a dream. It gets about 16 mpg in town and 21 on the hiway.

    All of the cars ran well, but the Dodges and the Cordoba were much faster than the Chevy’s. I was quite surprised that the 318’s had the punch they had. They would lay a fair patch of rubber if you gave them just a bit more gas than was required. The Chrysler products got a couple 3 miles/gallon than the Chevy’s and responded quicker.

    I would not worry about the 318. Based on my experience I would guess that it will get decent gas mileage and provide adequate power for comfortable use. Personally, I would have ordered a 383 (or maybe the 340) with a taller rear end. Either of those would readily get you off the line and increase the top speed appreciably. I would have ordered it with a 4 speed. I would want power steering and brakes, but I would never ordered without Air Conditioning. Since it is a wagon, Dodge might have offered dual air, and I would have ordered that too. Of course the reality is that in 1972, I had no interest in Station wagons. I am not a fan of SUV’s, Suburbans or the Tahoe’s. If it had air and and a 4speed I would buy it for the novelty–but finding a 4 speed would be a miracle as they probably only sold a dozen of them.

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  12. KeithK

    I keep going back to this listing. There is something unusually exotic about it that makes me want it. Scoops and all. It’s like pornogrphy featuring that weird girl in high school that you knew was smoking hot underneath all those hand me downs. I’m going to be alone now.

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  13. Rando

    With the chrome trim, it probably had wood grain on the sides at some point in it’s history. For the “fun” factor, I would put that back on. Or maybe some carbon fiber vinyl for an “updated” look, but probably an exotic wood print. Yes, a lot of people would shake their heads or laugh at it, but I’m sick that way. And yes, i’d leave the hood treatment and Cragars. I bet a big block would fit easily. May have to change K member and such. But it would work. I’d love to own this. Just funky enough to be interesting to me.

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  14. Bruce Best

    The 318 engine is just fine for this car. Enough power and torque to get you thru daily driving and respectable gas milage. The 318 has proven to be a very durable engine as well. I would not look down on that car for that engine.

    If you can keep the rust worm these are great machines and very stylish. I have always though the wagons looked better than the sedans and were far more useful.

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  15. johnj

    Keep the hood, shorten the exhaust tips and add a mild 440 as soon as possible. I think its really cool, would be a great cruiser. Has kind of a bad ass vibe, I know my three daughters would rather show up in this then a suv or mini van any day.

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  16. Ck

    Wagons are huge rite now they are popping up all over the place.Back in the day if you had a big family there was one sometimes two in the driveway.Now the kids from those familys want one again .They also seem pretty reasonable,And some of them are muscle cars in disguise, like that forestry car from.a few weeks back or that Dodge with the 4spd .This wagon is done ,get in it and drive any where you want,probly wont be that bad on gas either.

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  17. TC

    Just add this to the list of cars I won’t let my daughter get picked up in…

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  18. Rolf Poncho 455

    Cool wagon will love to have it
    to far away from me just to faaar away

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  19. Jason

    Lovely looking car.

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  20. BOB G.

    how can ya lose at that price? i’d leave the 318 be where it’s at. ya got v8 kick plus decent mileage too. i’d ad the vintage air to it for a couple of grand for comfort and a wise investment for resale later down the line. i’d off the cragars and go with steel wheels and dodge poverty caps for that “look”. cragars are great on certain cars, but not on wagons. this one will turn heads and look at all that cargo area. one great buy. how can ya go wrong for that price.? $65oo would not even get ya a worn out out mini van.

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    • railroadtrash

      I hear ya. Cragars have their place, but IMO they are too hick for this car. You are spot-on about the poverty caps. They would give this wagon that don’t-mess-with-me “police look” or “municipal look” that these wagons had back around 1975. That written, this wagon is sweet. Find Gallery’s “Nice to Be with You” on the wagon’s radio, and let’s cruise. Woo-hoo!

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  21. George Livesley

    I am a few months late–I don’t know why I did not get this particular listing when it came out. I wish I had because the ’72 would now be in my garage. I would l have left the 318. I have owned 2 Dodges so equipped: a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport & a 1974 Dodge Charger. Both delivered between 18 & 22 hiway, and 15 to 17 straight city driving. Both would break the tires loose if gas stomped–Dart a bit more than the Charger. I never have understood the rust claim. I have owned 10 MoPar’s each purchased new and never had a speck of rust on any of them including my 1966 Dodge 383 4 speed Charger which spent 4 years ungaraged on the OR Coast, while I was teaching school there. Great strong rust free low maintenance responsive, great gas mileage attractive cars and pickups–all of them.

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