Still In The Barn: 1935 Ford Panel Truck

One thing is for sure, this Ford is definitely a barn find! As a matter of fact, it’s still sitting in the barn in Hollister, California. The auction winner even gets to pull it out into the sun for the first time in who knows how many decades. It is extremely rough, but these panel trucks are quite rare. It’s missing a few parts, but is complete and even has the flathead V8 under the hood! It is currently listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $8,666.

The opening price seems rather high to me, especially given the condition. Without a title, I think this barn find is probably worth around half that. We see this quite often, the seller starts high with big hopes, but has to keep lowering the opening price until they finally hit the right price point. It will be interesting to see what happens with this truck and the auction!

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  1. Steve R

    I wonder how the seller came up with a starting bid of $8,666.66.

    The last two times it was listed with an opening bid or $8,950.00 and looks to have no takers.

    Steve R

  2. Sunbeamdon

    Maybe it’ll be 86d!

  3. House of Hotrods

    Fender and a dash rail not such a big deal – doors and rear fenders bigger deal. Title really isn’t that big a thing either – someone’s watching this, and will make some sort of deal, I’ve got a 1936 Ford title in my name and a waiting chassis, so I know I’m not the only one. (No I’m not going to bid or buy) It’s a neat piece for a business, winery, bike shop etc. I don’t know how rare but it’s sure unusual, and way up on the cool factor.

  4. stillrunners lawrence Member

    funny it has that red hood….is that like a red flag ?

  5. stillrunners lawrence Member

    and how does a for sale sign with a phone number (with area code) show on the rear of this been in the barn for years ?

  6. Gear Head Engineer

    I didn’t check out the ebay listing, but a quick look at that top photo shows some interesting sheet metal surrounding this thing. I’d love to get an invitation to that barn.

    These are interesting and rare in my experience. And ’30s Fords seem to bring big money, even in rough shape. So I’m surprised this one didn’t sell in the previous listings Steve R noted.

    – John

  7. Howard A Member

    Finally, few will argue THIS is an actual barn find. I tell ya’, we’ve got some sharp folks here ( that’s pretty observant, lawrence). With an odd amount like that, sounds like someone just got their tax bill.( goodbye panel truck) Again, perfect blank slate, but this one needs to be restored, original. They included some restored examples, but didn’t show Hemmings Ford panel ( along with their Chevy and Dodge) They sure look nice restored.
    Certainly, an “ambitious” restoration, but there simply can’t be that many left.

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Probably hauled beer and booze to the party!

  9. speedy d

    The engine is a 1937 — one year only produced with a 21 stud flat-head with centre-outlet heads

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi speedy d. Actually the Center outlet 21 stud heads morphed into the ’38 models too. The difference between the two was the change to 14 mm spark plugs. They still ran the same Stromberg 97 carburetor. I had a ’38 Std. 2-door slope back and it was a 21 stud with 14 mm plugs. It was also designated 81A, the ’38 series. The 24 stud motors were a running change, probably as the 21 stud stock got used up….

  10. mike d

    I am one of those who would put in an oddball bid, like including the year of the veh. just to be oddball! ie: 5935.. ( the seller dropped his price) .. and with sales tax laws to keep it just under paying that extra buck or two, don’t want to give the state more than I have to .. as for title.. bill of sale should do it , esp with it being the same owner for so many years

  11. Eric

    It’s missing a few parts but is complete.
    I don’t follow that.

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