Still in the Barn – 1968 Mustang and More!

We’ll get to the Mustang in a minute, but this shot begs the question “In what country is this barn located?” This shot looks more like a barn in Germany or the U.K. or anywhere European, but it’s actually in Greer, South Carolina outside Greenville. I have family in this area and I can attest to an abundance of dusty-looking barns and buildings that undoubtedly hold many more undiscovered classic cars. There’s no shortage of newer German cars in this mostly rural part of South Carolina either, as Greer is only about 10 minutes from the BMW Factory in Spartanburg. The American Factory BMW is the sole global producer of several BMW X models. Now it’s time to challenge our astute readers to comment below; what cars can you identify in the first picture?

This Lime-Gold? 1968 Ford Mustang Hardtop has been called the last year of the “can’t go wrong” collectible Mustangs, though personally I favor the 1969 model. A six cylinder coupe barely raises the pulse of most enthusiasts. Still, not everyone cares about owning or building a fire-breathing monster, and this could become a nice entry-level hobby car. This one is listed here on eBay where four bids have broken the four-digit barrier at $1275. Far from time-capsule condition, this pony car looks like it was ridden hard and put away wet. Good news, though, the seller reports that the car has “NO rust,” which seems highly optimistic depending on your definition of rust. It does come with extra parts including four bucket seats, an extra hood, and an extra “trunk,” presumably referring to the lid.

The seller says ” It’s a complete car,” and I’m sure your comments about that will be far more amusing than mine. The Ford sales literature, as shown at, describes many highlights of this snappy base Mustang including the hood “louvers” which house driver-facing turn-signal indicator lights. The ’68 Mustang also feature “reversible keys that are always right side up.” Classy!

The 200 cid inline six cylinder engine makes 115 HP (gross). The 1 bbl carburetor with no air cleaner invites fears of what may have crawled or fallen into the intake manifold or combustion chambers over the years. Cars are usually parked for some reason so it’s always interesting to revive a storage vehicle and learn what might have taken it off the road so years ago. The seller’s other items include an equally dusty 1968 Ford Torino. What price would make this Mustang a well-bought project car?


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  1. Brian

    Three Porsche 356 a Targa SC, a 911 back left, a BMW 2002 in front of it, a MGB 1972 or older, and a Porsche 914, and I’m not sure about far back right.

    • Ernie

      I believe that is a Spitfire, not an MGB. I believe that for the rest you are spot on.

  2. jw454

    No Rust? You mean that giant hole in the floor at the drivers feet was there from the factory? No rust indeed.

    • Sam

      Technically you could say no rust since the metal is gone.

      • Al

        I know, its a Fred Flintstone car.

  3. Wolfgang Gullich

    I spy an early Spitfire, Porsche 914, couple 911s, a 356, and BMW 2002. All more interesting than the 6 cyl Mustang 😉

  4. David S Betz

    Ummm….3 on tree car??

    • Ohio Rick

      Would have been three-on-the-floor. No tree mounts in those Mustangs.

  5. kuzspike

    The passenger side has the chrome strip on the side like a 68 should have, but it looks like the drivers side has the 2 vents like a 67 would have. Are these pictures of the same car?

    • Rodent

      Agreed. Looks like a 67 quarter on a 68. VIN says 68 289 2v, at least the right front is 5 bolt. Some of the seats are 67, I only see one 68 seat in the mess. Looks like a parts car and a pile of leftovers to me.

  6. Corey S

    Why we talking 6cyl mustang when a 356 is stairing us in the face?

  7. Joeinthousandoaks

    Nice group of Porsches in that pic. The Mustang is a strange listing. The right side does appear to be a 68 and the seats are a mix of 67 and 68. Also the right side pic has a V8 bolt pattern on the right front wheel.

  8. Mountainwoodie

    Leaving aside EVERYTHING…… least the Mustang and the P cars are stored inside. But otherwise…..GLTS!

  9. Kent

    The Porsche certainly grab my attention.
    Mustang about zero ….
    Inline and a ton of work.
    What about the Po…..?
    For sale?

  10. Steve R

    The smart Porsche enthusiast will contact the seller and try to strike a deal on one of the other cars pictured.

    Steve R

    • TriPowerVette

      The “smart Porsche enthusiast” (besides being a contradiction in terms) would buy a nice Porsche book, and run far and run fast from this group.

      • Al

        Stick with these pictures, they are cheaper than buying a book.

      • TriPowerVette

        +Al – Do you believe the prices of some of those Porsche books?

  11. TriPowerVette

    From Left to right, closest to farthest:
    1) Porsche 914 excuses why I bought it – none of them convincing.
    2) Spitfire – You know; what your wife does when she finds out what you bought.
    3) Porsche 356 – the number of pennies left in your son’s college fund, after you bought this.
    4) Porsche 911 Targa – 911 is a handy number to have around, as your wife, and your accountant weigh in on this purchase.
    5) BMW 2002 – 2002 will be the last time you can remember having money in the bank, once you start this project. HAL, open the garage door, HAL…
    6) Maybe another 356 – Causes your wife to one-up you with a .357. That’s not all she’s going to do.
    7) Maybe either a Sprite or a Midget – They all look the same by the glow of your wife’s torch.
    8) Maybe a Karmann Ghia – One of the two cars you might not have to sell, to pay your divorce attorney.
    9) Maybe a TR3 – This is the other one. Decide which you will live in… Do you like the open, starry skies, or prefer to keep the rain off?

    • Art Fink

      I can sympathize TPV, Z06 is the hotel I’m currently residing at!!! ;o}

      • TriPowerVette

        You live in your Vette because you’re WEAK. You succumbed to the Siren’s (pardon the double entendre) Song of GORGEOUS BODY and breathtaking performance!

        You tried to explain to your wife that this was the car that you would happily take with you to your grave, but didn’t pick up on the fact that she wasn’t listening! She was too busy looking for something in the kitchen to hasten that event, within the next 5 minutes (give or take).

        Your attempt to sway her by explaining that this humble Chevrolet was more than the equal of Europeans costing 5X as much went unacknowledged. She just kept looking for something sharp.

        So here you are; she’s living with her/your divorce attorney, and you, you live in the true object of your affection. Well… Oh, boo hoo.

        You got the better end of the deal.

  12. TriPowerVette

    Sorry… I screwed up, and gave my own comment a thumbs up.
    Conceited, much?

    • TriPowerVette

      This is a nightmare… I just tried to remove the thumbs up I gave myself, and gave myself another! WTF? It won’t let me take that one back, either. Guess I’ll just leave it alone… it really is true… if you pick it, it’ll never heal.

  13. Christin Lagerquist

    I hate to inform you that mustang is not a 1968 look behind the front door on the quarter panel and you will see the tell tale side vents of the 1967 mustang along with the hood but unless someone replaced the quarter panel that is definitely a 1967

    • TriPowerVette

      +Christin Lagerquist – Since you ‘hated’ informing us so much, I have good news (in the form of a question). Give me a VERY good reason why whoever cobbled up this Must-strosity would replace the UGLIEST steering wheel EVER on ANY production automobile, with the only slightly less ugly one of its successor? Riddle me that, Batman. It’s a ’68, alright, with some ’67 memorabilia.

      • christin lagerquist

        I have no idea why someone would replace a 1967 quarter panel on to a 1968 and if such a thing was done why on a 6cyl. I don’t see any other pictures of passenger side but a 1968 would not have the vent holes they used a small cromestrip like a 65 instead of the long 3beam on a 66. There are some small body clues on mustangs even though they usually were small 2year similar bodies like why the 69boss 302 doesn’t have side scoops like all the other 69’s and has quarters like a 1970 and why 66 Shelby s have quarter glass and 65 ‘s don’t

        Like 1
    • Colleen Cassidy Murch

      Very interesting! Still into Mustangs I see:)

  14. Mike

    The Targa is the real buy in this place. If you’re lucky he’ll give you 2016 pricing…

    • TriPowerVette

      Mike – If you’re lucky he’s already sold it to some other poor sucker.

  15. Scooter67

    I have a 1968 mustang in my garage. It needs some fixing but is in good shape. It is like the one featured in this article. It is my first car and could not give it up. I want to get it restored, but can’t find anyone I feel confident with about trusting my baby. Fir all you guys ouf there reading this, yes I am a woman. I have had many people see it in my garage and want to buy it. I couldn’t sell it then and still can’t! I live northeast of Atlanta if anyone knows anyone that they recommend!

    • TriPowerVette

      +Scooter67 – My dear, if it is a Fastback or a convertible, it is very deserving of a full resto, depending on its current condition. If it is a coupe, better to clean it up, get it roadworthy, and just enjoy it (unless it is an original Shelby or Holman Moody prepared Trans Am banger, then could we possibly have lunch some time?)

      And, yes, we all knew you were a woman, when you didn’t mention body style, engine and transmission before anything else (or… ever… for that matter).

      In order to make you feel comfortable among the rest of us, I have given you a thumbs up, for just gutting it up enough to make a comment.

      I’m serious about that lunch… if, you know…

    • Horace

      I can offer someone to consider.
      Please contact Horace at

  16. Milt

    What a let down opening that hood and seeing that 6 in there. Kinda like this was in Cuba and they replaced the V8 with a tractor diesel.

  17. Brakeservo

    Dear Barnfinds Writer: you pose a question, Germany or USA? The 2002 with awful American bumpers should answer that.

  18. Brian M Member

    GRRRRRR (how you pronounce Greer upstate SC) Had a dear friend who lived in Taylors right next to GRRRRRR. Neat burb of Greenville. If I’m not mistaken, there is a rather large hillside salvage yard on the north side of the main road on the way to Lyman.

    • TriPowerVette

      Pron: Gree-ur

      If this isn’t the answer to the question you were asking, please disregard. I don’t think anyone here can believe that someone as obviously smart and educated as you are would have trouble with it. But, if you are, glad to help.

  19. Larry

    I want to see the Torino..where is the dash pad?? I think the Mustang is toast but at $1500 may make a good parts car !!

  20. Pete

    I am thinking that it more pronounced Gruur SC by the locals as I have been there many times. I would pass on the mustang other than perhaps the drive train. I would be more trying to talk the guy into selling the BMW or The Spitfire. But what do I know

  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member
  22. Tony C. Australia

    The Torino is sold, always liked the shape of that model with a roof line starting at the top of the windshield and a continuous smooth curve all the way to the back, the only thing, even with the GT’s, etc., was the lack of creature comfort stuff, elect. windows, etc. perhaps I’ve been spoiled with my T-Bird and Imperial goody bits that I’ve got used to, elect.1/4 vents, 6 way elect. seats, cruise control, headlamp dimmer, rear A/C unit, etc, etc. The Torinos were a bare bones deal apart from their looks and engines.

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