Still Dusty: 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


This one owner Grand Prix listed on Craigslist in Long Beach looks to be quite the find. It’s a 389 with a 4 speed, which seems like a great combo! The $5,900 asking might even be reasonable is the car is solid. The owner doesn’t say how long it’s been in this garage, we only have the dust to go by.


The interior looks nice, but the engine looks a bit too nice and must have been rebuilt.


The Interior isn’t perfect and looks like it is original. Could the car really be this nice? If it’s a long time California car, it could be solid extremely solid. This could be a fantastic survivor or a rusted hulk, only an in person inspection will tell. At least the price of admission seems reasonable. So would you row through the gears in this Grand Prix?


  1. Donnie

    Maybe its my eyes going bad /the valve covers and air cleaner look pink

  2. Howard A Member

    Well, somebody grabbed it. Sure is rough, and it appears the floor shifter was cobbled in, and wires hanging reminds me of a semi ( or 2) I drove. Still, it is a ’64 Grand Prix, one of the nicest cars of the era. I still think this car looks naked without the 8 lug wheels. Pretty good find, for sure.

    • David G

      You must mean these wheels…

      Like 2
      • '59fordFAN

        I, never, have seen one, this colour. I love it!(and, naturally, the “8-lugs.”

      • chris

        Great Car Slim Jim Trans not to good

    • David G

      More detail…

    • David G

      Even more detail…

      • Marc Lawrence

        Thanks David G – I always wondered about those wheels! One of my favorite cars. I’ve been keeping my eye peeled for one for years here in Calif. and I can’t remember the last time I saw one almost since my neighbor had a new one down the street. Unfortunately that one looks like piece of crap – rebuilt engine or not.

  3. Walter Joy

    Looks like it might of been a racing land yacht (aftermarket gauges on dash (?) and Hurst T-Handle shifter (?) )

  4. VetteDude

    I’m still looking for a 62 Grand Prix with a factory 4-speed. If anyone sees one, let Barnfinds know. Also, I wonder how many were built/sold?

    • 64 bonneville

      VetteDude, in 1962 the Grand Prix was a trim option package on the Catalina. Basically a set of bucket seats and a console, and some Grand prix badging on the outside. Try surfing craigslist for 1962 Catalina and see what turns up. BTW the 8 lug option was not real popular on any of the full sized 62 models. Hope this helps you.

  5. Rick

    what a cool car with a 4 speed

  6. pat k

    Classmate in High School had a beautiful 63 GP convertible with a 4 spd. I haven’t seen another one like it since. Sadly, it was stolen one day off the school lot and never found again. Asked him about it at our 40 yr reunion, he never got it back.

    • 64 bonneville

      pat K 1967 was the only year for Pontiac factory built Grand Prix convertibles, unless his was a custom job, similar to the Monte Carlos and Grand Prix in the early 1980s’. I don’t doubt that there may have been earlier model Grand Prix convertibles, but they would have to have custom jobs, unless his dad was a top tier GM Executive.

  7. Peter R

    listing already deleted by the author so somebody thought it was good enough to act now

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    think the 8 lug option goes back to 1960 or 1961….pretty cool stuff….and rare at the time….think it was an option until 1967….correct me if I’m wrong…..

    • David G

      Correct ME if i’m wrong, but weren’t the 8-lug wheels first available in 1959? Think so…

  9. pontiactivist

    68 was the last year for the 8 lug wheels. Believe 59 was the first year. Look great on full size cars. Saw pix of them as prototypes on a got once. Not sure I liked them though. Any year grand prix with a stick in it is rare. Used to be a junk yard we went to years ago not far from Greenville pa that had a 421 tri-power 4speed 62 blue with blue interior. I wanted that car so bad. But that was 25 years ago. All of those cars are long gone now.

  10. james burton

    in 74 my dad bought one for $75. purple outer dark blue inside. 389 4 spd.8 lug wheels. it would lay rubber in 3 gears. when it got hot it wouldn’t start, lifters would pump dad didn’t have a title to it so he junked it. man you could buy these cars cheap back then.

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