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Still Dusty: 1968 Corvette L79

1968 Corvette L79

The seller of this Corvette has known about it for most of his life! The story goes that one of his uncles bought the car back when the seller was just 13. He thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. In ’89 the uncle sold it to his brother, who had plans of using it. After a couple years, it got parked and outside of occasionally getting it running, that’s where it stayed. For over 15 years, the seller bugged his uncle about buying it. One day, they happened to run into each other and he made one last attempt to buy it. Finally, his uncle told him to come get it. He got it running, took it to a few shows, but can’t bring himself to clean it up. So he’s decided to let it go to someone that isn’t attached to the history as much as he is. It is now listed here on eBay in Galion, Ohio with a current bid of $12,600 and a BIN of $18k.

1968 Corvette L79 V8

I can see why the seller thought this thing was cool as a kid, just look at those curves! The fact that it has the 350 horsepower L79 V8 with a 4 speed Muncie certainly doesn’t hurt the cool factor either! The L79 was the hot ticket in the ’60s. It wasn’t the most powerful engine around, but this 327 offered a great power to weight ratio. The high lift cam gave the car a great balance of power and driveability, plus that great lumpy idle. This engine looks clean and the seller claims it runs great.

1968 Corvette L79 Interior

The interior looks alright, but definitely needs to be cleaned up. The seats have torn seams, but look like they might clean up well enough to keep using them the way they are. I know it would ruin the originality, but I would go ahead and replace the seat foam and covers. If you are going to drive it, you might as well make it comfortable and enjoyable to drive! If you are real concerned about originality you could always find a pair of new seats and swap the originals out.

1968 Corvette

I understand why the seller never cleaned their Corvette, this is how they remember it for the past 20 years, but personally I would want to clean it up. It would be interesting to see what it looks like underneath all that dust! I have a feeling it will actually look really great after a cleaning and some wax. What would you do if this Corvette was yours? Would you leave the dust alone or would you clean it up right away?


  1. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    Getting alittle carried away here with the barn find dirty look, cleaning the trash and dirt out of the car shows the condition of the interior, the carpets, seats, etc…, washing the car off with some mild soap is a good thing, just because the cars dirty doesn’t make it worth more.

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    • Avatar photo NIGHTTRAINX03

      Amen Frankie !!!

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  2. Avatar photo ydnar

    I’ve heard it all now, “sentimental dirt!” Sounds just like a copout, and trying to put his uncles mind at ease. Yeah, right.

    That’s why I never cleaned my ’73 F250 either, it is the original pine tree sap and pollen it had on it when I first met my grandparents friends from the 50’s.

    I love the car (Corvette), and would trade anything I own for it!

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  3. Avatar photo Joe Gotts

    Old Yeller took a $hit in my Rolls Royce, the sentimental value is priceless.


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    • Avatar photo ron e bee

      best Dog Gone Dog in the West

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  4. Avatar photo Cassidy

    I think what we have here is a real good fictional story. He couldn’t have driven it very far; those windows are way too filthy to see the road. He backed it out of the garage for photos once he found out he could make some money selling it! This is the kind of flipper that irritates everyone. Buy it, make up a story and put it on eBay.

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  5. Avatar photo Mike D

    he went through all that trouble to GET it, now, he’s selling it!

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  6. Avatar photo grant

    He can’t bring himself to clean it cause he’s too attached to it, so he’s going g to sell it to someone who isnt? Sure….

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  7. Avatar photo Rich

    Yeahhhhhh. If I spent 15 years trying to buy a car first thing I’d do is clean it up and I certainly wouldn’t sell it immediately. I call bs on this story.

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  8. Avatar photo ydnar


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  9. Avatar photo drad

    Probably worried the window seals are going to leak and decrease the value because of the “un-vintage” water in the interior.

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  10. Avatar photo Jim

    Cleaned, detailed, get nos seat covers and new foam and drive the wheels off of it.

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  11. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Now there’s an easy flip. Where’s the link?

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  12. Avatar photo dogwater

    I smell a skunk

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  13. Avatar photo PaulG

    Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-Corvette-L79-coupe-/331766538540?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4d3ed3a12c:g:CPMAAOSwFMZWrRSk&item=331766538540
    Looks like he’s parting out a couple of other Vette’s also.
    I too smell something fishy about the story, but you never know…

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  14. Avatar photo ydnar

    Well, look at his ebay seller name, dead give away. Mr. Flipper Jr.

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    • Avatar photo Rick

      Now changed to ‘restocorvette’… still a bs story. But still, that’s not a bad price even at the BIN for a ’68. Get a PPI for frame issues first…

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  15. Avatar photo Jamie P

    New tires on a dusty car…. Interior looks like its been ridden hard and put away wet. How many miles? Never even tried the passenger door. They figured leaving it dusty would convince the convincee….. Nice car though. Needs more photos

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  16. Avatar photo Joe

    Looks like steering wheel was changed from one photo to next. Wonder why. Also need to check that it really is a 350hp. A friend of mine very recently backed out of a similar deal on a 68 once he discover engine was advertised as 350hp 11:1 and turned out upon close inspection to be the 300hp 10:1. Again comparing photos, displacement sticker missing in one photo and looks like a sticker was slapped on air cleaner in another photo. Why do steering wheel change (leaving dust around wheel), add sticker and not wash it?

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  17. Avatar photo Roseland Pete

    I would never own it. From what I’ve heard, those 68’s were supposed to be real beasts which is typical for GM during the first model year of a changeover.

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  18. Avatar photo BINGO

    This guy Sucks The big One. Absolute LIAR!!!

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  19. Avatar photo Gary I

    I have a yard full of filthy cars, that do not have the sentiment of a family members Corvette, and I have enough sense to wash them before attempting to sell them. Only makes sense to try to at least look as if someone has cared for the vehicle, in my opinion, if trying to sell it for as much as possible. I don’t get the dust covered appeal.

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  20. Avatar photo Metalted

    Sweet vette, my favorite year.
    Nice drive train also.
    And I agree about this seller.
    What a moron!!!

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  21. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    Would love one, but without a great deal of inspection, I would not touch this one. This story is so fishy, it should come with a fist tank!

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  22. Avatar photo Bill

    I noticed the different air cleaner cover from one photo to the next. Also some chrome pieces have been added or taken off. A full inspection would be in order, but for the price, not bad all the way around.

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  23. Avatar photo Zack

    I’m in agreement with many others here who suspect a high degree of BS from a “flipper” who’s trying to cash in on the current “stored away forever” mystique about so many rediscovered classics we read about these days. Did I read this right that “he took it to a few shows”……? ……in what shape? How did he get it there? RIGHT!!! That’s pure BS…plain and simple….. I don’t know if I would trust this guy driving my car around the block…..he’d probably try to sell it to a neighbor with some crazy story too…… Offer him half the asking and he’d probably still be doubling his money….

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  24. Avatar photo MountainMan

    I like the car but Im also unsure of the story and the sellers credibility. The research needs to be done to confirm the claims made about the engine in this car. The swap of the steering wheel and air cleaner was done but not even going to clean it up? The price is fair so this car will sell undoubtedly but If I were in a position to buy a Vette now and was seriously interested in this example some questions would need to be answered before pulling the trigger or even comfortably placing a bid.
    things that make ya go hmmm

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  25. Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

    All of you naysayers should be ASHAMED of yourselves! I for one, am mightily attached to my dust and dirt. And it DOES hold very strong sentiment, I might add. Every year when I take my annual bath, I shed a tear or two at seeing my “protective crust” go down the drain… :(

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