Stock Or Sleeper: 1979 Chevrolet Chevette

1979 Chevrolet Chevette

This is an interesting little vehicle. What looks like a very stock 1979 Chevrolet Chevette is not quite exactly what it appears. This car is a sleeper at its finest. It is located in Troy, Kansas. The seller would like $2,800 for this sleeper. A VIN photo is listed and the seller claims to have a clear title and 58,836 miles on the odometer, although that might require clarification. Thank you, Pat L., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1979 Chevrolet Chevette

Interestingly enough, while the body is original and fantastic, the original engine has long since disappeared. It has been replaced with a 3.8 liter Buick V6 with a four barrel carburetor. That is connected to a 350 automatic transmission with a B&M floor shifter. That seems like a hefty set up for a stock rear end, but that is what it has. New tires were installed last year according to the listing.

1979 Chevrolet Chevette

Inside the Chevette is a warm brown interior that is in incredibly good shape considering its age. Everything looks stock except for the large floor shifter. It looks quite comfortable and does not appear to need any more work or modifications. The seller provides a few photos of the interior. Something the seller notes is that they have it registered as an antique in Kansas, which it would most likely qualify for in most states.

1979 Chevrolet Chevette

The seller is parting with this project because they have one too many projects and they have no place to store the car. There is a lot of potential to be had in this car. It already has a good start and has complete sleeper capabilities. It would probably need some mechanical modifications to make all of the power connect to the ground in the most productive way, but if not, it would be a fun driving machine for a while!


  1. Jay

    Inside needs a good mold removal maybe but…..

    Neat idea

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    • Boatman Member

      Jay, I think that’s the plastic deteriorating on the door panels. Plastic interior parts from this era did not hold up well.

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  2. Steve R

    It would have been nice if the seller said what needed to be finished. This looks like it might actually be a reasonable deal, which is becoming a rarity nowadays.

    Steve R

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  3. Steve

    These are the ultimate sleeper because the general public wouldn’t even know what a chevette is!

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  4. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    A very gregarious and imaginative young man in my Explorer troop had a line to “break the ice” with a girl new to the area: “Hey, wanna go for a ride in my ‘Vette?”
    The litmus test was always in her response after the realization as to what KIND of ‘“Vette” it was….

    He grew up to be an exec for a very successful media corporation-and married well.


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  5. local_sheriff

    Interesting ‘uninteresting’ project car – actually I’m surprised it isn’t powered by a SBC, but this unit will offer more than adequate capabilities to chirp some tires(or rear end gears …). That fugly brown livery and the wheel covers wrap up the sleeper package.

    Chevettes are not really my cup of tea but I like this one !

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    • RayT Member

      Agreed, sheriff. The only thing that could get me into a Chevette would be the opportunity to plunk a SBC (preferably the alloy-block version) into one. With, of course, whatever changes would be needed to make it live for a while, like changing the rear end and installing bigger brakes.

      Heck, I’d even take a brown one, which is not my fave color, but I would ditch the “Deluxe Wheel Covers” for a quartet of dog-dishes.

      This car looks to be a whole lot of fun without too much sorting. If the builder didn’t mess up big-time somewhere, there should be no rocket-science needed to make it all work.

      Just two cylinders short of perfection!

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      • Chas358 Chasman358

        Nicely done conversion. 👍

        I’d be looking to upgrade the 3.8 to a SBC!

        Would definitely need a rear axle upgrade with SBC HP and Torque.

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  6. Charles Gaffen

    We had a guy at our annual show a couple of years ago who managed to fit a 502 in it. He gave us a ‘demo’ after the show. Ultimate sleeper, he even had a dummy Chevette style exhaust pipe in the back!

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  7. moosie moosie

    Although I’m a sucker for anything with a small block Chevy in it, I’d have this one, a potentially potent 3.8 Buick would be a kick, but I’d for sure stuff a 9″ in the back end for longevity.

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  8. Andy

    Many years ago, a college classmate told me a story about a friend of his who had a chevette that had a Cadillac engine somehow stuffed under the hood. The story goes they were on this one stretch of highway between towns, and his friend decided to floor it. Dude told me the fuel gauge went from full to a quarter tank in a heartbeat!

    Can you imaging getting pulled over by a cop? Sir, I clocked you doing 150 mph in a 55 mph zone. Wait, this is a chevette???? Never mind, I’ve got to get thus radar gun recalibrated…

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  9. James

    “New tires were installed last year according to the listing.” I bet!!!

    “Inside the Chevette is a warm brown interior…” This makes it sound worse than it actually is!

    Nice write up, I bet this thing goes!!

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  10. Comet

    I guess dreams do come true! Who here hasn’t dreamt of owning a brown Chevette?

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  11. Mark

    Ok. Engine – check. Handling, ride, brakes, ergonomics ? Nope.

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  12. Willowen

    The one some GM guys built, just for grins, was all-Chevy, sourced from a V6 Blazer. They used the Blazer rear axle and brakes all around. The Car and Driver folks got to borrow it one day and go out hunting for BMWs to surprise, which sounds to me like almost too much fun.

    I am guessing that the missing link on this is more beef at the business end, and maybe brakes too. I would want front seat upgrades as well.

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    I would like to get this car and have it shipped to me in Atlanta ga will he take 2400/2500 email me back asap or send me contact information and I will call you back fred


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