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If you guessed that the mystery car from earlier was a 1969 Intermeccanica Italia GT, than you guessed right! The seller of this Italia has owned it since the mid ’70s and parked it in 1975. The front end was damaged and someone began repairing it, but never finished. It will need a complete restoration, but with bidding still under $10k, it could turn out to be a great project. Take a closer look at it here on eBay. Thanks again to Jim S. for the tip!


When we first looked at the damage to the front end, we thought it looked like the body was made of fiberglass, leading us to believe it might be a replica. Thankfully, after a closer look we were able to see that the body is definitely made out of metal. The seller has yet to list the VIN, which doesn’t help to prove its authenticity, but they claim they will be adding more photos and the VIN soon. Until we see photos of the engine and the VIN, we will continue to be a bit skeptical.


The interior is in disarray, but from what we can tell it looks to be correct. It will need to be completely restored, but all the hard to find pieces look to still be with the car. The seller states that this currently has a Ford 351 Cleveland installed in it, which isn’t the correct motor. It originally came with a Boss 302, which is now long gone.


We will be watching this listing to see if this turns out to be a real Italia GT, as there aren’t many left. We want to thank everyone that took a stab at guessing what it was! It’s the amazing Barn Finds community that makes this site so enjoyable! We learn something new every day from all your insightful comments, so please keep them coming!

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  1. Dan

    The car is listed as a 69. I don’t believe it originally came with a Boss 302 as stated. If memory serves me, most 69s came with a 351 Windsor. Prior to the 351s, they came with a standard 302 4bbl. When he posts photos of the engine compartment and provides the vin, we will know much more.

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  2. jimbosidecar

    I nearly bought a 1962 Italia years ago. beautiful little car powered by a TR-3 motor. The dash also had the TR-1 Bubble gauges.

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    • Mike

      You are thinking of the Triumph Italia. Totally different car and company.

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  3. Boss man

    It sure looks rough but with enough $$ it could be saved. I am not sure if all Italia’s were equipped with the Boss 302 engine but I do know some did have the Boss powerplant. Most of the Boss engines were replaced because of abuse or being desireable and used in the restoration of a Mustang. Italia’s were made of steel but were so crude they were sculpted in “Bondo” to make them look kind of straight and even up the gaps. they were typical Italian cars of that era, made from many differant parts bins and bodywork that was unique to each vehicle with a look only a mother could love.

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  4. Dan

    I have been following and collecting these cars for years and still own several. After the Griffith and Omega series ended the next few were called Torinos. After that, they were known as Italias. The omega and first few Torinos came with 289 hipo engines. The next batch were standard 302s. The next ones were 351w. I think that change was mid 69, but could have been later (just don’t recall). I find no mention of a factory installed boss 302 in the production list. I’m sure some owners dropped Boss engines in, but have yet to see a documented boss car. One of my cars had a Cleveland installed decades ago, but it started life as a 351w car. There is a fairly comprehensive list of all the the cars that include engines, transmissions, colors etc. That’s why the vin was was requested when the car was first listed.

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    • DolphinMember

      Dan, I like the design of these, and I see you do too. I haven’t owned one, so could you describe how they are to drive and own? Does anyone sell body/chassis parts for them, or is it a case of those parts being fabricated when needed?

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      • Dan

        I have always liked them. When sorted out, they drive and handle great. The Ford drive-train makes maintenance a snap. The downside is the availability of many of the non drive-line parts. The original Fiat suspension is light and pieces are difficult to obtain. Many have fabricated parts to fit and some have updated to mustang II style front suspensions as an alternative. Some parts are not available as reproductions, making restoration expensive. The convertible cars seem to bring much more money, so some feel the coupes are not worth the great expense to restore. I like both myself . If you are in the market for one, I would recommend trying to find a rust free car, as the bodies are welded to the frame and all panels are welded in place. The original steel work is usually nice, and panel fit was usually good from the factory. Most people that own an Italia really seem to like them. That’s why guys like me are always looking for another.

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  5. Ron Robinson

    Yes, these cars are an amalgamation of parts from many vendors, some hard to find:
    –I bent the spindle on my ’69. Turns out the spindles were from a FIAT truck, never imported to US. I found a guy in Buffalo, who had 4 Italias, and sold me a spindle.
    –One Spring, the steering wheel spun like a top. A steering coupling near the firewall had given out. It was a Peugeot part, only cost about $10.
    –Frame was fabricated in Turin by Intermec. It is 4″ box rails. I have owned this Italia for 29 yrs, and I can just touch the fully open door, and it swings shut and latches solidly. This frame has not flexed at all.

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  6. Gerry Sung

    Hi all ,
    I am in the process of a full restoration of a 1967 Italia with a 302 stock Ford engine and four speed transmission. So looking for all the help I can find, need correct period photos of exterior and especially the interior and dash and passenger compartment . Any leads to parts, need seats and correct wheels , wire wheels or mag wheels / have seen photo of an Italian made mag wheel on an Italia / anyone know that manufacturer or source for the wheel.?
    ps , I have a friend that is looking for a complete Italia to do a full restoration ! Any help appreciated too !

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  7. Dan

    Gerry, send me an email with your contact info. I think I can answer most of your questions and help with your restoration.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to help your friend, as I too am always looking for any Intermeccanica needing restoration. Seems lately there are more people looking, making finding a car more difficult.

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