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Storage Unit Racer: 1958 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider

1958 Alfa Romeo Veloce

Whether you are a fan of American Iron or European Roadsters, the appeal of a barn find is universal. Finding a classic outside your given field of interest might not get your heart racing the same way, but at the end of the day there is still something satisfying about pulling an old car from a barn, shed, or garage. This 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta might not be the car of your dreams, but anyone that loves old race cars can appreciate this find (especially if they are an Alfaholic). The seller claims it has been parked for 20 years, but prior to its days in storage it was used as a race car. You can now find it here on Kapaza in Vivegnis, Belgium. Special thanks to Michel S for this tip!

Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider

The seller really didn’t offer much information about this car and the fact that their comments are in French and the site is in Dutch only makes things that much more confusing. I would actually love to know more about this car’s history, as the Sprint was a popular option for rally and road racing back in the ’60s. I’m curious to see what evidence the seller might have pertaining to its history. Finding out whether it has any important racing history is going to take a lot of investigating, but would be worth the time and energy. Its history could have an impact on value, but at the end of the day it’s still an Alfa Veloce Spider and worth a decent amount of money simply because of what it is. So would finding and pulling this Alfa out of this storage unit get your heart pounding? I know it would get mine pumping!


  1. james g

    any proof that its a veloce get a picture of the firewall and there will be a plate that will say veloce or normale

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  2. GlenK

    These Alfas are gaining in price as fast as Porsches. But 15,000 euros for this?

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    • james g

      $17000 in us dollars question is it an actual veloce and the body is pretty rough too.

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  3. Darle Desmond

    Question: Do you know were i can find Old Big rigs website ?

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  4. Dolphin Member

    The seller doesn’t give any information on the car in the description, including whether it was raced back in the day. Here is a translation of the description from the French:

    “ATTENTION, if my alfa sprint 1958 interests you I invite you to contact me on my mobile phone faster 0475250462 or via my mail address: mecanitecAgmail.com to arrange an appointment [to see] the vehicle and [decide] your best offer….because it will be [sold] no later than Wednesday 28 January to the highest bidder.”

    No info on history, condition, or whether it has an engine and interior. Could be worth the ask, especially now that the Euro has tanked, but only if in decent condition, with correct drivetrain and especially if it has some interesting history. Right now it’s just a fishing expedition.

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  5. rapple

    Let’s see what evidence we have that it might ever have been a race car: Number on the door, front bumper removed, external hood fasteners…….That’s all I have.
    Evidence that this is not an ex-racer: complete absence of safety equipment, street trim (windows, seats, doors, etc.), vintage Michelin ZX tires.
    If this car was ever an actual race car, I’m Fernando Alonso.
    On the bright side, as Dolphin stated, IF all the stars line up it could be a good value as a basis for a restoration. That’s a big IF!

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    • Catfishphil

      And there is evidence that the headlights were shatter-taped. But I could do that to my Grand Caravan, too…

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  6. jim s

    the seller needs to do the work to prove his claim. nice find

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  7. psbat

    Hi Crew; Its no Veloce Typo 750 in this condition for only $17K US If so it sold by..

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  8. Tom Greenacres

    Nothing visible says bona fide “race car.” Cosmetic additions do not a race car make.

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  9. Michel S.

    It does have the belgian racing colours

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