Stored 24 Years: 1978 Dodge D100 Warlock

Dodge had a fun thing going with their Adult Toys line of trucks and vans in the mid/late-1970s. We were barely out of the white shoes and white belt era when Dodge came up with some wacky trucks, such as this 1978 Dodge D100 Warlock. This example can be found here on eBay in Swansea, Massachusetts and the seller has a $12,500 buy-it-now price listed. Thanks to Patrick S. for sending in this tip!

This is one of the nicest Dodge Warlocks that I have seen, being in storage for 24 years had to have helped preserve it. The seller says that it was in storage from 1995 until they bought it last year. Unfortunately, the original wheels aren’t there but this one has brand new Cragers and new Mickey Thompson tires all around. The Warlock was based on the short-wheelbase D100 or D200 pickup.

The Warlock was in production beginning in 1976 for the 1977 through 1979 model years and they came in several colors, but reportedly, the 1978 models only came in black. I have seen other reports that optional colors would have been available that year, too. For some reason, which seems to be unanswerable even on the internet, in 1979 the Warlock was known as the Warlock II. Does anyone know why they renamed it for their last year of production? Hagerty doesn’t seem to even know and they have more than a few car fanatics working in their office.

The interior looks almost perfect in this truck, other than the seats which have been changed out. I’m sure they’re much more comfortable than the original black vinyl seats, which are included in the sale. The bed also looks great and the underside looks rock solid with a few new parts. It has been lowered a bit but all of those original parts come with in case the next owner wants to restore it back to original spec. I’m usually a fanatic to keep things original but I love the stance on this pickup now.

I bet not many of you expected to see Dodge’s 225 slant-six under the hood of a mean-looking, somewhat modified black pickup named Warlock? I did not, I expected at least a 318 and engines all the way up to a 440 V8 were available. Would you keep the slant-six or kick it up a notch to go along with a black truck named Warlock?

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  1. AZVanMan

    The leaning tower of power would look nice on an engine stand in my garage while I drop some serious Mopar power under the hood, and the LTP will be there if anyone wants to go back stock. I was building Snap-on tool vans on the back “patio” of a Dodge dealer from 78-80 and when the adult toys came off the truck, our service manager and dear friend of mine would come get me to go for a test ride, foot to the floor. Good times. Thanks, Cal!!

  2. Turbo

    Nice looking truck and in amazing shape. You just don’t see these anymore and I don’t remember seeing so many back in the day. They kind of stand out. It has a pretty macho stance. I usually dislike the ‘drop a bigger engine in it’ mentality, but this thing is begging for more power.

  3. Barclay

    The Warlock II has slightly different pinstriping &paint colors.
    There is a 65 page book out about the Warlock called, appropriately enough, “Warlock” by Skip Gibbs. Published by S&P Creations.

  4. TimS Member

    Like the author this is the first non ragged out Warlock I’ve seen. Like Turbo, I usually argue vehemently against changing the motor in a nicely preserved example but man, a police spec 440 would give a lot of fun and reasonable authenticity.

  5. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    Wow, Scotty; I never expected the slant six either. Nice find. A friend of a friend had the Li’l Red Express back in the day, 360 with a few bolt-ons, pretty quick. He was complaining about the gas mileage and my buddy said “It would do a lot better if you could stay out of the four-barrels.” I couldn’t find the “Why Warlock *II*?” answer, though it came with the availability of colors other than black so maybe it was a kinder, gentler Warlock. Those drag radials really mock the 225. I hope the exhaust system is mercifully silent. I’d be tempted to archive that six in the back corner of the shop and run a warmed-up year-appropriate V8. Nice write-up!

    • Grumpy

      Sorry, but it looks like dual side exit exhaust. Ouch.

    • BigDawg

      A Hellcat perhaps?

  6. Chris

    great truck terrible motor

    • TimS Member

      Sure, if your only thought is 0-60 times.

    • jerry hw brentnell

      says you thats how little you know that slant 6 was the best 6 cylinder engine ever created there were and are slant 6s with close to million miles on them still running try that with you big v8s! nice truck that needs to be left stock!

    • Jerry

      Wrong choice of words… of the BEST motors Chrysler ever made!!
      Not powerful as a V8 but never dies!!!

    • Chris M.

      Chris, that might be one of the most ignorant comments posted. Although a slant 6 was never a powerhouse in stock form. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable low maintenance engines ever produced. Foolish to label it terrible.

      • Chris

        Slant 6 was a great motor BUTTTT does not belong in a truck . To me at least a 318 a slant 6 does not seem to fit for a truck motor …THINK ABOUT THAT … Have a good one

  7. David G

    Seen a lot of them over the years, but never one with a slant 6. All the Adult Toys, with exception of the Li’l Red Express, came standard with a 6. Engine options were the same as the rest of the truck line up.

  8. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    What a sinister looking ride that deserves a thumping Mopar heart. I would love to add this to my collection but the 225 albeit a good motor would be the first thing to deal with. I know someone with a period correct 440 truck engine that could slip in nicely and already has bolts ons. Would a set of chrome sidepipes really set this truck for it’s period or be just considered tacky these days?

  9. bob allen

    My neighbor down the street has one of these in his side yard. He bought it new and it has the 440. It’s been sitting on the side of his house since 1989. He also has a 1970 Super Bee with 383 that he bought in the 1970s in the garage. Hasn’t’ done anything with either of them. Plans to though

  10. Boney pandapoo

    I would ” Mickey Mouse” a slant 8 hemi in there. Only a Jasper mind you. Thanks sincerely,Anthony

  11. pwtiger

    How about a turbo on the old slant 6? Maybe a 100 shot of nitrous would wake up this cool old truck. If money was no object you could build a 400+ cubic inch Mopar small block with aluminum heads and get over 500+hp…

  12. Richard j Martin

    Any 6 cyl. engine can be beefed up with the proper parts. Supercharger included.

  13. WH

    How about you throw a few “go fast” goodies at the slant 6?
    Camshaft, intake with a 4bbl or electronic fuel injection. Add a header with a performance dual exhaust.

  14. Robert May

    It is odd to see an “economy” motor in a performance/luxury truck. I had a 1980 C-10 Chevy Silverado, which at the time was top of the line trim level, and it had a straight six. Remember, the second gas shortage happened during that time. Those trucks may have been a marketing idea, economic motor in a high trim level?

  15. Boney pandapoo

    Could it be the slant 6 was the motor that was transplanted? Grumpy said, Dual sides exaust

  16. Boney pandapoo

    True beauty so many choices for any motor. Best trucks ever….

  17. Stevieg Member

    I would be the odd duck here who would leave it as a stock slant six truck. It does not fit the vibe at all, but as a fan of that engine, why not? I love this truck!
    I do feel the buy it now is about $4,000-$5,000 too high because it is a slant six.

  18. chrlsful

    nope. The 225 is fine.
    I had two of the rigs w/170s (darts) one took me around all the perimiter states of this big beautuful conutry (300K mi when I let it go) for a yr. Then drove a fleet of livery vehicles Volarie/Aspens a decade later. All of these were wagons (60s – 80s). Don’t forget the ’60s NASCars w/the Carter AFB 4v won so much the class was stopped/eliminated. USA went bent8 for muscle, Oz stuck w/the i6 and came up w/th 500HP X-Flows…

  19. MoPar Mike

    Anyone notice the steps are from a little red express with holes for stacks.

  20. Kevin

    In he late seventies a guy I knew had a shortie power wagon with a slant six, three speed on the column, red wagon, STUMPY decals on the fenders. He bought it used, low miles so we were never sure if it was some limited edition, or custom. What was obvious was that though small, the torque of that slant six was awesome. He never got stuck in the ‘glades, but all the Chevys and most of the Fords could not follow us deep into the muck.

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