Stored 25 Years: 1965 Ford Mustang V8

Everyone knows the story of the Ford phenom, the Mustang. Lee Iacocca and his band of merry men only sold 1.2 million copies of the new pony car in its first 2 ½ years. The coupe was their biggest seller, although the convertible and fastback that came a little later did well, too. This faded red ’65 hardtop has been in storage for 25 years and its elderly owner is ready for it to move on. It runs, but only when hooked up to a bottle of gas. The Mustang is located in Simi Valley, California and available here on eBay with a no reserve auction that stands at $7,300.

The seller is not actually the owner of the car but a friend who likely better knows the ins and outs of eBay auctions. This 1965 Mustang, wearing California Black Plates and likely finished in its original Rangoon Red paint, was parked in the mid-1990s for reasons not mentioned. Last year, a fire came within eight feet of taking out the car, just close enough to perhaps singe the old paint in a few places. The body looks straight and – because of its California heritage – there doesn’t seem to be any rust. The chrome and glass look good, although the aluminum trim strip along the bottom of the back glass looks to be missing.

This car was no doubt stored inside all these years as the interior looks really good. Perhaps a little dirty, but nothing needs dealing with right away. While the dash, carpeting, seats, and doors are all black, the headliner is oddly white. If you want to be picky, the carpeting is faded some and could be replaced if it bothers you. Given the speakers in the panel behind the back seat and the unit mounted in the trunk, the sound system in the car is not original. One of the door panels seems to have some tape helping to hold the material together.

The mechanical set-up on this Mustang is pretty routine, with a V-8 under the hood (likely a 289 2-barrel), an automatic transmission and power steering. The car will start and idle when attached to a bottle of gas, which means the fuel delivery system needs to be serviced, probably all the way back to the gas tank. This is as far as the seller has gone in terms of getting the car going again. It will need brakes, a water pump, a possible transmission service and a tune-up. And most anything made of rubber, including the tires, since all of that would be at least 25 years old at this point.

Once the issues indicated above are attended to and a new paint job is applied, you’d likely have a car worth north of $12,000. So, for someone looking to get into the vintage car game and doing it with an auto that everyone is familiar with, this Mustang might not break the bank in getting there.


  1. Steve R

    It looks like it has the potential to be a great project for someone that is willing to do minor mechanical work. Wise buyers know they will save time and money in the long run by spending more upfront on a rust free complete car.

    I’d want to make sure the paperwork is in order. The “I’m selling this for a friend” line is getting old. It often means, I’m flipping this car and can squeeze some extra money from gullible buyers and skip paying sales tax and the cost of transferring the title into my name. The practice also leaves a new owner holding the bag for back registration and an host of other potential problems if the paperwork isn’t complete and properly filled out.

    Steve R

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  2. B302

    Many states have no back registration, and some only if the car has been driven.

  3. B302

    Many states have no back registration at all and some have back registration only if the vehicle has been driven on public roads.

  4. Charles Sawka

    California can be difficult, especially now with the DMV being closed. This particular Mustang might be worth the hassle.

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  5. Mac

    The underside of the hood shows rust. I suspect the underside of the car is the same

  6. Charles A Simons Jr

    After 25 years, Ca DMV has no record of it. Simple to register if one has AAA in California. Probably needs a CHP inspection.
    Currently the price is US $8,700.00. Not sure with no mention of mileage…look at the white line on the tires…was it stored in a damp area (outside) or were they just low on air? Simi Valley is a dry desert area of SoCal.

  7. George Louis

    This car is in much better shape and more reasonably price than the $27,000.00 Camaro featured this week in Barn Finds!!!!!! As far as the $27000,00 Camaro goes I will be further ahead with SHOE LEATHER EXPRESS!!!!!

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  8. Dennis Tjaden

    I wonder what has been done with the engine. 65 289 engines had gold valve covers and the blocks were black the blue started in 66

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