Stored 28 Years! 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 4-Speed

Camaros rank among the list of cars that nearly always sell regardless of condition. This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, a claimed original SS four-speed car in Holden, Massachusetts, awaits a buyer here on eBay. The $5,900 Buy It Now price should appeal to anyone who didn’t form their opinion decades ago after passing on a car like this for $400. Thanks to reader Adam C. for finding this North-Eastern pony car.

“Massachusetts” rarely enters into the dreams of someone searching for a project car, however, The Bay State offers up its share of classics that haven’t been ruined by their time in the snow. The seller includes a number of pictures but none of the underside where structural issues could mean big trouble.

This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, a claimed original SS four-speed car, appears in “as found” condition except for one fender, one quarter-panel, and the wheels and tires. The quarter panel is set on the car for show so have your welder ready.

Chevy’s sales brochure called the SS “A husky performer.” Is that good? The venerable 350 cid Small Block came standard with the SS, with the 396 cid Big Block optional. This “roller” includes neither, and the new owner can install the engine of his or her choice. Peugeot Turbo-Diesel anyone? Anyone? This first-generation Camaro could represent an entry-level hobby car or a more adventurous project for someone with the knowledge and means to locate an assortment of missing original parts. Would your fear of New England tin worms keep you from clicking Buy It Now?

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  1. grant

    So someone cut the rusty quarter panel off 28 years ago, saw how bad the rest was and slowly backed away. For a reason.

  2. Jimmy

    I think this one would be a labor of love no matter the model, but if your going to modify a Camaro SS then this might be the one.

  3. JamestownMike

    If a car could be a fictional character, this would be Frankenstein! Look at all the welds in those floor boards! Hard to prove it’s a real deal SS unless you have a build sheet! Quarter panel is just a skin……..if the outside is going to rust, what about the inner quarter, inner and outer wheel houses, etc??

    • Tom Nemec Member

      ……all that work and YET it is still THIS BAD!!. I guess I am glad it was stored for 28 years or there would be NOTHING left of this poor and abused Camaro.

      That “Stored 28 years !” intro line really draws you in…….not funny. It is like that other Ad for the Pacer calling it a “Widebody”. I like tongue in cheek humor so I will go with it as “getting a cheap laugh”.

  4. Rustytech

    When I saw this ( 68 SS ) I almost didn’t open the article expecting to see a price over $10k for a basket case. I was surprised to see it under $6k, still a little high, but at least sellers mind is not in the stars!

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