Stored 28 Years! 1970 Dodge Coronet Survivor

This largely original 1970 Dodge Coronet has been sleeping in Seattle since 1990. Thanks to reader G Keller for spotting this B-body Mopar here on Seattle, Washington craigslist. Warning for Mopar newbies:  don’t get too excited about the “440” badges – they denote this car’s mid-level trim, not the installation of the mighty 440 cid V8. The ubiquitous 318 “LA” V8 powers this Dodge. The asking price of $11500 may represent extreme optimism by the seller, as evidenced by the statement “Price is obo” (or best offer).

My Grandparents bought a gold 1969 Coronet sedan with the 318 and immediately drove it on an epic trip “Out West,” so while the 1970 models like this feature car received a sporty new front end and other updates I have a soft spot for all gold Coronets. It wouldn’t surprise me if this car was purchased by a Grandmother or Grandfather. Evidently an owner who bought it in the ’80s drove and maintained it until tucking it in for a long winter’s nap in 1990, thankfully indoors.
A white or white-and-black interior would have really pushed the style button, but when you have air conditioning, a black vinyl interior adds a purposeful look. The seat bottom appears to have been replaced with a sheet of vinyl from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and that’s good enough to keep springs from digging into your backside.
As with so many feature cars, this Dodge “was running when… parked.” The seller graciously describes the locations of dents and rust, but overall it seems solid and original, down to the steel wheels.
Muscle car enthusiasts will recognize the Coronet front end, new for 1970, as the same as the “Super Bee,” and this two-door could easily be made into something nasty with some vision, an engine transplant, and a generous application of dollars. However, since this one is so original, it would make a nice entry-level buy, something different for the local “Show ‘n’ Shine.” What future do you see for this Evergreen State classic?


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  1. Jack M.

    My car salesman buddy swore that obo was the abbreviation for “or big orfice”.

    • Dave Mc

      She didn’t want to go in the hole over the price?

  2. Miguel

    It looks like he wants to sell the car to somebody that will make a clone out of it and asking the price of the finished product.

    Is there anything special about this car to warrant the asking in the condition it is in?

    • Steve R

      There is nothing special about the car other than this particular seller owning it.

      It’s doesn’t appear rusty, but it has several good sized dents, which the seller goes out of his way to avoid showing, plus it doesn’t run. The asking price is a stretch, but it is a Mopar, and those guys are unpredictable. All I know is I couldn’t get to that price if I were a prospective buyer, it’s one flip past being a good deal.

      Steve R

      • Miguel

        I couldn’t get to that price if it has a pristine body and a running engine.

        Let us not forget the beautifully reupholstered front seat.

        It is a Coronet, not a Super Bee.

  3. Joe

    Obviously a Mopar flipper. There’s a Charger and a ‘Cuda in sight.

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  4. Joe

    Obviously a Mopar flipper. There’s a Charger and a ‘Cuda in sight.

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  5. Classic Steel

    A rare car . It’s called The coronet golden goose….

  6. mike D

    I am probably in the minority here, but, I’d just leave it as a Coronet already too many “Bee” clones give it some modern upgrades, and show it off

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  7. Gunner

    Hey Todd, I own a Gold Exterior/Black Interior 69 Coronet 440 2-Door Hardtop equipped with a 383-2! It doesn’t look like much right now, but it’s all original including the California Black Plates that were issued to it when new!

  8. Del

    Over priced and unappealing colour.

    But if motor is not seized mabe 3500 bucks

  9. Nrg8

    Great starting piont, hard top a/c, 2 dr. Not making em anymore.

  10. Mark

    Always liked this body style. You rarely see one of these come up for sale.
    Is the price to high? Maybe. But then all I have to do is take a look at the asking price for a clapped out Camaro or Nova and it puts things into perspective. Any 70, 2 door V8 Mopar, especially when it is a hard to find model like this with clone potential that comes up for sale, more likely than not it won’t be let go for what some think is a fair amount of $3500……and there’s not one of us here who would start off asking for such a ridiculously low amount of money for this car.

    • glen

      I don’t think a “hard to find model” should be the basis of a”clone”. I also believe that it is a high price for what was a mid-level daily driver.

  11. Steve A.

    I’ll have some of what the sellers smoking! LOL

  12. Bruce Fischer

    I had a 1968 Dodge Coronet . It had the 440 badges on it to but only had the 318 motor in it, but it came real handy when I was speeding towards my old girl friends house on new years eve to see her when I lived it Flordia. . I was on one of the high ways and was realing hauling ass and up out of the grass came a state trooper with is lights going. He pulled me over and asked me do you know how fast you were going?.I said no.Then after he checked me out he asked about the car. He saw the badges and asked it that a real 440 in it . It was dark and I didn’t want to get a ticket for speeding so I said yes. He said I never saw a 440 motor Could I see it. I said sure and opened the hood. He looked at it and then thanked me for letting him look at it .He then said just slow it down a little o.k. I said yes!. Good thing he wasn’t a Mopar man or he would of known. LOL. Bruce.

    • Miguel

      Did you mean you had a Coronet 440?

      That was the model name like Galaxie 500.

      That was not the engine size.

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      • Bruce Fischer

        Miguel, it was a 1968 dodge Coronet with the 440 badges but had the 318 motor in it.Bruce.


    This seller is dreaming…My BIL bought a new ’69 Coronet RT 440 Magnum 4 speed. It was beautiful and did that thing honk. He blew the engine 3 years later and sold it for under $500. I wanted it BUT no money and no place to park it.

  14. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    A 70 2dr Coronet is special because there are not a lot out there. A 69 seems the most desirable, that is my fav Super B, and not because I had one. 2nd place is a 68, my BIL had a 4 spd Bee 383 that was fast. The price is on the high side, maybe $7-8k.

    • Miguel

      If this was in decent original condition maybe. This car is dented up and has been messed with on the interior. This car needs everything.

  15. MIke

    My friends dad bought one of these new. It was a dog and the revamped body looked like crap compared to the previous year. This is one car they never should have made. You have something good, Don’t change it drastically.

  16. Bill Walters

    I could use a “generous application of dollars” too

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  17. KevinR

    Yup, Dad had a ’69 Coronet 440 coupe with a Slant 6. Learning that as a young boy was quite a let down.

    I’m not seeing anywhere near the asking price for this one.

  18. EHide Behind

    If it was an earlier Super Bee, it would still be butt uglier, and slower, than Plymouth Satelites, and worth asking price, otherwise just an old clunker.
    Yes MOPA R has a mystique about them, and someone will buy just because.
    THEY are heavy and while 318 is a good motor it was not even a gas saver in
    VINYL roof, interior, running used motor, even a clone 340, tranny? Small or large cost to rebuild, setting that long, Someone’s $ 3500 value is cutting flip margin mighty thin.
    To build a good clone, nah, lots of better partial builds out there.

  19. Radarone

    If it was a 1968 Dodge Coronet 500, w/383 it would be worth that money all day. To me anyway. That was my first car.

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