Stored 30 Years! 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

After being “found” some 30 years ago and committed to dry storage, this 1970 Dodge Charger R/T in Morton, Pennsylvania seeks a new owner with the time and budget to succeed where the current one failed. Despite needing assembly and attention all over, it’s described here on eBay as a reasonably complete car that retains its numbers-matching 440 cid (7.2L) V8 and automatic transmission. The Buy It Now price of $25,000 is nearly half what finished ’70 R/Ts sell for these days, but this one does have a rebuilt-and-never-fired original 440.

As often happens, a crappy paint job peels away to reveal what might be the original paint underneath, suggesting a possible Medium Gold and black combination.

That aftermarket steering wheel has to go, but check out what’s claimed to be the original column shifter with the bucket seats. This configuration allowed for the optional folding center “buddy seat,” making this a legal six-seater. The black and white interior is always sharp compared to the generic all-black.

Rebuilt 20 years ago, the 440 is hermetically sealed for your protection, and appears to have resisted penetration by rodents and other vermin. It looks like someone did a thorough cleaning and priming of the (normally body color) engine compartment, perhaps in preparation for a black paint job. Does the sum of this Charger’s parts and potential add up to $25,000?


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  1. Moparman Member

    Regardless of the wood rim, those Grant steering wheels (IMO) are among the UGLIEST ones I’ve ever seen! This car is still going to need lots of reasssembly, some competent body work, or maybe panel replacement. I’ve been told that after sitting for 20 years, even an unfired engine may have issues. However, with all that, they’re not making these anymore, and it could be just the right ticket for someone! GLWTS! :-)

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Yep Moparman, great point…oil in the cyls, bring up the oil pressure, etc. And again yep they ain’t making any more! Good luck to the new owner!!


    • JOHN Member

      I have to agree on the steering wheel, I always thought they were one of the cheapest looking steering wheel ever, but you still see them, apparently the masses disagree over the looks of this wheel.

    • TinCanSailor

      If the valve train was assembled (rocker arms tightened down), I’d think after 20 years, the valves under tension would be suspect. even if sealed, I’d be concerned about rust in the tops of the cylinders. It probably wouldn’t take a lot to get it ready to run, but I’d be afraid to fire it up without taking the heads off!

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  2. Keith

    Wow! Buy it now for 25k? Calling all Mopar freaks, come get this clapped out Mopar with the 20 year old plastic wrapped 440! Why?…. Because it’s a Mopar!

    P.S. After paying the 25k asking price you can justify your purchase by pretending it’s a Hemi…..Just saying?

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Keith, life would be pretty lonely for you if you didn’t have Barn Finds and Mopars to spout off about.

      But, please, at least make an attempt to change up the negative rhetoric.

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      • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

        I think we should all pitch in and buy Keith a Mopar. Maybe then he’ll realize how wrong he’s been all these years.

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    • Chris M.

      It’s pretty obvious Kieth doesn’t have much of a life or a real sense of humor. With the ongoing, repetitive attempt at bashing Mopar enthusiasts it’s clear old Kieth can’t afford the buy in on a vintage Chrysler product.

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    • Troy s

      Yeah but Keith keeps it short, usually, and to the point(?). Only a Ford man can shake that stuff off…takes years of practice.

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  3. Troy s

    Best Charger body style, the tough 440 street engine, sharp wheels, but it looks to be a bit of a mess. Mopars are the hot ticket right now regardless of condition, as the high prices we see all the time reflect. Were it powered by the race friendly Hemi it would be even more so. Lots of brutal hard reality in those 440 cubes so we won’t really need to pretend.

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    • Arthell64 Member

      Expensive car to restore.

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  4. charlie morrison

    I think the price is abit high,considering that not all parts will be. Pieces/parts will and do get lost over the years “we just forget,or lose interest. However I’m almost 150% sure this car will need at least another $20k to make it look good. You know that line” just when you thought you were out,the car pulls you back in”

    • Gaspumpchas

      Yea Charlie- Leave the gun- Take the canolli’s….

  5. jeff

    free info,,,,dont buy a project somebody else has started and especially if its torn apart

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  6. sluggo

    Unless the receipts show Waddell Wilson, Or Smokey Yunick as rebuilding the motor,, I wouldnt trust it at all. Rebuilt by cousin Bubba with a hammer, pipe wrench and a amazing collection of rattle cans?
    Still, even if rebuilt right, the seals, gaskets and other parts are still 20 years old. And as noted, if the valves were adjusted the springs have had tension on them for 20+ years and half will be junk. Pro-builders dont put tension on a spring until its ready for service.
    I always expect a project vehicle is a core for rebuild, Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised that everything inside is as it should be so I am only out gaskets and seals, but the peace of mind is priceless.
    If you like to gamble, go ahead and fire it up and see what happens.
    Still, while not a project for a first timer but an experienced Mopar guy this could be a sweet project. Check book restorers need not apply

  7. Jay

    The first thing I would do is get that ugly black paint from under the hood. I pulled a motor once just to paint the under hood body color like all old mopars. Some people dont understand this is not a GM when they are restoring

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    • JOHN Member

      Exactly Jay, typical rattle can under hood “restoration” Even a non Mopar guy like me knows they were body color engine compartments!

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