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Stored for 30 Years: 1976 Excalibur SS Phaeton

The Excalibur is one of those marques that sometimes gets scoffed at, but interestingly, they were decent performers when first introduced. Corvette power mounted inside a body more reminiscent of the roaring 20s than the 1960s, a Phaeton SS like this one found here on eBay would have symbolized the owner had achieved some level of status. This Phaeton has been off the road and stored for over 30 years.

The reason for the long-term slumber is due to the owner not being able to drive anymore. Thus, the mileage is quite low at just 15,093, and you can see the plastic covering on the rear fender flare indicating some attempt was made to protect it for long-term storage. The body appears quite nice and all of the classic Excalibur styling cues are still present.

Interestingly, when the Excalibur was first rolled out for public display, it was powered by a Studebaker mill. For a variety of reasons, the Studebaker powerplant didn’t last past the concept vehicle, and Chevy’s 327 did duty in customer cars. This provided the Excalibur with impressive performance, including a run to 60 in less than six seconds. No word on the mechanical health of this car, but parts should still be widely available.

Photos are limited and the seller didn’t include any of the interior. The roof looks damage-free and fully buttoned up, so hopefully, the cabin hasn’t been left exposed. The long-term storage – three decades’ worth – is certainly intriguing but likely hasn’t done anything for the Excalibur’s road worthiness. The seller is asking $28,000 or best offer; what do you think is a fair offer for a car like this?


  1. redwagon

    Always thought these appealed to an audience more familiar and appreciative of pre-war vehicles. That’s not me. Having said that I would be trying to sell it too but my guess is that the likely market has diminished in number and desire. It’s $28k a good price? I don’t know but it seems ambitious regardless of condition.

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  2. mike D

    I was with the college crowd ( tho not in college at the time, right age, tho!0 back in 75& 76 was ” cruising” and noted one of these, was trying to catch up to the owner at a light, and ask what it was .. finally caught up! ” Excalibur” and I am like “OH” had no clue what it was, but, it looked great .. never got one

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  3. TriPowerVette

    My friends and I had a little gar-group. As most of you know, mine was the HemiCuda Convertible. Roland L. was the one with the 1969 Ram Air V Trans Am. One time we were just talking about the Excalibur (because it had been made public that a popular comedienne of the time, Phyllis Diller, had bought as many as 11, and given some of them to her friends).

    Roland finally contributed a Great Truth of Life, which can be used in many situations – not just automotive atrocities). He said: “It’s like someone took their brand new Corvette to a custom shop, stuffed it so full of money that the doors almost wouldn’t close, then handed them the keys and said, ‘Here, f**k up my Corvette’… and this is what they got back.”

    Still as true today, as it was back then.

    Applies to movie stars and their plastic surgery especially well (substitute ‘suitcase full of money’).

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    • 2cool2say

      If you recall the face of Phyllis Diller, maybe giving 11 of these cars to her friends was just a way for them to remember her.

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  4. Rich

    Nice looking car, but still no really appreciated. Probably worth 7500. tops.

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    I always thought these puppies were to the tacky side of the “30’s era replica homage cars”. Too much / many modern GM interior touches…fiberglass & brightwork that did’nt quite line up…fleeting “curb appeal” that dissipated entirely the longer you looked at it. That being said…Speedster Motorcars out of Florida builds an absolutely gorgeous 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster replica that will turn heads for all the right reasons. That would be the route to go if you’re a fan of this style.

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  6. Oldog

    If you really want one, the replica dealer in largo fla has the 454 powered one in #3 condition for 36k

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  7. HippyMike

    Are those signal lamps vw beetle?

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    • Jeff

      Good catch, Money. Super Beetle, specifically, but yes.

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  8. Peter Clapham

    The original was designed by Brooks Stevens as a Studebakers product; the original having a supercharged Avanti engine, T-10 transmission, and a Lark Convertible frame. Studebaker pulled it at the last minute and it was built by Stevens himself using a 327 Corvette engine. The originals we’re quite authentic and sporty but they got bloated and kitchy later on.

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  9. Rube Goldberg Member

    In the mid-70’s, I worked for an auto body and paint supply, and we supplied paint to the Excalibur plant in West Allis, Wis. I remember delivering there, the place was spotless, and the stacks of GM motors in crates. The workers loved what they did, and let me walk freely around the different stations where the cars were built. I saw 1st hand, they were quality, hand built. A woman named Alice Preston was the head mechanic for Excalibur for many years. She over saw everything. I don’t recall meeting her, but I’m sure she was there. She still is active in Excalibur, providing parts for the owners, many of the cars are still the original owners. If she had a VIN on this car, I’m sure she could give you the history. Here’s a great article on her.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      An old car guy I have not heard from in a while told me a similar story about the quality also.Thanks for the reminder. This rig is kind of cool in a way. Not my style, but I would really like to take one for a spin. Looking down that long hood with that 327 rumbling along just might change my idea of style!

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  10. MrBZ

    The Chevy dealer I worked at sold these up through the 84 model year. In late 85, there was one left in the showroom with an anemic 305V8 that could not get out of its own way. Very limited market now and then.

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  11. Irish Bill

    As an engineering student in Milwaukee in the late 60′ S we had a factory visit to the Excalibur plant. I believed at that time the plant was owned by Brook Stevens and his sons. Brooks is noted for his designs which include the 1962 Studebaker GT hawk, 1949 Hydra-glide Harley Davidson, his design is still incorporated in HD ‘s today, Jeep wagoneer and many other items. At the time the Excalibur was a gorgeous car but I agree the design didn’t hold up well as time marched on. As I recall when I visited the plant they had just switched over to the GM engines but I believe they were using the Studebaker Lark frame for the chassis. In the office they had a map with a pin where every Excalibur was sold. There were a lot of pins in Southern California.

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  12. Steve Visek

    If you have a taste for a neoclassic, I’d suggest a Clenet or the very rare Sceptre 6.6S.

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    • peter spooner

      More info please on this beautiful motor car.

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      • Steve Visek

        The folks involved were mostly previous Clenet people. They made about 15 of the Spectre 6.6S cars starting with a prototype in 1978 and the production cars starting in 1979. Not sure when they stopped but it didn’t go long. Then the molds were bought by Gatsby and they made a kit car version called the Gatsby Griffin from the early ’80s to the early ’90s and I have heard that 50-60 kits were made but am not certain. Do some Googling to find out more info but not sure much is out there anymore.

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    • lawyer George

      Steve, My garage door is open. Please drive this gorgeous car over and park it in my garage where it belongs when it is not under my seat. Thanks, George

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  13. Randy W

    For half the price, you can buy a 1929 mercedes gazelle in top shape and running. Wow it looks almost like a clone excaliber. My brothers had one and had to practically give it away. Took $5,000 for it and had only 750 miles on the clock.

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    • lawyer George

      Sorry Randy, but a 1929 Gazelle is not even close to looking like an Excalibur.

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  14. Dick Johnson

    I wonder what Ray Charles drove… more my kind of kat.Wayne Newton had a Clenet. LIBERACE had an Excaliber. Elvis had a Blackhawk.

    I think that a Blakely Bearcat spiffed up to burn corners is a little more to my liking.

    The Ex-Cal is cool, but I never really cared for Liberace. Wish my wife would quit looking for the Liberace recods that I hid. She wants the car.

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  15. Dick Johnson

    I wonder what kind of car Ray Charles drove….more my kind of kat.

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  16. Dick Johnson

    Hey, I tried to edit. My ‘phome’ won’t display right. By the way, Ray ‘flew’ his Cessna 310 with his pilot. Loved the feel of how the 310 handled. He never talked about his landings.

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  17. cudaman

    A car that Liberace drove……..do I need to say anything more???????????

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    • Dick Johnson

      Cudaman, would you like some Liberace records. I’m having a tough time keeping them hidden. They do make great skeet targets!

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  18. Tort Member

    Never could see the appeal in these cars. To each his own but I wouldn’t drive one around the block!

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  19. Maestro1 Member

    I agree with Steve. And I think one is about North of $5000. to get this one ion shape as a driver provided open heart surgery is not required. Appreciation is questionable.

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  20. Adam T45 Staff

    I’ve always thought that you wouldn’t want to be caught trying to “button down” the top in a sudden down-pour!

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  21. Dan

    I’m shocked no one said anything about no alt. belt

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  22. B Allred

    Any bids at this time and how much

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    • TriPowerVette

      How lazy do you have to be, not to just click on the eBay link and look for yourself? It was harder to write the question.

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      • cudaman

        TriPowerVette…………………….that’s a riot!!!!! Laughed right out loud….

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      17,000.00 offer rejected

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  23. jaymes

    so sad

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