Stored 40 Years! 1968 Mercury Colony Park

This beautiful car is from a 300-vehicle collection in California, according to the seller, and it’s a barn find that has been in storage for the last 40 years. It’s a 1968 Mercury Colony Park and it can be found here on eBay in Oakland, California. There are several bids bringing the price up to $7,000 so far and there is no reserve.

What a car, man. Mercury’s advertising department back in the day said, “If Lincoln Continental made a wagon, this would be it – unsurpassed in all the station wagon world for cruising comfort and sheer smartness.” This beauty was “sold new in Oakland, CA and has never lived anywhere else in its 51 years. By 1979 the kids grew out of the house and the family wagon was relegated to the garage for the next 40 years.” The color is Diamond Blue which is the lightest of light blues, not white as it appears in the photos. I know, I assumed that the car had been repainted white.

Although this car appears to be in great, original condition, I can see some rust lurking in the cracks and crevices but there doesn’t appear to be any structural rust. They have included several underside photos among the dozens and dozens of photos that the seller has provided so you can see the incredible condition. By the way, fantastic job on the photos, seller! This car is just under 18-feet in length but it sure seems longer than that to me. It’s so sleek and stylish that it seems to flow.

As always, I’m surprised to not see power windows, locks, and seats on this top-of-the-line car. But, a person could say that it’s just fewer things to go wrong and if you’re going to take it to the track it’ll be several pounds lighter. Kidding on track duty, of course. You have to check out all of the photos in the eBay listing, there are a ton of photos. I hope that starts a trend in the car-selling industry but I doubt it. The back seat looks like new as does the cavernous rear cargo area. The seats are “Comfort-Weave vinyl – with tiny holes that “breathe” to keep you cool” according to period literature on this car.

Pulling this yacht around is Mercury’s Maurader 390 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 265 hp. Hagerty puts a #3 good condition value on this car as being $22,100. This one has a long way to go but with no reserve, it’s selling to the high bidder. According to the seller, “The big Marauder 390 starts up and runs great . Push the skinny pedal down and this family wagon will get you up to speed effortlessly. The transmission shifts smoothly in all gears and reverse. The brakes work like they should. The lights are all functional.” Have any of you owned a Colony Park wagon? What is this one going to sell for? $15,000?

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  1. TimS Member

    This could be a stunner with a little time and effort. It’s a sight to see as it sits. Someone loved this car.

  2. KSwheatfarmer Member

    Imagine this and it’s wood grain convertible brother featured here some while back setting side by side,as the old timers would say “That would be a pair to draw to”.

  3. Cncbny

    Is that the car from yours mine and ours with Doris Day? Looks familiar. There was a Henry Fonda movie where they had 10 kids. Think there was a colony park in that one too. Nice ride is all I can say

    • Joseph Brown

      Great reference and correct on the movie. But the wife was, believe it or not, Lucille Ball. She drove a Colony Park and he drove a Ford wagon. Either one…I would love to have.

  4. Ted

    I can’t see a Merc wagon and not laugh, years ago in Richmond we came across one that the y had broken off the emblem, rendering it a Colon Park. Now tell me you read that and didn’t laugh………….

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha! Dang you, Ted! Ruined for life now…

  5. local_sheriff

    It’s almost unbelievable it has managed to survive,even when parked in the late 70s this would be an ‘old’ car. I’m happy the owner saw the potential ‘value’ in that Merc then, but I doubt he foresaw the wagon craze in today’s car community.

    I’m surprised bidding hasn’t gotten through the roof yet,though I realize it has some ‘garage rash’ and need some detailing .Regardless, some FoMoCo enthusiast will get a rare and unique vehicle here

  6. James Jackson

    I had an 89 Colony Park wagon­čĹŹ
    Sooo Smooth.

  7. G.O.

    You can see considerable corrosion on the lower sill with the tailgate open in the long shot. Conveniently, there are no detail shots of this area.

  8. Pete Phillips

    Beautiful automobile, and one not often seen! Here is my ’66 that I am slowly restoring, 428 Super Marauder, 10-passenger seats, power everything including vent windows and 8-track tape player.
    Anyone know where to get rear quarter window rubber seals? I have tried all of the usual suppliers; Steele; Obsolete Ford Parts; etc.

    • TouringFordor

      Green Sales in Cincinnati?

  9. Healeymonster

    My girlfriends parents had one back in the 70s. She made the mistake of bringing it to watch me Autocross my Capri at the Duel At DeAnza. I thought it would be fun to run it so i popped off the hubcaps and ran it through tech. After my run on the course i was greeted in the parking lot by a very angry future father in law! Good times..

  10. John Oliveri

    Shame it’s not loaded w options like the 66 in the photo above, if you went for the Mercury it should’ve been loaded up, Country Squires were roll up window cars, this was a Lincoln in every sense

  11. 408interceptor

    Sold $8,340.

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