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Stored 41 Years! 1969 Ford Torino GT SportsRoof

This car appears to be incredibly original and the seller says that it has 28,017 miles on it and that’s not all, it’s been in storage since 1978! They have it listed here on Hemmings in Curwensville, Pennsylvania. They have an asking price of $9,995 listed. Thanks to Jack in RI for submitting this find! Let’s check it out.

I have a fantasy about finding vehicles in garages like this, too many of them, I need to get back to reality. But, obviously they’re out there, case in point is this ’69 Torino GT SportsRoof. This one has been sitting here for 41 years, according to the seller.

Ford made a Torino GT convertible, hardtop, and a SportsRoof model as seen here. They aren’t as rare as one would think but examples with fewer than 30,000 miles have to be few and far between. The seller says that the front fenders have been replaced with original Ford parts and everything else is original.

They say that this car has the Grand Touring interior and you can see the badge on the passenger door in the photo above. It does have a bit of rust on it which isn’t surprising if it spent a few years on Pennsylvania roads and any of that time included winter duty. The trunk looks good other than some heavy surface rust under the spare tire area.

I know how I feel after sitting for a couple of hours, I don’t know how this Torino GT feels after sitting for 41 years. Although, as Dale Walksler from the fantastic Wheels Through Time Museum says, a vehicle doesn’t have any clue how long it’s been sitting – it just takes fuel, air, and spark and away they go, unless there’s something wrong. This 290-hp 351 V8 hasn’t been started since 1978 so the next owner will have to take a little time on it. How would you go about starting this engine and getting this car back on the road again where it belongs?


  1. Avatar photo Sandy Claws

    Am I the only one who wonders why it has sat for 41 years? How about some pictures of it being unearthed to prove that?

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      Why would it matter? He is not asking the world for it.

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      • Avatar photo Steven Wilson

        If the car has only 38000 why is it so oily? I think it’s more like 138,000. The upper wheel wells wre always a dirt xathcher, either way a little too much but it’s a decent example.

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  2. Avatar photo Geoffrey

    I love this car. I had to sell mine a few years ago. I really miss it.

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  3. Avatar photo Bruce Jackson

    This price seems almost too good to be true…I will grant that it doesn’t have bucket seats and a 4-speed, but isn’t that 4V 351 a Cleveland engine, or am I mistaken?

    My Dad used to teach Ford mechanics at night school, and in so doing, got to know the Ford engines quite well. He only uttered superlatives regarding the 351 Cleveland—if indeed that is what this is…

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      The Cleveland didn’t come out until 1970, this car will have a 351 Windsor.

      I’d guess there could be a significant amount of rust, combined with a seller that wants to move the car along. Trying to get top dollar isn’t worth the hassle in most cases. A car has been priced fairly for its condition and the local market will generally find a buyer in short order.

      Steve R

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    • Avatar photo Chuck

      The “Cleveland” 351 was an option starting in 1970. It came in 3 versions: a 2V, a 4V, and a “Boss” version. In 1969, this would be a “Windsor” engine. It was available in both 2V & 4V versions.

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  4. Avatar photo Dave

    PB Blaster in every cylinder. 30 weight non detergent motor oil with Marvel Mystery Oil added. Turn the engine over with a breaker bar and socket. Replace the gas with fresh gas that doesn’t have methanol in it. Flush out the coolant and replace it. Check the point gap. Once the engine fires let it idle in neutral to circulate the transmission fluid and check for leaks. You’ll be draining the fluid next.

    Rare to see one of these in PA. They are nice metal mice feeders.

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    • Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

      Spot on Dave but leave the PB soak as long as you can at least a week and with the plugs out use compressed air to force the PB around in the cylinders, This worked well with my 1971 Javelin that sat outdoors for 28 years.

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  5. Avatar photo whmracer99

    Sure looks like someone linseed oiled the exterior. Still decent price for that car if all the statements in the ad are true.

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  6. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    Had a 69 GT Fastback back in the day. OK driving but a bear to parallel park. Wonder on this one the rust-throughs on the body if it’s been parked that long? By the door and wheel wells, holes in the body. If that’s there, I suspect there’s much more hidden, which is surprising if it was sheltered all those years. Assume if the front fenders were changed but not due to an accident, assume it was due to rust. I’d give it a good once-over for rust, if it’s decent then might be worth the $$ though a little high IMO.

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  7. Avatar photo Gary

    That’s a steel of a deal.

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  8. Avatar photo Troy s

    Nice old Ford, why it has sat since the Carter administration is anyone’s guess. Not extremely hard on fuel with that 351 nor hard or expensive to maintain, especially compared to the thumper 428 CJ.
    May not be all as rare as one might think, I can’t really agree with that opinion. Maybe brand new there were a lot of these around but they were quite a rare site, for me anyways, by the early eighties maybe even in the later seventies.
    Look like a screaming deal.

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  9. Avatar photo Jim King

    One of the most beautiful cars ever! I have drooled over these since I was barely a teenager! I used to ride my bike a few blocks to admire one on a nearly daily basis!

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  10. Avatar photo Bud

    M code for the engine indicates a 351 Windsor 4V motor. I agree that tinworms should be the biggest concern.

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    • Avatar photo Del

      Non runner for 10 grand.

      With possible accident needing new front end ?

      And questionable mileage


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      • Avatar photo PatrickM

        Yeah. $5k tops!

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  11. Avatar photo Ray Devito

    My guess is this car as more than 28000 miles . Lets say 128000 miles .

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  12. Avatar photo SC/RAMBLER

    My worry would be a front end collision. Why would front fenders rust any faster than the rest. I say check frame very carefully. Just my 2 cents.

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  13. Avatar photo Dave

    I live in Pennsylvania. In 1967 my dad bought a new F100. Ford replaced the front fenders under warranty when the truck failed state inspection one year later. In the early 1970s it was common among Mopar fans to have a payment book but no car thanks to tinworms.

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  14. Avatar photo Steven Wilson

    If the car has only 38000 why is it so oily? I think it’s more like 138,000. The upper wheel wells were always a dirt catcher, either way a little too much but it’s a decent example. Great looking car, great color.

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  15. Avatar photo Woody

    The condition of the interior looks like low mileage,its still a great deal and you would be foolish not to check it over completely for any repairs made! The only thing missing is a 428 big block to power this nice Sportsroof!

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  16. Avatar photo Stephen S.

    Memory may fail me, but, weren’t these center badged on the grill?

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    • Avatar photo Floyd

      No lower drivers side of the grill

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  17. Avatar photo Paul Shifflett

    Allways love the style on the torinos has that look wish I could buy it

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