Stored for 30 Years! 1985 Pontiac Fiero 2M4

$1,900 won’t buy you much of anything of value these days, but it will get you into the driver’s seat of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 that’s been stored for 30 years with just over 40,000 original miles. The seller reports that the Fiero may be the best in Michigan given its superb cosmetics, and while it will need some of the usual refurbishment that goes along with a long-stored vehicle, it looks like an excellent starting point for one of the more affordable 80s classics out there. The Fiero is listed here on craigslist and is equipped with an automatic transmission and the standard four-cylinder engine.

Now, the automatic is absolutely a buzzkill. I’m not going to deny that at all, but when it comes to snapping up survivor versions of iconic cars, it’s really hard to go wrong as it relates to the equipment options impacting the bottom line. A manual transmission-equipped base model Fiero isn’t appreciably more fun than the automatic, in my opinion, and there’s a good chance the slushbox has been driven more gingerly than an economy car with three pedals would be. This Fiero seems like the kind of vehicle an early-stage retiree would buy, when they still wanted a sports car (kind of) in the garage but didn’t want something as intense (kind of) as a five-speed Mustang GT.

The interior is a definite highlight here, as the biscuit-colored cloth buckets and door panels are in excellent condition. The steering wheel and dash show next to no signs of wear and tear, as a car left outside for years would reveal plenty of age-related damage in both areas. With no cracked dash and no evidence of grubby hands sweating all over the steering wheel – and hell, look at the armrest for that matter, with nary a sign in sight of a greasy elbow resting on it for decades – it’s safe to say the seller may not be over-selling the “best in Michigan” credentials. There’s no mention as to whether it’s equipped with A/C or if it works.

Mileage is indeed low, and while odometers can always be wonky, I don’t see any confusion here given the clean cosmetics. The seller reports that the Fiero will need the full assortment of tune-up tasks completed, including the fuel tank being dropped for cleaning and/or replaced, and the carburetor rebuilt and all fluids changed. While it doesn’t run at present, the Fiero does turn over with ease, according to the seller. A new battery and some “extra parts” are included with the sale, and the seller will even assist with towing short distances. There’s a lot of value here for a Fiero fan, and it certainly looks like a car worth saving.

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  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Schnazzy color combo. Someone will appreciate this one.

  2. Ronald Pringle Member

    Had a silver-ish, paint was shot, needed brakes and tires, bought it in 97 and fixed everything else but left the gray chalk that covered the body and drove it 85 miles round trip six days a week for almost 3 years and sold it for 500$ less than I paid for it. Not really a sports car, more of a commuter, touring, grocery getter. Not much went wrong replaced the distributor once, Not a jellybean, an attempt by the manufacturer to put something out to see the people will buy. PT cruiser, Prowler and such. FUN, I liked it.

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    Posting deleted.It was in Detroit,Michigan.

  4. Dave

    Keeping with its tradition of straying off the beaten path, Pontiac Motor Division came up with a unique vehicle for its time. No other GM division had ever tried a similar car. Unlike the GTO, it wasn’t close to violating GM’s “not faster than the Corvette” edict. While I’d love to have one, having sat in one showed me that I’m just too tall for it. Some people have called it “Pontiac’s Pinto”, but that’s an unfair comparison for a car that spawned Toyota’s MR2, just as Buick’s Reatta spawned Mazda’s Miatta.

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  5. Curt Lemay

    Love these cars, but at my age getting in and out of it are about over. Heck, probably buying any car at this point is not going to happen, no need to leave our kids with a lot to clean up, if you know what I mean. These cars looked better with the optional wheels, otherwise a wonderful looking car. I read that Carol Shelby loved the concept and thought that if Pontiac had played its cards right, they would have had a world beater. I doubt any car he would have had his name on would have had the Iron Duke engine, but I have driven more than one of those and found them a good little unit, but the auto, does distract from the joy here. Not sure how much misery would be involved changing it over, probably a lot.

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  6. grant

    Cool little cruiser for not much dough. If it had been in Oregon I’d have been sorely tempted to pick this up.

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  7. Jcs

    She’s gone. Someone is going to drop a Supercharged 3800 in her and have a very sweet little hot rod. Congrats, whoever you are.

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  8. Jason

    I was eight years old when these things first went on sale and I lusted after them badly. Even built the plastic model of one. This is an outstanding example, though I’d probably go for one near the end of production.

  9. carmicheals

    How do you think the 300 HP GM 3.6 LFX V6 and six-speed automatic out of a wrecked 2012 Impala would work in one of these? Asking for a friend!

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  10. JCA

    A decent start to a project or a good source of parts but I wouldn’t restore it. I’m not a fan of that noisy underpowered Iron Duke sitting inches behind my head. And the slush box makes it worse. I’d do 3.5/6 speed swap from a G6 if I could. Plenty of power to make a nice ride out of it

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  11. Bozo

    Perfect way to spend a stimulus check(s).

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I see one sporting antique plates almost daily on my back roads drive home. Nice to see a car like this still being enjoyed on a daily basis, catches my eye every time.

  13. Rod Plapp

    Did the comparison between Pontiac Fiero,RX-7 Mazda and new Toyota MR2 in 1985 while selling Toyota’s. A world apart in quality and execution of materials and handling. Would love to have my MR2 back.

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  14. Howard A Member

    In the late 90’s, when my daughter was looking for a car, we looked at a car just like this. I happen to like Fieros, and the guy wanted $750 bucks. It had a howl in a rear axle bearing, but not too bad, I just about to say we’ll take it, when I noticed the coolant tank looked a bit dark, it was full of oil, and we left. Instead, I got her a 2 door Dodge Shadow, and was a great little car for her.

  15. chrlsful

    I remember their fires (1 in every 600 vehicles or something). I thought the design (& company doing it) were good for u.s. of a. They say to get the last yr as those were the most improved (suspension/brakes). Is the 3.8 bent6 in there, I (even as i6 & ford lover) liked them? Wish they moved onto turbo & DOHC. B a nice lill bomber…hate the ferrari look-a-like panels.

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