Stored Over 40 Years: 1967 Ford Country Squire


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As far as we can tell from the pictures, this 1967 Country Squire station wagon is still in the same spot it’s been in for 40 years! It’s located in Hillsboro, Iowa and is advertised here on craigslist for $3,550. It doesn’t even look like the dust and dirt have been cleaned off. The wagon is a 9-passenger version with the third row, and the seller claims it was only on the road for five years. It’s showing less than 22,000 miles on the odometer, but I’m not too sure about that figure.


According to the ad, the wagon doesn’t have any rust, but I can at least see what I think is surface rust at the bottom of this fender. As Barn Finds readers know, “rust” means different things to different people. Do you think this is discoloration or rust? Either way, I really like the script on the side and the Dynoc fake wood!


Look at all the room accessible through the tailgate! According to the ad, this is the original paint, which I could believe if the low mileage and short time on the road is true. I wonder where the “D” on the back gate went?


Whoops! I knew this was too good to be true. It’s obvious that the original 390 cubic inch V-8 had some issues, and that’s probably what took the car off the road. While all the parts are said to be included, there’s also a low-mileage 390 V-8 that is available along with the car. Although I like originality, if it wasn’t that expensive to include the other engine, I’d pick it up and install it. Cooling, fuel system, and brakes would be the other obvious systems to fix before putting it back on the road. I wish I were in the market–I think this one could be special, especially if it really is rust-free!

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  1. SoCal Car Guy

    Drop the “3” from the price and it’s a reasonable deal. It’s used up rusty and mangy junk with some modest potential.

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  2. Ed Jenkins

    Good place for a hot rodded 390 or 427. I’d check the frame and floor for rot. Do the old “ring” test. Using fist or hammer tap the frame if it rings its good if not its rotted inside. These boxed frames rust from the inside out sometimes a frame that looks good on the outside is junk inside.

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  3. randy

    It’s few years of use must have been a doozy, maybe a kid drove it to high school.

    Good luck with the price.

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  4. OldCarGuy

    More like 122,000.

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  5. Mike D

    I think you hilited this before, or I have seen it before.. wish I had the $$$ , I took note of the ” available” 390, no telling how many miles are on that. that is most likely rust on the left side of the car, as long as it isn’t on the right, with the spare tire… The 390 can be tweaked, and most likely it has heavy duty suspension , and I have to say.. you’d have the only one at a Ford Car show.. compared to todays cars, this one will be simple to work on . It’ll be a handsome car once the work is done

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  6. jaygryph

    That car would clean up well. Amazing how similar it is to my 69, sitting in the barn, up on blocks, covered in dust, full of parts, with the engine missing heads after somebody stole them from the place they were being rebuilt 10 years ago. Here’s how it currently sits (Well, it’s blocked under the frame and the barn is much cleaner now, but pretty close. Still filthy. )

    The car might have rust, probably in the battery tray, but that stuff on the fenders looks like surface rust from moisture getting through tiny paint blemishes from rock chips and such. My car has the same thing but is otherwise super solid.

    These are great cars and super smooth to drive. Good cruisers for the whole family and something more interesting than a far more common two door.

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    I wasn’t sure about the mileage – but the twin streak whitewalls and the interior appear to support it – 40 plus years! jesus – what are people thinking? – or do they just have space?

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  8. Horse Radish

    Why wouldn’t I get so lucky and sell “project” just like this for near asking price ?
    This looks like a 122k mile car.
    Notice the molding (Fake wood) of the rear right 1/4 panel, but no photo of that corner!

    Needs motor and tons of other work.
    $1000 tops for somebody who REALLY wants it

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    • Horse Radish

      why would you have this IN the car and not on the car ?

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      • Mark B. Morrow

        Maybe a replacement piece?

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  9. Mark B. Morrow

    The tailgate on a Country Squire would also have the wood panel and fiberglass trim, so that’s probably not the original tailgate.The surface rust on the bottom of the quarter isn’t too bad. I’d be more concerned about the floor and frame. Sadly ’67-74 Fords were notorious for rust.

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  10. Rich

    The price is down to $3250

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  11. Jay

    It brings back memories.

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  12. rick

    I grew up in the back of one of those. It eventually rusted out so bad one day the vertically mounted spare tire broke through the bottom and bounced back up, totaling the car.

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  13. erikj

    i bought a 1970 last year for $300 and drove it home. Near perfect body and all orig. with patenia. Int. was darn near perfect. and it had a 429. it cleaned nice and took it to a dealer the works with classis’s. He cave me a $3500. man i was surprised. in a week it just had some wheeles,titted windows and lowered in the front. gone a few weeks later $8500

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