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Stored Since 1967: 1960 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon


Having lived a life in long term storage this 1960 Chevy Brookwood wagon is a very nice survivor. Original throughout and store for 49 years with care, this Chevrolet is ready to hit the roads after a few system checks. Bidding has reached $6,665.65 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on eBay out of Bangor, Pennsylvania.


The original 283 has been nicely detailed and cleaned, but we would have opted to clean some other things in the engine bay as well. The firewall could use a good wipe down from dirt and grime. The brake booster is a little sore on the eyes, but doing some further detail work on this Chevy wouldn’t be an issue. The wiper cowl has some paint chipping but overall the engine and bay look nice. We would have hoped to see air conditioning on this one, but it’s pretty basic with manual steering and power brakes. Power is put down through a manual transmission on this Brookwood.


The interior is quite nice needing only a little help to be excellent. The dash is phenomenal, and the steering wheel appears crack free, only looking to suffer from some chipping possibly from a wedding ring?


The front seat is the major downfall of the interior. But the rest of the interior in this Brookwood is very nice. The back seat is mint and the storage area is very nice as well. We would love to see the front seat recovered in original upholstery to maintain the originality of this one. The carpet still looks to be springy and not matted, but there looks to be some staining present on the driver side. The body on this Brookwood looks solid and true. All of the lower exterior sheet metal looks straight and rust free. The only item that raises concern is the tailgate. The tailgate was repaired at some point and the pictures of it do not look inspiring. The finish appears to be pimply, and not smooth. We are unsure if this is a paint issue, body work issue, or rust issue. But if the tailgate is all there is to complain about, then this is a pretty nice survivor.


Solid overall with great looks, this wagon is still hard to say no to. We wish it had air conditioning and power steering, but we suppose those options can be over looked considering the condition of this Chevrolet. What would you do with this Chevrolet Brookwood?


  1. Dolphin Member

    I always thought these Chevy wagons were a bit of an odd design where the rear of the cargo space sits above what would be the ‘trunk’ area, but I understand that it was an efficient way to turn a 4-door sedan into a wagon.

    All that aside, the wagons from this era just seem to look more and more appealing to me with each passing year.

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  2. Franklin Amiano

    I believe I see three pedals. Was this a Fire Chiefs car?

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    • Jim Riley

      Years ago red cars where hard to sell maybe it was a fire chiefs car . Still think that to this day when I see a red car. Would buy it now if I could like it

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    • Jimmie McBride

      The pedal on the far left is the park brake,then the clutch,brake,and gas pedal.

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  3. LD

    Stored for how long? Went to sleep yesterday in 2016, woke up in 2034? 😉
    Nice car LD71 😄

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  4. Joe Defelice

    If it’s a ’60, how could it have been stored 67 years? Did I Rip Van Winkle this evening? Is it 2027 and no one told me? lol

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  5. Mark

    Franklin, I believe that 3rd pedal you are seeing is the emergency brake pedal.

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    • Dovi65

      My thought as well, as the two pedals are spaced too far apart for clutch/brake set up

      My concerns ….
      Why would it be put away after only 7 years?
      That front seat looks a bit hammered for only 7 years use.
      Still a real stunner

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Hi Brian,

    I believe the word is “dashboard”, not “dash board”. I also think the word is “overlooked”. And, the phrase “store for 67 years with care….” makes no sense. I assume you meant to write “stored since 1967 with care” , or, ” stored for 49 years with care”.

    I say all of this because you all are automotive journalists, and should proofread what you write. I know this makes me look like a dick, but proofreading is an important part of writing, especially if you are making a living at it. Or even if you aren’t

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    • Francisco

      I agree with you Rex. I’ve been a Barn Finds reader for a few years now. I stopped making editorial comments about grammar, spelling, and syntax by both the authors and the responders a while ago. I was criticized for it, and I began to see it as a lost cause. Now I grin and bear it and try to enjoy Barn Finds, even with its imperfections. The site is really about the cars and the people who love them. It would be nice, though, if someone was in charge of proofreading the material before it got posted to the World Wide Web. We wouldn’t have to cringe so much.

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    • David Frank David Frank Member

      Your message is quite clear but if we are going to be so picky about about grammar then lets note there’s no need for a comma when you said ““dashboard”, not “dash board” and again when you said “journalists, and should”. That last sentence is not a complete sentence, should not start with a preposition and should end with a period. It’s descriptive grammarian vs. prescriptive grammarian. It’s all great fun!

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      • Francisco

        “Or” is not a preposition; it’s a conjunction. Are we having fun yet?

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      • Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

        The commas are just fine, and the missing period at the end proves my point about proofreading! Alas, nobody is paying me to write on this website.

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  7. S Ryan

    Look at the eBay listing.
    Lots of cars resting in peace. AND A COFFIN!!
    What the hell?

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    • doug6423

      He’s planning head.

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  8. Richard McAllister

    The ad states it’s a 3 speed column shift manual transmission car.

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  9. angliagt

    I was thinking “Fire Chief’s Car” also.
    You’d have to see the front end of the top,
    to see if there were holes from the Red light
    Also,there would probably be holes
    for the radio & spotlight.

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  10. Francisco

    The seller states that the car has original paint. Has anyone else noticed the red overspray in the eighth picture?

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    • waynard

      Absolutely. In more than just that one place, as well. Yet another car claimed to be “original” when it’s not, despite the owners description of 100% original paint.

      Paint overspray, paint mis-matched in color, paint that’s too shiny for factory, paint over rust, paint over damage. Hard to believe this is already at 11K. I’d be VERY wary of this car.

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  11. Woodie Man

    Hmmm………lucky seller lots of cars! The hinge area of the tailgate looks rusted . Maybe its the photographs.

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  12. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    Eight years on the road in Pa and 116 K miles, you bet it’s rusted.

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  13. Scott

    If someone was going to store a car for approximately 50 years, why would it be this one? SMH.

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  14. Pfk1106

    Interesting group of cars in the storage facility. And a coffin?

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  15. Wayne

    Agree with “Woodie man”. It has rust in the tailgate, yet the ad says it was redone.

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  16. Howard A Member

    Pretty cool find. These were the most utilitarian vehicles on the planet at the time, handed down to family member after family member, each trashing it in their own way, and few survived ( except the motor lived on in a Nova, or something) I agree with Dolphin, these always looked odd, just a long roof on a 4 door. Still, most of us “Saw the U.S.A.” in one of these, looking out the back window, sucking those exhaust fumes. They were great cars and we used them up. This one has been used ( and detailed) but a great example of a people mover from 1960. IDK about the fire chief’s car. Come to think of it, you didn’t see a lot of red cars like this. Could very well have been why it still looks like this.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. Driving with the rear window open, sucking exhaust fumes while making faces (and other gestures) at the family cruiser behind us in Yellowstone Park. Maybe that’s why so many of us are demented today–too many miles breathing in that fresh CO…

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      • Howard A Member

        That was you???

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      • Loco Mikado

        Also with no seatbelts. Today, parents would be locked up for a lot of normal stuff that happened in the 50’s & 60’s.

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    • Ross892

      Your wrong again Howard , they don’t look odd they look great your odd

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  17. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    I’m sure glad we got back to talking about the car, I thought for awhile there I was back in high school English class! Yuck!

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  18. ben

    ben here in fl looks like they painted over the rust if u look close must have ben a heavy fireman for that seat to be wore down to the springs look at the cowl dent painted over again and 69 chev hup caps

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    • Francisco

      Yikes!! ’nuff said.

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  19. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This is what I’m talking about.

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  20. G 1

    Why would anybody store a car like this ? This was a $200 car when they put it away and not very popular.

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  21. Smitty

    Well if it was only used for 7 years, it has really had the miles, because the brake pedal rubber is worn out, the driver seat is a mess, it was really rode hard for 7 years.

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  22. Prowler

    Take a harder look…there is a 3rd pedal and it’s not the emergency brake
    This one is 3 on the tree

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  23. stillrunners

    with Woodie also….and that engine….just looks wrong…..

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  24. John P

    Someone “restored” this car probably in the past 10 years.. The ad is a sham utilizing all the fun catch phrases everyone likes today.. Engine sports a rattle can rebuild… There’s your sign of the quality you’ll be getting in this great body style–

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  25. John P

    The seller wants to maintain his perfect feedback score–but isn’t very honest. The re-spray on the car is too obvious as the rust on the rockers was painted over, the forward edge of the passenger quarter has been poorly repaired along with the inner wheel well and the overspray is seen on the rear curved glass in pic 20.. Tailgate is scary and I’m believing the winning bidder will have many unfortunate surprises when it comes to the exterior body work..

    Oh–and this car is like a Biscayne–it’s got a rubber floormat throughout–no “springy” carpet as detailed above.. Was the author drunk during this write up? ;)

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  26. Mark

    $11,000 and the reserve isn’t even met yet? He certainly has awful high expectations for this vehicle.

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  27. Ck

    So I had this whole rant geared towards Rex and Francisco that I just deleted about grammar and junk .But I decided against that .I WILL SAY THIS THOUGH ,WHAT A COUPLE OF ….NOPE CAN’T SAY THAT EITHER.

    Ok now how about this wagon? Price is a little high but,this thing is way kool . I would update the brakes, fix the interior, and throw a nice dual exhaust system on it . Do what needs to be done for body work,add a roof rack and a few surf boards and head to the beach…. Where I would have to take surfing lessons.

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  28. Alan (Michigan)

    Grew up in one of these, at least until the ’64 Impala sedan replaced it.

    Still a classic color, some bright copper shade. Rear facing third row seating, made for some sick kids riding in the back on more than one occasion. The electric rear window was amazing to us all. I think that car had a 6, and the Impala had a 283.

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  29. James

    I own a 59 Brookwood 2 door. It needs everything, no engine, transmission, no floorboards (although the rest of body looks ok). All the glass is good except the windshield and passenger wing. I want to sell it, but I don’t know what to price it at.

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