Stored Since ’80: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

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This 1970 Charger R/T 440 is referred to as a true survivor, and it has been stored on jack-stands since 1980. It has now come out of hiding, and the owner has decided to move it on. The photos are a bit limiting, but it does look like a nice car. It is located in Brooklyn, New York, and listed for sale here on eBay.

These first two photos are the only ones that we get of the car’s exterior, and it is hard to tell too much from them. I’ve magnified them as best I can, and I don’t see any obvious signs of rust. What I do see is a paint job that has a great shine to it, as you can see it reflecting all sorts of things from its surrounds. The owner does say that the car is in immaculate condition and that it is wearing its original paint. He also says that the original wire-wheel hubcaps are included with the car.

The owner also claims that the car has only covered 30,000 original miles, but he doesn’t indicate whether he has any documentation to verify this. Having said that, if the car has been sitting for the period that he indicates, then the mileage claim is quite feasible. The interior of the Charger further reinforces this claim, as it is about as clean as you are likely to find. It’s hard to fault, and the rear seat looks just as good as things do in the front. There are no signs of cracks or rips, and the carpet looks new. There is something wrapped around the steering column, but I can’t for the life of me work out what it is. I do like the pink bow on the dash.

A 440 V8 and an automatic transmission get this Charger up and moving. This is an area where things get a little bit murky. The owner lists numbers-matching parts, including the carburetor, intake manifold, valve covers, and snorkel air cleaner. All of these components have been replaced with aftermarket parts, as you can see in the photo, so he is assuring us that the original parts will come with the car. What he doesn’t mention is the actual engine and transmission, but given the state of the car, it is probably a reasonable assumption to believe that these are original. The exhaust headers also aren’t standard, but all of these components would be easy to change back if you wanted to protect the car’s originality. The owner also states that the car has been professionally and properly maintained throughout its extended hibernation.

If this car is as good as the photos and description tend to indicate, then this is a very desirable car that is in exceptional and original condition. If this is the case, then a starting point for a car in this condition would be a price of around $50,000, and if it is a numbers-matching car, then $70,000 is not out of the question, especially if the mileage can be confirmed. The owner has set a BIN price of $54,000, with the option to make an offer. If the car is all that it purports to be, then it would be a good investment at that price.

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  1. Rocco B.

    To the left of the steering column appears to be an aftermarket tachometer. What you are seeing on the steering column is the clamp securing it.

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    Maybe he could’ve done better with clean up…putting the factory wheels on…and the photos…considering the asking price?
    BTW…Nice interior.(I think)

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    • Mark

      Those are typically original wheels. They are just missing hubcaps.

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  3. Keith

    Old Mopar Alert!!!! All you Mopar freaks break out your wallets because money doesn’t matter when it comes to over priced old Mopars! and rusty Porsches, and clapped out VW vans…….Just saying?

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    • Dave

      Thankfully I’m somewhat immune to that, having owned a 66 Sport Fury, a 69 Charger R/T, two 71 Fury police cars, a 68 Satellite, and a 64 New Yorker.

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  4. Randy

    Sad that when I see these great survivor chargers for sale they are always in the least desirable color they offered in 1970, bowel movement brown. Still looking to buy a nice 70 Charger RT/SE if anyone has a nice original one out there.

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    • local_sheriff

      There’s areason for that – those trick colored examples were bought by those with a heavy right foot decades ago and driven accordingly. Those guys buying a car in earth-colors tend to be rather…beige people.However, beige people are also much more careful and cautious owners.

      On the other hand, I’d like to see that beige guy ordering this 440 R/T new…

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  5. 8banger Dave MikaMember

    Yep, we had a ’68 Charger R/T that was in pretty rough shape and still managed to get nearly 10k – and that was about 10 years ago…

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  6. J PaulMember

    Brown with wire wheel covers—this must be the most understated Charger R/T in existence. For the mid-tier executive who wanted to burn rubber yet stay somewhat anonymous in the company parking lot.

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  7. TAGS

    That thing got a….fender tag?

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  8. 433jeff

    Im with Randy, ive seen a lot of chargers, rt/se blah blah blah,but this color exterior sucks, ( there i said it) it might be 440, but im still stuck on how ugly it is. Just my 2 cents, i had a red/red 70 chevelle for about 6 months and everytimevi got in the car it was an asault on my senses every time i got in it.

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  9. Rick

    For that money I want to see all the angles of the car, undercarriage photos and the fender tag as Tags mentioned. With the aftermarket stuff on the engine, what else was messed with?

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  10. steve

    A 70 Charger can never be ugly, no matter what color it is !

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  11. JayB

    I had this same color in a 70 Charger 500 with 383 the pictures don’t do the color justice. It’s a metallic bronze color in the sunlight with the white vinyl it looks awesome, sure it’s not plum crazy or go mango but IMHO it looks great I wish I still had mine and the interior looks awesome too.

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  12. James Lonergan

    BTW, that steering wheel wrap is a cover you would stretch around the wheel then lace an attache’d lace around the wheel. I had one in every car. Very cool!

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  13. Stinger

    Here we go with the “true Survivor” thing again. 30,000 original miles and while stating the numbers matching parts, fails to mention engine or transmission in that list.

    Regarding “Mopar Freak” alert, I think we have recently shown that “Chev Freaks” are not much better… remember the scrap Camaro that was not more than tags ?

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    • Albert Insogno

      The transmission is numbers matching and I have a picture of the actual low mileage.

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  14. Woody

    Same ‘ol Keith,im a Mopar freak and a Ford freak! A car is original only once and this Big Block Dodge Charger with beautiful interior and sheet metal (change the color if you want) is the thrill of the hunt!$$$ #Rapid Transit

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  15. Garry J Hoots

    I really like my Charger 500

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    • KevinLee

      Well Gary, I really like your Charger 500 too! Beautiful beast!

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    • carter nation

      all you need to do is paint it orange then call it the genral

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      • Stinger

        Wrong year for the General. but I get what you’re saying. They did use 70’s in the 2005 movie version, but they were converted to 69’s.

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    • Moparman MoparmanMember

      @Garry: I really like MY charger 500, too! :-)

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  16. Troy s

    440 looks real strong, perfect for a sleeper like this with that conservative paint job and wire wheels. Funny that I think of one of these RT’s as a sleeper, but it looks like a base engine pokey at a glance. If it runs stronger with the after market parts, leave em on.

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