Storied Vintage Racer! 1929 Ford Roadster

Vintage racing cars stimulate sensations and conversations that today’s 500+ HP techno-beasts can never approach. For every advance that adds comfort and safety to the driving experience, more visceral qualities of fast driving fade into history. This 1929 Ford roadster in Three Bridges, New Jersey brings the new owner instant credibility in the vintage racing scene, having factored into Leon Sells’ place in the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame, and more recently gracing the cover of OL’ Skool Rodz magazine’s May 2019 edition. Bidding here on eBay has topped $8500 without meeting the seller’s reserve. Thanks to reader Ikey H. for spotting this unique slice of racing history.

Tires play a role in your overall gearing package, and tall tires resist wheelspin. Traction Control used to come from lifting your right foot. Skill was required, and not everyone was equally good at it. Consequently, the faster car didn’t always win, and going fast drew praise for car *and* driver, not simply the faster car. Who can identify those bullet tail lights in the comments below?

Race cars evolve continually. This Ford’s high-speed heritage began in 1952 and this tricked-out ’53 flathead pays tribute to that era. Rebuilt parts including brakes keep this roadster in good working order and it “runs great” according to the seller.

The industrial-looking dashboard provides the driver with a no-nonsense array of data and controls. What looks like a ’40 Ford steering wheel controls direction.

The ’29 Ford rear suspension calls to mind the truck-arm suspension of modern day NASCAR. It’s hard to put a price on a machine like this, but I’d suggest something more than $9000. Don’t buy a car like this for a lawn ornament, and definitely pass if you consider “Blind Spot Detection” a must-have feature. Cars like this were exciting *because* they could kill you, in 100 different ways, something that’s even more true in today’s world where cars automatically brake, steer, and limit power to curtail what would have been fatal mistakes when this car circled the dirt in anger. What would you pay to take a spin in this old school roadster?


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  1. slickb

    Yeah well real racing requires two things that people now a days cant decide if they have them or not… just saying

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  2. IkeyHeyman

    I’d love to have this for the Hot Rod Hill Climb next fall in Central City, CO near where I Iive – might need a few pointers to get that engine tuned right for 8500’ elevation though.

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  3. Will Fox

    I’ll go out on a limb and “guesstimate” the taillights are possibly from a `47-`48 Pontiac? I’m thinking they’re from something pre-`50 anyway.

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    • Will Fox

      I thought the dash bezel looked familiar; `54 Ford lower dash section!

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  4. Joe Haska

    My educated guess is 50 Pontiac Tailight housing’s, but the pointy lense’s are from something else. Steering wheel is a 40 Ford Standard. Don’t get all the distance from engine to the radiator, makes it look way too long. Not $8500 from me, to race at a, Walter Mity Hill Cimb.

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  5. Steve R

    Is it my imagination that the fuel tank is held in place by bungee cords?

    Steve R

    • Rosco

      Yes. Pretty sure the straps attached to each side of the tank is what’s holding it in place.

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      • Steve R

        Nice to see safety is a priority.

        Steve R

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      • Dave

        It’s got a fire extinguisher, what are you complaining about? But really, since it has an alternator the timeframe of the build is in question. This car reminded me of the Roadster in the opening scenes of “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls” more than anything else. No lights, no fenders, you’re not going to drive this on the streets in a lot of states. But if you updated it, it would be a nice cruise car.

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      • BR

        Look closely. There are steel straps holding the tank down.

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      • smokem

        “and Milner the front end of this,this thing you are driving looks a little low”.

        On no sir no, no it’s 12 and a half inches, regulation size it’s been checked several times, you can check it if you want to.

        Look Milner you can’t fool with the law.

        As far as a build date, I venture to say it was built in true hot rod fashion, improved and parts added as acquired at a later date, where were you in ’62?

  6. Somer

    I thought they were Pontiac tail lites but they are too peaked. I’m speculating 58 Chevrolet.

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    • Will Fox

      `58 Chevy units weren’t that peaked either. Perhaps a Del Ray or Biscayne, but not an Impala.

  7. jerry z

    Cool car to own but my fat ass would not fit! Taillights could be a ’50 Pontiac with custom lenses.

  8. bigd9870

    57 Desoto Fireflite tail lights

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  9. Howard A Member

    The event TROG, The Race Of Gentleman, is an event held in NJ. on the beach and caters to these kinds of hot rods. Apparently, they have a lot of fun.

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  10. Terry J

    I know that “Form follows Function” but the fan looks out of place. ??? Terry J

  11. Karl

    It’s a very cool nostalgic race car just like it is could obviously use some cleanup and THAT is where I would get into trouble! My little cleanup would end up with way to much HP very little safety equipment added and I would be in trouble! Most times I am not smart enough to leave well enough alone.

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  12. RussJ1

    Modified 59 Caddy tail lights

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  13. Michael D. Rogers

    It’s questionable to label it a 29 in that the body may be that but the suspension is 38+/- the engine a 50’s, the dash also. All this means it was built at or after the 50’s Still is a nice package!

  14. pwtiger

    The tail light bezels might be a 55 Eldorado, not sure about the lens’

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  15. Chuck C.

    1960 Impala brake lights is my guess…….

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  16. BR

    The only thing I would do to it is add seat belts (assuming there are none).
    And then drive it like you stole it.

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  17. Kenn

    Tail lights look like J.C. Whitney items.

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  18. TimM

    Classic vintage hot rod!!! How can you not like this!!!

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  19. Jim King

    Geezee Weezee, some of you guys are a little uninformed!…the engine placement is what we involved in racing call,” setback” and is done to increase rear wheel weight and ergo traction. As for the suspension FORD used nearly identical suspension components from 1928 until the end of 1948 …value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it and I believe this car will sell for over well over $10000 as for the tail lights I believe they may be 1950 chevy….all of you brother ( and sister!) Motörheads have a great day!

  20. Willy

    Tail lights have the look of ’50 Pontiac with ’59 Caddy lenses but not quite. Bezels look deeper and pointy lenses a little off.

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