Straight Six Barn Find: 1977 Chevrolet Nova

Dang – bidding ends soon for this barn find 1977 Chevrolet Nova, and no one has stepped up to take a chance on it. This isn’t the most desirable car, featuring an inline-six engine and automatic transmission, with an opening bid of $1,500. Not one bidder has taken a chance on that entry point, despite the seller pointing out that the Nova runs and and drives and has minimal rust. The seller bought the car to restore with his father, but expenses began to rise due to a pending baby arrival, and thus the Nova is now for sale. Find it here on eBay in Fort Meyers, Florida, with a clean title in hand.

The seller claims the Nova has minimal rust, which I wasn’t expecting by looking at it. The black vinyl bucket seats are in decent shape, but they look like they’ve been exposed to moisture – however, there’s just one armchair quarterback’s opinion. They’ve definitely been exposed to dirt and water at some point. Regardless, it’s always nice to see black buckets in any vintage American car, especially a low-spec Nova like this. The back seat matches, so it seems possible it left the factory with this arrangement. One would assume since it runs and drives that the automatic transmission doesn’t have any issues, but the seller doesn’t clarify one way or another.

The sunburnt paint could be left alone, if you’re into the patina look. The bodywork otherwise looks decent, with no major dings or dents or other damage. The glass looks sound as well. Overall, you have a decently clean Nova to start with, if you can live with the six cylinder engine for a little while – but I’m guessing most owners will want to yank that engine is quickly as possible. But is there much of a market for a bare-bones Nova that you’ll need to gut before it’s worth anything? I don’t think so, but I’ve not been monitoring sale prices for Novas of this generation as of late. The seller notes all of the lights work on the car.

The listing promises that the only non-original component is an electric fuel pump, which is a sensible upgrade. The engine bay is humble, to say the least, but at least it appears clean with no obvious modifications – aside from either a lot of wild-looking tree branches or a rat’s net of electrical work sitting atop the left side of the firewall. A minor quibble, but definitely reinforces that you’re buying a project. The Nova is nothing new by enthusiast car standards, but a clean one is a great foundation for a rat rod or restomod build – and if only one or two bids come in for this Nova, the next owner will walk away with it for peanuts.


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  1. Tommerp

    I’d hate to see what the seller describes as “some rust” if this is minimal!

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  2. Mark

    Sunburnt paint, minimal rust?
    The body looks like it has a 40 grit finish.

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  3. Jack M.

    Interior looks like it came out of a swamp. Air conditioning just needs a recharge I bet.

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  4. Psychofish2

    Those buckets aren’t original.

    They don’t fit right and a check on Old Car Brochures for the 75-78 Nova shows no buckets designed or upholstered like that.

    Perhaps they came from a Monza but a base line 77 Nova ?

    Not even an earlier era Nova bucket:

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  5. Duaney

    Was the barn under water?

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  6. John C.

    Gee, let’s not clean it up first, let’s throw it on e-bay just the way we bought it. floor pan looks rusted thru to me but that’s called minimal rust nowadays. But I’m sure someone will buy it, it’s a NOVA!

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  7. Abi

    Too much body rot, rubber rot, the interior is a mess. The only reason you’d restore this car is for sentimental reasons as it will surely cost more to restore than what it would be worth afterwards.
    Strip the usable parts and send the rest of it to it’s maker.

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  8. Vin_in_NJ

    If the only non-original component is an electric fuel pump, why is it rolling on Oldsmobile rims?

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  9. CCFisher

    The bucket seats are not original to the car. The pleats in 1977 Nova bucket seats were vertical.

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  10. JWK

    I had 75 hatchback 350 4 speed same color white interior buckets

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  11. Autoworker

    Some rot in the floors, but the body looks fairly straight. $1500.00 is a decent price.

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  12. John C.

    Somebody got a bargain! sold for $1525.00

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  13. matt

    Was this car underwater?

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  14. John K

    Makes me sentimental since I learned to drive a stickshift in a ’76 straight six three speed. Otherwise probably not a lot of monetary value.

  15. Howard A Member

    Apparently, the title is cleaner than the car. It’s funny, all you see today are wheel standing Novas, but the truth is, I bet a huge number of Novas were just like this. They were originally touted as an “economy car”, and it didn’t get more “economy” than this. Same old thing, you gonna stick a pile of money ( and knuckles) in this, or just go buy one. This is a POS and wouldn’t spend a dime on it.

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  16. HJR

    I spy power brakes, power steering, and air conditioning, so not a base car.
    Nice buy for someone.
    I don’t know why people don’t clean their stuff before taking pictures.

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  17. Andrew

    Throw $50k at it and it will be worth $10k.

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  18. Dean B

    Certainly looks solid enough to clean,strip,fix any rot …
    I’m from north eastern Canada,,,,first thing to rot off the old cars here was air cleaner and oil pan ironically enough…..
    Salt in the air
    Salt on the winter road. Salt Salt Salt…
    This a Nova is a gem in my eyes very salable

  19. Ed H

    Looking at those “original” bucket seats I hope they are not bolted as they look all kittywampus.

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