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Strangest eBay Listing Ever: 1977 Eldo-mino


We have read a lot of eBay listings, but we just found the most unusual one ever. This Cadillac truck is weird enough, but it looks tame in comparison to the seller’s description of what the vehicle will do for you. Take a look at the listing for yourself and after you pick yourself up off the floor, come back and find out who built this monstrosity.


The seller thinks his lady attracting Caddilac is the only one in existence. Well, wildcat we have some bad news for you. First off, you are not going to want to sort of women that this attracts. Secondly, it turns out that this is not the only one around. Continental Coachbuilders in Florida cranked out at least a couple of them. It may have started out as a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado, but after cutting out the back and adding t-tops, it looked suspiciously like an El Camino.


The teak-wood deck and 24-karat gold accents were nice touches, but we doubt that these luxury sportmobiles were common sights at the country club. They claimed that it was elegant, “a useful work of art, a collector’s item to complement any occasion from mining to dinning. $25,900.” Now, when is Caddilac going to launch their own modern take on the Eldo-mino?

We’d buy one of those…


Photo Credits: Alden Jewell’s Flickr


  1. Al Lebo

    Reminds me of a less refined Escalade pick up.

    • Barn Finds

      Yeah, I thought of that one right after writing this. Guess they already built their version of it!

  2. Rich S

    Imagine the sa-wet-tay-azz that stained the interior!

  3. Harrell Caines Jr

    Interesting. I have a 76 eldo. I wonder if I could get it converted.

  4. Corey

    That ride is hoss.

  5. Mike A in G'burg MD

    Wow, whoever wrote the copy for the eBay posting must’ve really been ‘up’ on something; I’ve never seen so much over-the-top bragging and posturing in one advertisement in as long as I can remember! Still, the idea of a pick-up pimp-mobile has a certain attraction. The posting has a “make an offer” option; it will be interesting at the end to see how low the offers were!

  6. William Holt

    I remember seeing one of these that used to run around Waco all the time. That was about 25 years ago. Apparently there was more than a “couple” built. The one in Waco was light yellow. Pretty wild conversion.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    You know, it actually looks pretty good but to me it just seems out of place. I think that the car-pickup style belongs to Ranchero and El Camino. I might add that I saw a concept ’59 Pontiac that looked just as good as an El Camino of the same vintage. Seeing a Pontiac dressed up like that, I wonder what Ford could’ve done with a Mercury version? No, not an Edsel…

  8. paul

    No tanks, because that is what they are, tanks, 501 cu in. I had a 74 convert for a short time, just because it came cheap to me.

  9. carguy

    We have a 1974 Coupe deVille pickup conversion built by Gene Winfield for Evel Knievel. On display at the Classic Car Collection in Kearney, NE. It’s a nice looking, more natural conversion. I am surprised that Cadillac didn’t follow up and build one on the larger platform. There was a California coachworks that made a few, perhaps called the Mirage. But it was less than a dozen.

  10. Al Neri

    This is not like defacing a Rembrandt painting. These cars were over the top to start with so the conversion does not offend my sensibilities.

    It reminds me of the Honda Ridgeline.

  11. Polarisky

    It looks to me like a funeral flower car in a color other than black.

  12. Will

    ” Monstrosity”? I don’t think so. I love it. Too bad the Ebay ad was so ridiculous. Does he think his silly attempt at humor will make people not notice that he says nothing about the cars condition? BTW it just sold for $7995. Also what do you mean by “First off, you are not going to want to sort of women that this attracts.” Is that a slam against my mother? :)

  13. hollywood car guy

    Well what ever we think the listing has ended early.
    Does this mean someone offered enough to this “wildcat” for him to sell?

  14. stigshift

    Whoever wrote that, and whoever built that, do not even have taste in their mouths.

  15. Mark

    That Seville shown on the showroom floor behind the Eldo is a custom also, look at the stretched wheel base with the space between the doors. There was a company that took Sevilles and made two seat roadsters out of them, kind of a Caddy SL.

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  16. Chris

    Hmm… Guy who wrote the ad is a real twat. And I thought these came with 500 c.i. V8s – not “badazz 425” said the twat seller…

  17. Tyler Stanislawski

    i would like to see a cts v version

  18. Robert J

    Never mind that..what about the early Vette sitting behind it?

  19. rustylink

    the ad never mentions if it actually runs or not – something a buyer might want to know. The writer thinks he is all out Mad Men copy writer, and someone should clue him in that his copy makes him come off an an idiot…

  20. mrhorsepower67

    looks like it was his landscaping vehicle too transport his lawnmowers. Checked out his other items on ebay at this characters store, all lawnmower parts with the same kind of sales pitch.

  21. Tony Santos

    I remember sometime between late 70’s or early 80’s visiting Palm Beach, FL and going window shopping by the Rolls Royce ( and many other exotics) Boutiques and passing by a car dealership offering these Caddys and Lincoln “whatevers”. Full blast luxury “car/pickups”. Eldo-minos and Lincon-eros?

  22. AMCFAN

    I say the guy has real BALLZZ! His ad IS over the top. I actually like it. It is different. It sure beats “What we have here for sale today on eBay is bla bla bla…. I have to say I like the car too. An Eldo Camino. Why not?

  23. Chris UK

    4 tons ? Seriously ? is it armour plated, or what ?

  24. Marc Robertson

    Saw these in the Deville, but first Eldo conversion I’ve seen other than brochure.

  25. Rancho Bella

    Dang,…… what did I do with those bell bottoms, white shoe and belt?

    • Rancho Bella

      I would like to meet the author of the Ebay writeup, I had only heard of these these kind of people………..I that it was myth………..

  26. gary

    i lived in ft. lauderdale fl. in 1977 and seen and sat in the actual cars pictured in the photo in the dealers showroom. i remember checking out that eldo-camino and that mini stretch seville. the dealership was conner-brown cadillac. i had my 70 deville in for sevice.
    how cool!!!!

  27. FRED


  28. Craig

    Sold It should be a fun car

  29. erikj

    yuuuuuuuuuk! sorry, cant find any love in that. But i think i will check out the ebay listing, sounds funny.

  30. eldo72000

    I’m a Eldorado fan , this is a nice piece of art for its time also this was my grandmothers birth name (smile) !!!!

  31. Allante

    Funny comments guys, I laughed my head off when I found this page, I am the buyer.
    I also have a 75 Cadillac Mirage UTE, built by GENE WINEFIELD, from Traditional Coachworks – they built 234 of them.
    I wonder how many of these 77 Eldo’s Continential actually built. Probably not many.

    So this one looks great and I will get it sorted and running again.

    I reckon its a great find.

    • scot c

      ~ @ Allante,
      . nice to hear you are pleased with your purchase and hope to see follow-up as you get to know the car.

    • Scot Carr

      ~ Hey Allante, How is your progress?? Any pix of your collection ?

  32. slimwhitman

    Allante – Great buy! I hope to see photos of this car when you get it sorted. Do you know the name of the company that converted this Eldorado? You mention “Continental”…was that the conversion name ?…or the coach builder? I find these fascinating and hope to have one some day.

  33. slimwhitman

    I retract my request. I now see that BarnFinds already posted a brochure image. I couldn’t see that on my phone.

  34. Webby

    There’s at least one here in Brisbane, Australia. Saw it at the All American Day at Lakeside Raceway. Would be in interesting model car conversion.


  35. Barn Finds

    Well, ‘wildcat’ is a lucky dog. Looks like it sold for his asking price of $7,995!

  36. Allante

    Hey Webby, saw your comment, that one you saw at lakeside is a 75 Mirage converted by Gene Winfield of Traditional Coach works for Cadillac dealers, it is based on a 75 Coupe Deville (it is also parked in my garage) and this one here is on an Eldorado.

    I will take this one to Lakeside sometime soon

  37. Allante

    UPDATE – took a while to get it out of his barn and shipped back home (Qld, Australia).
    The body is perfect, needs fender extensions, otherwise no rust. Small amounts on chassis but only surface so quick to clean up.
    Interior is very nice apart from the leather which has dried up – easy fix.
    Changed the fluids, belts, hoses etc and flushed out the fuel and she fired right up, idles smoothly and seems responsive. Shifts well. But only drove around slowly as tyres original and not safe.
    Changing the brakes, new everything just to be sure and then will give her a good run.

    Very happy with the condition – better than expected.
    BTW – the T-Tops are made by HURST….


    • scot

      ~ congratulations, again Allante ! seems like a great buy.

  38. Drew

    I remember seeing a newscast about these back in 77′ along with the Station Wagon conversion. Remember you could order these with a locking compartment behind the drs side door that was for a golf bag…

    • Allante

      Hi Drew, that model with the golf bag door is a “Mirage” which is based on a Coupe DeVille chassis, they built around 234 of them. I also have one of these, made by Traditional Coach works in CA from 75 to 76 under the famous hot rod builder Gene Winfield, they also did the station wagon called a “Castillian” which these built 53 of, and I have one of these also – yes I collect the strange ones.
      If you google Cadillac Mirage or Cadilla Castillian both will come up.

      This pickup in this advert is based on the Eldorado chassis (so front wheel drive) and was built by EGIDI in Florida. This is car no 16.

      • kbrenner

        Hi Allante, Sounds like you have a cool collection of special Cadillacs. I owned the ’75 Fleetwood Estate wagon by Harper “featured” ?? on barnfinds. Fun to read all of the comments by folks who really aren’t that knowledgeable. (In Southern California we call ’em benchracers—-always at the races, but never on the track–just up in the bleachers watching) I also own a 73 Fleetwood Estate by ASC and a custom one-off 2-door sportwagon done on the rear wheel drive coupe de ville chassis.The ’73 was sold new by Cashman Cadillac in Las Vegas and purchase by an owner of a hotel as a guest courtesy car.

  39. Allante

    Hi kbrenner, benchracers, that’s funny, your sportwagon sounds cool.
    here is a photo of this car, cleaned up, I am just about to put the fender extensions on.

  40. Tim

    I love the add for Continental Coach Builders. I live 4 blocks from their address. I’m sure they’re out of business, but I’m going to drive by and see where they were built.

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    • Allante

      Hi Tim
      Interested in what you find if you can post it would be great.

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