Strong 390: 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Station Wagon

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At first glance, this 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Station Wagon looks pretty rough and tough, but under that baked exterior hides a pretty solid car just waiting for someone to weave their magic on it. For anyone who is looking for a family classic, a large wagon seems to be a popular choice, so this one is worth a look. Located in Eagle, Idaho, you will find the Fairlane listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $6,500 for the Wagon, although the option is available to make an offer.

While there is a fair coating of surface corrosion covering the Fairlane, the original Arcadian Blue paint must have looked nice when the vehicle was new. The wheels that are fitted to the car at present will come with it, along with the original wheels and hubcaps. While it may not need them, a full set of doors is also included in the sale. There is some rust in the tailgate, but this looks repairable. There is also some rust present in the floor on the driver’s side, but we don’t get to see how extensive this is. The power rear window is said to work, although the switch is faulty, while the two-way tailgate works as it is supposed to.

The interior of the Fairlane is looking a bit rough and tough, but it certainly could be revived. New seat covers, new carpet, a new dash pad, and a replacement wheel would make a world of difference. The upside of this is that all of this work could easily be completed in a home workshop, so that is something that the next owner could tackle for themselves. The door trims look like they are in good condition, while the dash also looks to be complete, right down to the original radio.

There’s more good news under the hood, as the 390ci V8 is said to run very nicely, with no nasty noises or smoke. The Wagon is also fitted with a C6 transmission, a 9″ rear end, and power steering. The master cylinder does leak, but a new unit still in the box is included with the vehicle. The owner does suggest giving the brakes a thorough check before hitting the road. The fuel tank has been pulled and repaired and has been fitted with a fresh sender unit. The carburetor has also been rebuilt, and a new fuel pump has also been fitted.

I’m the first to admit that this Fairlane 500 Station Wagon will need some work if it is going to have the chance to relive its glory days, but it does appear as though it would be worth the effort. If the rust is as minimal as is claimed, then what we are looking at is a solid candidate for restoration. It isn’t that many years ago that a lot of people would have questioned the viability of such a restoration, but with the ongoing rise in popularity and value of classic wagons, this is one that would appear to be worth the time and money to take on.

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  1. Kenneth Carney

    Neat old wagon! Just fix the brakes, paint the car, and fix the rest as needed.
    And I’ll bet this car really rocks with that
    honkin’ 390 V-8 up front. Haven’t seen
    too many of these with a 390 in them.
    Most were 289s or 302s. Drop the price
    a bit, and you’d have my full attention.
    Who needs an over priced SUV when you
    could be driving this!

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  2. Bob S

    I have a 67 Caliente with the 390/ 335 horse engine, and the poster above is correct, it hauls. I don’t imagine that the station wagon has the same rear end gears as mine (3.73:1), but I don’t have any problem imagining that it is a snappy performer when you mash the gas pedal.
    I am really partial to the 66 and 67 Fairlane and Comet brand cars. They are supprisingly large for a mid sized car.
    I would buy it and enjoy it. I don’t know whether it is worth what the owner is asking, but time will tell.

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    • Butchb

      This car reminds me of a 66 Caliente 2 drht that we had come through. Parked in Western AZ many years ago after something relatively minor failed and it was never molested while it sat. That car was complete down to the hubcaps, WW tank and radio.

      This seller is making markup the easy way, soap, water, elbow grease and replacing a few parts to get the car started and stopping. I like these kind of project candidates because they can be on the road after just basic repair. Price needs to in the $3-5k range because of its location. A seller in a rural remote area can’t expect top $ big city urban prices, unless it’s something really special, and why no underneath pics? The car obviously has been on the lift to repair the gas tank.

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      • Monroe

        I know this is an old post here but can’t resist considering I had a ’66 Mercury Comet wagon in the late 70’s. Straight 6 with 3 speed manual on the column. I only paid fifty dollars for it was the best car I’ve ever owned for that little spent. Out of dumbness I sold it and have regretted it since. It was the same color as this old Ford.

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    • George

      Back in the Early 70s, a guy had one of these with a 427 sideoiler in it and he ran in F/stock class, very competitively! Going back to school, I begrudgingly pulled my side Oiler out of my Fairlane GT, put a S-code 390 back in it and sold it profitably. Thought I’d find a wagon like this but never did ! And eventually ran out of money and sold the motor to a stock car racer who had no ear for it and put 3 of the LeMans rods through the block !! C’est la Vie !!

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  3. Ramone

    I’ve had a few of these Fairlanes over the years, and always wanted a wagon without the Squire wood siding, yet still have that big 390. If this would have been offered back in……? You get the point. I think this car will find the right home. Not sure the asking price is realistic. We will see. Like this wagon.

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  4. Jean Dubé

    Considering the number of spare parts coming with the car and the repairs that have been done , the price may not be that exagerated .

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  5. Miguel

    That is a strong ask for a wagon that needs as much as this one does.

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  6. Raymond Patrick Murphy

    Just paint??? there are a lot of rust issues here.

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    • PatrickM

      Actually, my name here should be PatrickM. Don’ know how that happened.

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  7. Morrell

    I got a question why isn’t considered an S code car like other 390 cars.Or did I miss something.

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    • McQ

      S code 390’s were for the GT/GTA Fairlanes in ‘66. The S code had a hot hydraulic cam:C6OZ-B which allowed 5,600 RPM’s. Plus the S code got a Holley 600 CFM carb. Dual exhaust and a few other things. Ran much better than the Z codes (4bbl.) and of course the Y code 2bbl. 390.

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      • Morrell

        Thank you Sir for clearing that up for me.

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  8. chrlsful

    351 & C4, some frnt discs, suspension mods?
    390/C6 is a truck to me…

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  9. Del

    Surface patina rust by the look.

    Easy repaint.

    Left outside a lot needs steering wheel and dash pad.

    This could be a pretty quick resto.

    Its the big V8 that is draw here.

    I think its worth the BIN 😎

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  10. mike D

    I like the car, get the engine up and running ( well) and drive as is I’d keep it blue, not sure of the light blue is it me, maybe the camera angle, but do the taillights seem to be tipped inward, esp on the driver side??

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Ten years ago I’d have bought this slapped on a mako and flipped. To old and tired to care anymore.

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  12. Brian

    Yeah…that would be a cool car to cruise around in once you figured out what it needed to be road worthy again..

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