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Studebaker Graveyard

Studebakers By Sign

Reader Harry B submitted this Studebaker Graveyard he came across while traveling from Atlanta Georgia to Deltona Florida. He stumbled on this old Studebaker service center in a small town along GA-19. Harry said, “It looked like nobody hadn’t touched any of these beauties for years” and we are inclined to agree with him.

Studebaker Field

Studebaker opened its doors in 1852 and manufactured a variety of cars up to its closure in 1966. The first cars the company manufactured were electric. In 1904, the company began manufacturing gasoline powered cars, making it one of the earliest American manufactures producing gasoline powered cars. This service center appears to have a wide variety of Studebaker cars and trucks, but it appears most are post war cars. Can you spot the Studebaker Champion in this photo?

Studebaker Shop

We weren’t able to identifiy this Studebaker, so If any of the Studebaker affociandos out there knows which model this is please share.

Studebakers By Statue

Of the post war American auto manufactures Studebaker had some of the most unique and innovative designs. Studebaker grew intially after WWII ended, but as the major auto makers began manufacturing cars again a price war started and caused Studebaker to struggle for survival.

Studebakers Under Cover

This service center not only has many rough Studebakers, it has several in excellent condition. These two look to either be restored cars or survivors. Notice the dust and dirt on the windows of these cars, we would guess its been a long time since either has been driven. We don’t know if any of these cars are for sell, but if anyone is interested in contacting the owner please contact us for more info on its location and phone number. We would like to thank Harry B for submitting this great find.


  1. Jim Rizer

    The unidentified car is a Studebaker Golden Hawk I believe.

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  2. Doug Middlestetter Member

    I am thinking it is a "President"….a 53 to 56 vintage with the Hawk coming out in 57 with fins… but I could be wrong… just shooting from memory. I do know that when I was in High School there was one in the neighborhood that was reported to have original "super charger" equipment on it… Was not a driver, so never saw it in action. Great style, though…

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  3. Chris

    It's a 56 Sky Hawk – Didn't have the fiberglass fins that the Golden Hawk did, and the 289 Stude V8.

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  4. Neil Thornton

    Chris wins!!! It is a 56 Sky Hawk. How do I know? Because it's mine. I like to think of this place as a Studebaker country church. True there is a graveyard out back, but many that come in the front leave in better shape. Most of what you see are drivable, just waiting their turn to be made pretty again. And yes some have had a long wait.

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  5. Neil Thornton

    The blue 52 4 dr, and the black and white 56 sedan under the shelter are Champions.

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  6. Jim

    NOT a graveyard, but an active car restorer

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  7. Barn Finds

    We stand corrected! It is not a graveyard but an active garage. What a coincidence that the owner (Neil) would run across this post too! Thanks for letting us know and welcome to the site.

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  8. Foxy

    When Mmy father and I were car shopping for my first car we ran across a lark 2dr sedan. I’m not sure of the year,, it was about ’67 when we saw it. I wanted it bad, but my dad said it was too much money. The thing that stands out in my memory is the fact that it had a 289 v8 with a Mcculloch superchatger on it and what looked to be a factory 4 speedw/ a hurst shifter. My question is ,, was this a factory option? and if so how many were sold?? thanks Foxy

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  9. Neil Thornton

    Yes. The package you describe was an option beginning in 63(I think) but it should have been a Paxton supercharger. McCulloch was used on the Golden Hawks in 57-58. For more info go to The Studebaker Drivers club.com. Check out the technical forum specs and data.

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  10. Neil Thornton

    There is one Ebay right now. Bid is at 9000.(10-12-11) Seller says there was less than 60 built

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  11. Foxy

    Thanks for the info Neil, It probably was a paxton. It has been a long time. I’ll check out that one on e-bay. I will be wishing my dad would have had $350. that day. thanks again. Foxy

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  12. Dana

    Hi im interested in the studebaker trucks that’s on your graveyard finds. Please email me and let me know if they are for sale and the year.

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  13. David Reeves

    Do you know if any of these are for sale ? Because I would really like to have the Brownish,brassy colored sedan in the middle of the 2cnd picture (58)? Thanks for posting this find, I’ve been looking for a car graveyard/salvage yard in the south eastern area. Thanks and warm welcomes from Mobile!!

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  14. Peter Lee

    I also have a ’56 Sky Hawk, one of only 66 currently registered in the country. Talk about rare!

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  15. Rebecca Akridge

    What a beautiful collection!! I will be showing your pics to a vert dear friend who dreams of restoring a “51” Commander 4 door. He &his wife use to own one brand spanking new back in the day! His dream is to find one that’s been left behind and bring her back to life!! If anyone may know of where one might be PLEASE help me make his dream come true!!

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  16. scott Armstrong

    My mothers family name is Studebaker. We are from Troy Ohio. My grandmother, Ruth Studebaker worked on the newsletter. I always wanted a hawk. I wish I could find a fixeruper for cheap.

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  17. Wade Anderson

    There is a barn full of Studebakers on S.R.10 in Clio Alabama looks like a lot of Larks all on racks

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  18. JOHN E burke

    hi neil would you happen to have or know a source for 56-58 v8 full set of backing plate assemblies

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  19. Mike Vander Ploeg

    The Car could be a 55 Speedster


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