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Stylish! Brazilian Chevrolet Veraneio


I love it when we come across a vehicle sent in by a Barn Finds reader that I’m not familiar with, and this is certainly one of them! Thanks to reader Jim S. for furthering my automotive education today by submitting this Brazilian Chevrolet Veraneio, something similar to the US Chevy Suburban but designed and built in Brazil on their pickup chassis. No, it’s not a true Barn Find, but it’s unusual enough that I hope you’ll find it interesting like I do. I think it’s incredibly stylish compared to the largely squared-off domestic models, with a certain flair that I really find attractive. It’s helped by the fact that this one has been restored nicely, although with 33,000 miles showing and a lot of original parts still in place, it may not have been that bad to start with. Look through the pictures and see how different it is from the US version, and if you’re interested in bidding, it’s located in Miami, Florida and is for sale here on eBay where you can learn more.


  1. Mark E

    WOW! I don’t even LIKE Suburbans and I want this! Such interesting lines, and you can see what appears to be various GM parts here and there. For instance, it probably isn’t the same exact parts but the tail lights strongly remind me of the old Cameo pickup.

    I’d detail this up over the winter and then next spring see how long it would take me to win 100 Best Truck car show awards! ^_^

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  2. Mario Buzian

    Hi folks !!

    I´m a brazilian fanatic guy really crazy about your offerings, and we DIG every one of them.
    To my surprise now I see a very familiar “brazilian classic” that´s we named “Veraneio”, it was based on our Chevy C-10 built from 1964 until 1988 with the same shape.
    The 1972 car that´s been offered from eBay is a “standard” version, and we had “De Luxe” model too, with vinyl roof, full hubcaps, a more refined interior and a 4-speed floor-shifted manual transmission as options.
    This is a great reliable car, and was used primarily by the Police and farmers, I hope to get one soon.
    If you may want I can send you more pics from this classic Chevy, okay ?
    Hugs from the South od Brazil !!!

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  3. Ricardo Ventura

    I never imagined seeing a ” veraneio” in the US.
    Here in Brazil I had no competitor.
    this is linda.até the tape Mitsubishi was much used here.
    beautiful !

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  4. Mark E

    Sweet! They even came in De Luxo trim! ^o^

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  5. Mario Buzian

    This one with four headlights was produced from 1964 till 1970.
    A classic ad from General Motors of Brazil.

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  6. Shane

    Very interesting. The glass in the back doors reminds me of late 50’s Chevy truck glass turned around backwards.

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  7. HoA Howard A Member

    I agree. What a neat truck. About the only things besides the engine that look familiar are the foot pedals, from mid-60’s Suburbans, the arm rests, and possibly a glove box from a Corvair. Does anybody else see an Opel Kadett front end?

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  8. Robert Member

    What a great find!

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  9. Pete W.

    Well, it’s certainly different, I’ll give it that.

    But from a design standpoint, it’s not what I’d call cohesive.

    You’ve got lines running off in every direction. The window openings are all different shapes, geometrics and radiuses side by side. The doors look like they came off at least two different cars, and the nose and the tail have no relationship to each other, at all.

    Quite frankly, it looks like it was designed by 3 different committees that communicated via International Sign Language.

    It’s listed as a ’72 model, but I see three different decades in the overall package.

    The front clip says ’70’s, the side treatment is kinda 60’s (early Nova wagon, and the rear treatment is late 50’s. Maybe it was really, really, long term project.

    If you told me it was built in Eastern Europe, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit.

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    • Will

      Could it be that it was made from whatever left over used GM dies they could get their hands on?

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  10. Fred

    Howard A, I thought I would see the Kadett front end first, but not with Barn Finders around!

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    • JW454


      Nice Opel. I’ve looked for one of these off and on since the late eighties. This is a nice one. Now you got me thinking about finding one again.

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Hi Fred, nice. I owned several Opels, and had friends that had several. They were good cars. I had a ’68 Kadett Rallye, red with blackout hood very similar to this car.
      @ JW454. Good luck. They were terrible rusters, and unibody, I believe. Once the front stub rusted, people threw them away. Let us know if you find one. I haven’t even seen one in years. Mantas, yes, but not many Kadett’s.

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  11. Tirefriar

    Too bad it’s so far away (or maybe that’s good) – I’d be tempted to swap him for my cherry R100GS…

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