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As Big As A Truck

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From Carl P – Hey,  I learned about this 1937 cadillac series 65 from you guys a few weeks ago.  Well, I struck a deal with the seller and drove from New York to Houston this past week. We got into Houston the day of the flooding. It took us a bit to maneuver around some closed roads, but we were able to pick up the car and headed back north without delay.

1937 Cadillac

After doing some research, I discovered that they only made about 2400 of these in ’37 and it is a extremely rare to have spare tires on both sides of the fenders. I am the third owner of the car and even have the original title from the ’50s! The guy before me received it as a gift. He loved this car and drove it often.

Bumper Sticker


It started running rough in ’76 though so he parked it planning on fixing it in the spring but never got around to it.  The engine turns free and I plan to try to start it next weekend. Every little bit of trim is there. The original keys as well. Nothing has been taken off the engine. This is the most complete car I have seen and original right down to the Roosevelt bumper sticker on the back.

Loaded Up

Huge thank you to you guys for the lead. My grandpa was in his 20s and 30s during that 1930s era. My father was born in 1933 and he often said that my grandpa always wanted a Cadillac from the ’30s but they were so expensive even into the ’40s. So this is a family wish come true! Unfortunately, my dad passed away in dec of 2014. Wish he could’ve seen this car and wish I could’ve shared a ride in it with him.

Thanks again for the lead and I will keep you posted on the resto!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Stang1968

    Glad it got a loving home where it will be valued and cherished in honor of family.
    Wonderful vehicle. Keep us apprised on its status and thank you for sharing.

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  2. ags290


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  3. Michael V.

    Biggest surprise to me: A Cadillac owner who voted for Roosevelt. Also, who knew they had bumperstickers back then?

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    • Woodie Man

      Damn it! Didn’t mean to hit Report! I keep doing that! Apologies. Speaking of Cadillacs with FDR bumper stickers, of which I have one… FDR said in referring to the folks who presumably drove Cadillacs……….” I welcome their contempt”

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    • jackthemailman(ret)

      Don’t forget LBJ was a Roosevelt New Deal Democrat. Heck, EVERYBODY was a Democrat in Texas back then.

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  4. Per

    Congrats! Nicely done.

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  5. Irish Bill

    Congratulations on a solid Texas car! As a former New Yorker myself, you will find our cars down here are a treat to restore verses those that have been exposed to salt. Several years ago bought a 1939 Chevy coupe that lived it entire life in central Texas. You could still see factory paint on some areas of the frame!

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  6. Jamie Palmer JamieStaff


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  7. PackardMike

    Congratulations Carl P. Great car! Good to hear about its new home. What are your plans for your Caddy?

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  8. Van

    Love the story
    Have a little fun, get photos of dad and grandad, put in car.
    Go visit grandad in his resting place.
    Get some vintage clothes and take the wife to a swing dance.
    You’ll be the bees knees.

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    • Carl

      Still doing research and weighing the options of restore or a light restromod. I restored my 76 vette with a few modern mechanical mods, but it still looks stock.

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      • Van

        The original engine had plenty of power, it drove as good as anything on the planet.
        It’s not about how fast can I get there, it’s about class.
        I’d rather drive this 100 miles at 45 mph than a camry at any speed.

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      • Ed P

        I agree with Van. Restore, Restore, Restore!!!!! Also, I am jealous.

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  9. Trickie DickieMember

    Kind of like memories my my FIRST car in high school. All the other guys had ’41 Chevy coupes, deuce coups, 38 Fords, Cushmans or small Harley 125’s Not for this kid. I had to have a 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood.I had style even then. Probably the best looking Cadillac ever made!! It made me even more popular as everyone wanted to ride in it. Draggin’ the main I always had at least six people with me. I would charge them 50 cents each which almost filled the tank back then. The Cad would only get about 10 mpg at best. What a great car for drive-in movies. Sitting in the back seat was like being in a living room. (always used the back seat for drive-ins.) The Cad lasted me thru high school and into college in LA. It was still in great shape when I sold it for $150. Wish I could have kept it. Then I bought a new 1957 VW Sunroof for $1850. It was a somewhat smaller car, LOL! Oh, the Humanity !

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  10. jim brown

    So awesome!

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    Love reading stories like this!

    Updates expected….. Not fair to tease with an incomplete “new home” saga.

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  12. jim s

    congratulations. looking forward to updates. the cadillac looks like it is longer then your truck. thanks for sharing.

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  13. rangeroger

    When you replace that front passenger side windshield, be sure and save it. That lamination pattern is a work of art.

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  14. David WilkMember

    Congratulations Carl P – really great to know you bought this great car. It would be great to be able see the car in person sometime. David

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  15. Jesper

    Congrats :-)
    It realy look in good condition.

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  16. Jim Norman

    Gorgeous! But they did not have bumper stickers back then. Into the mid-1950s, they had cardboard placards that were perforated at the corners and came with lengths of baling wire to attach by wrapping around the bumper and twisting. Decals that were squeegeed onto windows with water were available. Maybe this was one of those.

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  17. VetteDude

    I’m in the Houston area – flooding was fairly widespread – curious if you could give a major cross-street where the car was in Houston! Some areas are still under water, but others like me, the flooded creeks rise and fall within several hours.
    Great car! Great story! Yes, keep us informed!

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  18. harit

    Congratulations on your purchase.
    A great great many American cars sold in India in the 1930’s were fitted with twin spare wheels, one mounted on each of the fenders. Definitely on the larger cars, but also on the smaller cars. Looking at the cars still around, Packard’s, Studebaker’s, Chrysler and GM products, most had them. And then the cars are even more rare because they were RHD. Attached is a Packard 120 of 1941.

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  19. Al

    I think I might be selling my ’70 Olds 442, in the foreseeable future, through you guys. I’ve had it since new and it has 72800 original miles, mostly pulling a trailer. I’m just not driving it enough. 150 miles a year since 1994, somebody else should enjoy it. I loved it, but it has difficulty going past gas stations. Always thirsty!
    I had never read the success stories until tonight. Those stories have got me thinking.

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