Suicide Doors: 1970 Ford Thunderbird

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While it’s no big secret around here that I’m the resident Euro-car fanboy, there are exceptions to every rule. Take this 1970 Ford Thunderbird sedan, for example. While this isn’t my preferred year (I love the early fifth generation sedans), the sedans stop me in my tracks every time with its imposing beak and suicide doors. This example here on craigslist needs some minor sorting but still presents incredibly well. It’s listed for $7,500 in Oregon. 

Just stunning. When Ford marketed the Thunderbird as a sedan, it was yet another moment in history when the company was afraid of swiping sales from its Mustang lineup. How many times have Ford and Chevrolet pivoted in questionable directions to protect its pony cars? The answer: often, and sometimes with questionable results. Regardless, this Thunderbird has been locked up in a garage for many years before the seller rolled it out into the daylight.

The interior appears to remain in excellent condition, not easy to do with a white interior. He notes that the ignition was faulty when he found the car, and it now features a unit from a Mustang of the same era. In addition, the battery tray is rotten and the tires need to be replaced. It does run, although hopefully not too much, as the seller concedes there is still old gas in the tank at the moment.

Check out that nose! I’d hate to tangle with this brute in the parking lot or stop-and-go traffic. The seller notes that the body doesn’t show any sigs of rust beyond the battery tray, and that the doors and trunk close tightly. The trunk area is dry, which is one of those things you come to appreciate once it’s in your garage and you need a place to store spare parts. The price seems strong, but the sedans don’t pop up in this kind of condition every day. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Andria for the find.

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  1. Sam Shive

    Love This Body Style Birds….When the come up for sale it’s like they are always on the other side of the world.

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  2. Del

    Boomers starting to dump these as never going to be worth much.

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  3. Beaver Prince

    This looks like a NONE AC car but i have been known to be wrong just ask my WIFW HA HA!!

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    • Miguel

      I see air vents on the dash.

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      • Beaver Prince

        Miguel if I remember right you could get a none AC car but the vents would be just fresh air vents. I could be very wrong i have been in the past.

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  4. Dovi65

    Love the big ‘birds, even the next gen Lincoln clone ‘birds. Looks decent, and in need of a little attention here & there. The price is a little steep, provided the underside is clean & straight, this one should bring no more than $5k

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  5. slw71962Member

    The infamous “Bunkie” beak!

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    • Daved

      Sir, this is 2018, not 1941 😉

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  6. Chuck

    The first thing to go would be the “funeral Car” bars on the sail panel. Can’t believe they even put them on the inside as well.

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    • Daved

      Actually, these are correctly referred to as “landau bars” and are an elegant touch that appeared on early automobiles long before they were used on professional cars. It is worth noting that the designers cleverly integrated these to flow from the drop rail from- a very elegant touch! If you buy this ‘Bird and decide to remove them, I’ll take them off your hands! I could always use a spare set for one of my vintage hearses 😉

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  7. Miguel

    This is the only car that has a bigger beak than my 1972 LTD.

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    • boxdin

      1973 (?) AMC Matador with its protruded snout may give you a run in the beak catagory.

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  8. Marcus

    * love the big beak front-end and l the bars would stay on the car.Myself I like the so much I’d give up my 81 Trans Am to buy it.

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  9. Kevin

    Those C pillar blind spots are huge. What was the purpose of the vents below the rear window?

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    • Daved

      Seems like a lot of cars late 60’s/early 70’s has those vents- my dad had a ‘71 Impala with them. Maybe one of our residents expects on here knows?

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      • Roseland Pete

        GM put trunk vents on several of its 1971 cars but got rid of them in 1972 due to leaking issues.

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    • dweezilaz

      “Flow Thru Ventilation”. Featured in the ads of the period for air flow without opening the windows and creating buffeting and noise.

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  10. ROTAG999

    Never cared much for this year or the 68-69 Wedge Fugly !

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  11. Fiete T.

    Not worth the ask. Solid base to start from, but not at that price-

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