Summer Cruiser: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible


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With only 30,442 miles showing, it’s entirely possible that this big Ford has spent a lot of time in storage, perhaps even in a barn as the ad states. The body is described as rust-free, although I don’t think it’s original paint. A lot of work has been done recently to get the car back into running and driving condition. It’s located in Statesville, North Carolina and is for sale here on craigslist for an asking price of $12,500.


The 1964 Galaxies featured revised sheet metal that was rumored to have been streamlined to gain an edge in NASCAR. Panel lines on this example are straight enough that I doubt that it’s been in any major accidents, and the chrome and trim look just fine for a driver. There’s a huge range in a value guide for these cars, with low retail being just over $7,800 but high retail being a high $37,375. I’m guessing most of you would be like me and look for an original-type wheel package, personally I’d go for steel rims and center caps.


Moving over to this side of the car, you can see why I doubt that the red is original. I think the blue may be the original color, but it would take closer inspection or better quality pictures to be sure. However, a blue exterior would be odd looking (although not impossible, for sure) with the red interior, wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s primer showing through? As a side note, that huge convertible top is brand new, so that’s one thing you won’t have to replace to have the car ready to drive.


The interior looks both original and pretty nice, but I’m surprised the seller didn’t clean it up better before taking pictures. If the red exterior is indeed original I think I like the combination–I’m not sure how I feel about blue, though.


Here’s the 390 V8, which is said to be original and certainly should be if the mileage is correct. The big V8 should haul even a car this size around with spunk! The seller has been busy after rescuing the car, replacing the brakes, gas tank and lines, tires, generator, starter and water pump. Some detail work under the hood would go a long way, and I think I’d start by replacing those orange plug wires. What’s the first thing you would do with this cruiser?


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  1. mark

    The 390 and he convertible makes this car worth much more. If I remember correctly the base V-8 in these was the 289. That 390 should put out just under 300 horses. I once had a 63 T-Bird with the 390 and it was rated at 300 HP.

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  2. piper62j

    I’m sure it’s a type-o.. the guy listed it as a 64, but details it as a 65.. Without actually looking at it myself, I’d say this is a good buy.. Grab it someone!!

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  3. JW454

    This is almost the same as one a friend had while we were in high school. I believe his had the 352 cu. in. We kept the roads hot in that car with the top down. I’ve always liked the early 60’s Ford Galaxies convertibles. Nice car.

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  4. Ed P

    I am inclined to agree with Jesse. The car may have been red from the factory and that is primer showing in places. A red interior and blue body is just not appealing to me. This looks like a good car to restore.

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  5. Barry T

    I bought one just like this back in 1964, except that it was a manual trans.

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    Again,,,,130,000. Guess you can’t blame people for trying. And it’s not that big a deal, I suppose, it is a nice car regardless. I just don’t feel that ( alleged low mileage claim) should dictate a higher price, when clearly, it’s not 30,000. I’ve always liked the ’64 Ford (and ’63). A friend’s brother across the alley, bought a brand new ’64 “R” code XL. I was just a kid, but that one ride I got, convinced me that was one nice car. Set me back in the seat, it did! Being a convertible, it probably isn’t going to be as rusty, usually driven on nice days. I agree, ditch the wheels. This is a pretty basic car, as I remember, you could get a console and bucket seats. Nice car, my favorite Ford.

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  7. ClassicCarFan

    It’s definitely a 1964 car, not a 1965. The body of the 1965 Galaxie was substantially different and had the “stacked headlights”.

    I think 1964 is probably just about the most desirable year for old Galaxies. The 390 with the auto box is a good combination for a cruiser convertible. I agree with others that the 30k mileage claim is probably a bit spurious, but I guess at least the seller is admitting “don’t know for sure”. Despite all the claims of work that has been done, I see a lot of details to be sorted here – and obviously a re-paint, but I think you would end up with a very cool car at the end of it. I’d love to own one like this.

    I think maybe the price is just a touch high in view of the work still needed to get this car presentable? – but like I say, in Galaxie terms, a 1964 convertible is kind of “the one to have” so I can see someone swooping on this?

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    Blue with red was not as uncommon as you might think back then. It’s a really a pretty striking color combo if you’ve ever seen one. The engine looks like it could be 30k miles but with 50 yr old cars a lot could have happened. Cool old boat though

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    • Jason Houston

      Blue with red was pretty rare, and no Ford product of this period ever offered such a dastardly combo. In the late 60s, Ford offered a pale blue with a burgundy interior, and in 1954 they offered a navy blue with a red/white interior, but that’s as close as they came to 1964. 1958 Edsel did offer a bright red with a bright blue interior, and I have the data plate off one that was scrapped. The data book called this combo “available but not recommended.” Gee, I wonder why!?

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  9. Tdaddy

    The 1st picture shows a 63 T-bird clearlyrics minus an engine and hood. Engine components look awfully clean compared to other parts in the picture. Better due your diligence on the numbers matching
    cause a good refreshing of this car will set you back at least 25k.

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  10. Jim Marshall

    I restored this 63 500 XL 20 years ago my favorite car I ever had. It had all the options with the 390 V8. Great cruiser for sure. Bought it for $500.00 and spent about 10 grand restoring it. Today that 10 would be least at 30 grand.

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  11. piper62j

    Hey Jim.. That’s a beautiful Galaxy..
    I would draw pictures of the tail lights, dash and fender dressing when I was in Nam.. As soon as I got home, I bought one from Fred C. Browne in Walpole, Ma.. All black w/black convertible top and a red bench seat interior.. I had put a 289 in it because the original 260 was losing power and the 289 (get this) only cost me $50… Three on the tree with an FM radio.. I was in heaven until one Valentines night, I spun it around on black ice and wrapped it around a construction trailer.. That was one of the best cars I ever had..

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    • DougM

      I wouldn’t have admitted it was Valentines night……just sayin!

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    • fred browne

      piper my dad owned fred browne ford where are you from ?

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      • piper62j

        fred browne
        Walpole, Ma 43 years

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  12. rangeroger

    One of the guys I worked with after graduating from HS had a ’63 500 XL convertible, black with red interior. The big thing was that it had the 427 with 4 on the floor. What a monster!

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  13. Henry B.

    This car needs the original hubcaps or XL hubcaps, whitewall tires and a set of fender skirts. All these old cars with chrome wheels and black-letter type tires just don’t look right. The original old style look is the way to go. All these modern tires and wheels distract from the car’s original appearance. Thanks to Gas Monkey and Danny the Count everybody thinks that is the way to. go!..

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  14. Richard Prokopchuk

    When I was a high school freshman, my math teacher had one of these just like this one. My mind wants to tell me a white top, but honestly I don’t know if I ever knew. She was a gorgeous blonde, so I was mostly watching her.

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    • Jason Houston

      My freshman math teacher drove a double-Roman Red 1962 Impala Sport Coupe. Lucky were the kids he gave rides home to after school!

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  15. Ed

    I drove a 64 Galaxy to high school 289 lived it A friend of mine had a 390 fender said 289 not to many could catch us between red lights

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  16. Charlie

    I had a 64 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. Black on black, bench seat, 390 cu in 330 hp, and 4 on the floor. Purchased this car the night the 64s came out at the Ford dealers. Many good times with this car both in the car and out. Would love to fine another one like it. But as my wife says dream on dreamer.

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  17. piper62j

    Charlie.. Make the dream come true… Life is way to short to put it off..
    My wife told me to forget restoring 1973 Mustangs.. I now have two of them and having the time of my life.

    Never let someone hold you back.

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