Summer Driver: 1986 Pontiac Fiero 2M6 SE

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The Fiero is one of those cars that we may be surprised to learn some owners have held onto as collectors items. The usual model we see socked away is the GT, which benefitted from more power and better looks, but this 1986 Pontiac Fiero 2M6 SE was treated like royalty by its longtime owners. With under 70,000 miles, it was only used as a summer drive and otherwise kept in storage. Find it here on craigslist near Seattle for $8,000.

The Fiero GT and the Formula models are desirable for obvious reasons; in addition to more power and better styling, the GT also benefitted from suspension improvements. The Formula had the standard body with an attractive rear spoiler and basketweave-style wheels. The 2M6 like this car has the standard body and wheels but got a kick in the pants with a 2.8L six-cylinder engine good for 140 b.h.p. – a nice step up from the base model’s 92.

The seller’s car certainly looks like the survivor it’s described as being, as the interior materials are still in very nice condition. The manual gearbox is a four-speed and paired with the optional V6 made this Fiero one of the sportier options available that year. The seller claims it runs and drives great, and the handling is likely pretty sharp as well with the mid-engine orientation. The seller doesn’t mention whether it has A/C, but given it’s resided in the Pacific Northwest, it wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t have this option.

The biggest hurdle for the Pontiac to clear was being given enough fine-tuning to become the competent sports car it always had the potential of being without threatening Corvette sales. Of course, we know how this went, with the Fiero eventually being axed to preserve the reputation of the decidedly average C4 Corvette. The Fiero shown here looks like a sharp driver with a nice balance of power and handling capabilities to match its still-fresh exterior.

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  1. Marko

    Heater controls is the standard non a/c, It does appear to have rear window defroster and electric decklid / trunk release.

    Looks like a well kept example of an SE 2M6 model. It has the V-6 and Muncie M-17 4 speed tranny with 3.65:1 rear ratio.

    For the money, you will not find a cheaper mid engined driving experience.

    (Says the guy with a similar equipped 1985 SE in my driveway).

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  2. John Carter

    Jeff, I looked at the posted photo’s, and it clearly shows a NON-a/c dash, and manual windows.

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    • Richard

      I worked at a GM dealership when these cars were produced. I would be sent to pick them up from where they were dropped off by the car carrier. loved driving these cars.

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  3. Barry Ervin

    The Fiero to own is the last year, 1988, which had a completely new front and rear suspension system. Earlier years used a Chevette front suspension and a Citation FWD setup adapted to the rear. Leave it to GM to design a whole new suspension for a car they already knew was on the way out.

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    • Anthony DePellegrini

      I own an ’88 formula, and the updated suspension is very nice. Firm, responsive, but rides reasonably well. Took my grandmother for a ride, and she was astounded at how good the ride quality was. And then I took a roundabout far faster than she had ever experienced and she glared at me afterwards.

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    • Jim

      Every time gets something right they stop building it.

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        I know! I don’t understand why they do that.

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    • Jim

      They (GM) didn’t actually know that the Fiero was on it’s way out when the were giving the car a proper sports steering and suspension for ’88.
      The plan was for a new 2nd generation Fiero to be introduced in (or around) 1990. Unfortunately, sales continued to spiral downward and GM decided to kill off the Fiero not far into the 1988 model year.
      But you’re right in saying that the 88 is the year to own. Especially if you have any spirited driving aspirations.
      The 85-87 models will suffice just fine if you are strictly cruising or commuting and not looking for sprts car handling.

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  4. Grant

    Nicer than the recent 88.

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I remember when the Pontiac Fiero was first intro’d back in the 1980s. I liked it more than the Toyota MR2.

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  6. Charles Simpson

    I am a former Pontiac sales person ,I sold a lot of those Fiero back in the day,a loaded 1988 Fiero GT is the one to own.

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  7. Steve

    I ordered a new 84 when they came out, but after 6 months cancelled and bought a 6000 STE which was a great car. Liked the Fiero but as others mentioned the 88 GT was the best of them.

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  8. Car Nut Tacoma

    I found the Fiero way more attractive than the Toyota MR2 when it was introduced. I would imagine I’d fit more comfortably in a Fiero than the MR2 I ended up driving and owning.

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  9. Threepedal

    I used to buy Fieros from a towing service auction for the seats for MGBs. When you took the seats out there were almost always enough coins to pay for the car. (Pre-alloy wheel/cat inflation)

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  10. Melton Mooney

    DeLorean killer.

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  11. Michael Ortiz

    Had an 84 with a 4cyl. No guts but slid around corners better than anything

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