Summertime Fun: 1956 Willys Wagon

1956 Willys Wagon

Summer is upon us and in a few short weeks, troves of adventure seekers will be hitting the wildness on all kinds of off road vehicles. Over the past few summers I’ve become one of those adventure seekers and I’ve come to see the appeal of traversing mountain roads and forging rivers in a 4×4. The problem is you need a tough vehicle with tons of traction and ample clearance. For me, it has also turned into a family activity, which gets a little tricky. I think I’ve found a solution though! This Willys Wagon has proven off road capabilities with room for four, plus a cooler, and camping gear! Sadly, this one is currently missing its rear seats, but I would want to install safer ones anyways! You can find this barn find Willys here on eBay with bidding at $3k and no reserve.

Willys Wagon Barn Find

I know a CJ would be able to go far more places than this wagon(with room for four), but for a weekend trip up to the mountains with the whole family this one would be more comfortable and could actually haul all the camping gear inside the vehicle. The Super Hurricane inline six isn’t the most powerful engine, but it produces plenty of torque to climb steep grades and the four wheel drive system should offer tons of grip! Overall, I think this would make for a fantastic summertime play thing with winter beater capabilities. I especially like the fact that it is a true barn find survivor that you can tear around in and not feel too bad about scratching or denting. So would you take your family off roading in this 60 year old wagon?


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  1. Fred

    That Jeep has the same inline flathead six as my ’51 Kaiser. Considering my car has highway gearing, that Jeep should have enough torque to pull you up Mount Everest with ease.

  2. Fred

    That Jeep has the same inline flathead six as my ’51 Kaiser. Considering my car has highway gearing, that Jeep should have enough torque to pull you up a mountain with ease.

  3. francisco

    The seller describes this vehicle as a “time warp” (sic). I doubt the truck travels at “warp” speed. Even with the 6! Probably a better description would be a time capsule.

  4. J.W.

    Pretty impressed at the condition for it’s age, I as a ex-off roader I wouldn’t mind this Jeep, minus the wasp.

  5. jim s

    it does look in good shape. it would also make a great winter car if you lived where it snowed. easy to upgrade also. if the foam on the gearshift levers is to reduce the noise the transmission/trandfer case may need checked over. driving this for a hour a day would be a better workout then at the gym. latter models of these could be had with the OHC 6. great find

  6. the skull

    I love anything old Willys. Bring it on.
    I would drive this anytime anywhere.
    Please please please!

  7. recar

    The memories… If Josh et al ever indulge me,I may someday post the long version- here’ s the thumbnail: I imprinted on one of these as a child- it was so perfect to me then. 20 years later I actually owned one. It moved me from the coast to the Kootenays , My soon-to-be ex destroyed it in a T-bone in Nelson,BC. [She did in my old Morgan the week before] Transferred the running gear to another even more wonderful example,used it as a grossly over-loaded moving van to move all my buddie’s belongings to northern Ontario, burnt out the engine, rebuilt it in a do-it-yourself garage in Toronto, drove back home and then totalled it playing chicken with a fellow art-school student…[hey- I was younger and even stupider then] Every one I see I’m 10 years old again.[first auto love!]

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    When I was younger I always thought these were boxy. They’re still boxy today but they appeal to me a lot more than they once did. Driver or complete restoration would be acceptable. I just hope it doesn’t get turned into another ‘Wicked Willys.’

  9. Howard A Member

    These “flat-fendered” Willy’s are getting harder to find. I had a wagon like this with a SBC . Quite frankly, it was no fun at all. Aside from the Chevy motor, it still had the 5.38 ( or whatever) gears, and 50 mph was about it. It rode rough, rattled, no heat, had terrible brakes and worse steering. I ended up finding a ’51 pickup, and transferred the V-8 to it, and was a much better unit.

  10. Dan B.

    Sweet Willys Wagon. Add a Warn OD and get out and enjoy the ride.

  11. pontiactivist

    I like these. Have no real reason to own one though. Would be just like my lincoln mark vii. I got it cause I always liked them. Realized after I got it that I really dont like it and it doesnt fit my personality. But hey its a 91 with 38k on it and it was cheap. Lol.

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