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Sun Bleached But Driving: 1965 Country Squire Wagon


This sun-bleached Country Squire runs and drives just fine according to the seller. They’ve admittedly picked up the car recently to sell it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth what they are asking. It’s for sale in Fremont, California and is for sale here on eBay, with no reserve bidding starting at $3,000, or you can buy it right now for $4,000.


As you can see, there is some relatively mild rust in the lower rockers, although the seller says it’s driver’s side only and the pictures agree with that description. The fiberglass trim is quite deteriorated, but I was able to find a specialist here that can both restore the trim and sell you new wood grain side decals. I’m sure that won’t be inexpensive, but I think it’s crucial to bringing a Country Squire back. Of course, you could choose to drive it “as-is” as the seller suggests.


The bottom of the tailgate is the other area that have some rust out, and I’m guessing that the window isn’t supposed to be slanted in the tailgate. If you want to restore it, you’ll have to come up with an “R” and a “D” as well! The bumper does look nice and straight though, and it appears that the trim is all there as well.


The interior doesn’t look horrible, although that window in the back has evidently been down for a while based on the dirt and residue in the rear of the interior. With the rear seats, this is a true 8-passenger wagon, and with air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, and power windows it’s a well-optioned one as well.


Under the hood, we have a 390 V8. As the big wagon is said to run well, perhaps you can get away with just freshening things up? I know I’d like to have that on my plate, but I’m not sure it’s worth the initial asking price. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Scotty G

    Wow, rare is right; AC and power windows in 1965! That’s rare even on a Cadillac for that era (well, at least a Calais), let alone a Ford wagon, even if it is their top model. This car checks all of the current hot-button-boxes: wagon, big V8, AC, power windows / steering / brakes. It’ll take some work and with that back window being down in California, wouldn’t there most likely be a mouse problem with the interior?

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    • Avatar photo Russ

      I remember as a kid in grade school the day my dad’s friend “Good ol’ Ernie” showed up with a 66 Squire Wagon, white exterior, I don’t recall the interior color. It was absolutely loaded and I remember him trying to get a good signal on the FM radio (!). It had AC, power windows etc. etc. and I still recall the emblem on the front fender…. “428”. We could all retire today had we known which lowly (at the time) used cars to buy 30 or 40 years ago. If someone would consider paying $4000 for the rustbucket in this ad, imagine what a clean, solid, loaded 428 version would bring.

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  2. Avatar photo piper62j

    There’s more than surface rust going on at the bottom of the rear quarters.. It’s rot. That said, if you’re into these big wagons, the price is all in the eye of the beholder.. It would be a great long term project and well worth it as a driver.
    I would hope there is a supply of parts available…

    Nice find.. I like it..

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  3. Avatar photo Danno

    I’ve often thought an old wagon with a large engine and a light trailer would make a great combo to stop by the junk…errr, salvage yard, with. Maybe restore a nice Royal Spartanette to pull on R&R weekends.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    I like old wagons just not the ones with fake wood plastered all over the sides. I’m a one color no stripes to wow people type of guy. This car has a lot of nice options that I wouldn’t need so I would pass. JMHO !!!

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  5. Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Want to know more about the Fin-Tail Benz……..

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  6. Avatar photo Chris Spenceley

    Ditto to the Benz…

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  7. Avatar photo Rando

    I have a friend whose dad owned a BUNCH of 67 Country Squire wagons back in the 80s and 90s. I think he had 8 at one time. there were a couple of 65s too IIRC. They had to be Country Squires with the 390. All else was unacceptable. I sent him a link to this. Great wagons. I think all but a couple returned to Mother Earth though (rust). One was very nicely restored with NOS parts original paint, etc. Ah the nostalgia…

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    • Avatar photo Russ

      I know it’s getting a bit far afield from the 66 in this listing but in about ’92 I picked up a 70 LTD Squire wagon, 429 2v, A/C, it was a dead ringer for the one in Close Encounters of the Third Kind – brown with a tan interior. Though I bought it in Vermont where I was living at the time it had spent its whole life in Texas and California. There was one small rust spot at the bottom front corner of the right rear wheel opening. Other than that it was rust free – and it broke my heart because I could get under it and turn nuts and bolts that had been together for decades, while the 71 Mark III I owned had rust, rust, rust underneath it. And I only paid $290 for the Ford… even then that was dirt cheap. Oh, and the AC worked.

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  8. Avatar photo Slickimp

    Dont see many of these any more back in early 70s my friends parents had two of these sitting in there yard . they had died and had kept them . we use to sit I them and pretend to drive we where 10 or 11 fun times as a kid

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