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Super 60 Package: 1987 Dodge Shelby CSX

The Shelby-modified CSX Shadows are an interesting lot, packing respectable performance in a rental car body, and made fairly exclusive thanks to low production numbers. Still, like so many of the other Shelby-ized 1980s Mopar products, values haven’t skyrocketed like some may have predicted. This CSX is a nicely preserved survivor, that also comes with the coveted Super 60 package. Find it here on craigslist with a $4,700 ask.

The Shadow in Shelby form was a decent bit of kit, with very respectable performance numbers that included a run to 60 of just over seven seconds. While Shelby himself wanted the more rip-roaring Turbo II engine installed, he had to make do with the Turbo 1 engine. So what did he do? Raided multiple parts off of the Turbo II platform, including the intercooler and intake.

The interior presents incredibly well, and all of the Shelby-specific features are still installed. The automatic transmission, however – that remains a mystery. The CSX began life as a manual, but an automatic with a high stall convertor was swapped in. The clutch pedal is still present, making for a potentially straightforward swap back to its original configuration.

While the Super 60 package is desirable, it didn’t exactly turn the CSX into such a fire-breather that an automatic transmission became the only way to enjoy the car (as is sometimes the case in true hot-rod scenarios). I’lll grant you that the automatic transmission  likely helped keep this turbocharged tuner car in fine shape, but to truly experience one, a 5-speed is a must.


  1. 36Packard

    No engine shots, even on the true listing. What does that tell you? Also, who changes a five speed to an auto? Something very strange going on here.

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    • Superdessucke

      I imagine either the owner had some kind of disability or there was an issue with the power capacity of the manual transmission. This thing probably makes a ton of power if it runs as intended.

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      • Randy

        Yes the owner who made the swap had lost his left leg. Whoever did this write up here has included many inaccuracies which do not represent this car. I’m not sure how they have the right to do so either since this is not their car.

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    • Randy

      I thought attacks weren’t allowed on this page. There is nothing wrong with the car, nothing strange going on either. The original owner had his left leg amputated.

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  2. CanuckCarGuy

    The front seats look oddly plain…I would have expected more bolstered, sculpted sport seats in this era of Mopar muscle.

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  3. SubGothius

    There seems to be some disagreement as to which engine(s) went into various CSXs. The CSX-T variants issued to Thrifty Car Rental clearly got a non-intercooled Turbo I. However, some sources say the regular CSX got a Turbo II while others say it got a Turbo I upgraded to Turbo II specs (but lacking the IIs’ beefed-up internals).

    Also, the Super 60 racing package was apparently only suitable for the ’89 CSX-VNT as it requires the Turbo II-based block and Getrag A555 trans, but that’s from the same source that says regular CSXs only got an upgraded Turbo I. Maybe that’s why this car has an auto swap, if the power upgrade blew out the original A520 trans?

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  4. Mike L

    RIP Lee Iacocca… Bonafide Icon of the US auto industry !

    I worked in Chrysler parts dept. and writing service on the floor. The products were overall pretty good and comparable to most.

    However, we didn’t have many technicians that were qualified to work on the limited production Turbo II cars, let alone the basic turbo.

    Jeep was taken on with all the “new” Eagle and Renault models (french built Dodge Monaco was a disaster !).

    Had all that along with the new releases of the Ram, Viper, intrepid, neon, etc.

    No point to make, other than I do appreciate these cars for what they are…

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    • MOPAR Joe

      The Premier bodied Dodge Monaco of the early 90’s was an attempt to get more volume out of Brampton Ontario plant due to a commitment to buy a certain number of Renault engines per the AMC purchase by Chrysler.
      Renault never built the Dodge Monaco, only the engine and trans. If the trans linkage was set properly, these cars(Premier/Monaco) were awesome

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  5. 36Packard

    I really like those wheels, were those the ones on the 1987 GLHS?

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    • GTiDave

      Charger yes, Omni no as I recall. I thought CSX’s came with the carbon fiber (not alloy) wheels. I had an ’88 new, very cool car, handled great.

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      • Randy

        87 CSX came with the wheels pictured, centurion II. I believe o my 89 had the fiberides.

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      • SubGothius

        Only the final-year ’89 CSX-VNT came with the fiber composite wheels.

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  6. Randy

    This is all the work that has been done since the car was taken out of storage in 2015. It was stored in a climate-controlled unit.

    6/13/2015 NAPA Auto Parts 2.96 Low pressure power steering hose and hose clamps
    6/13/2015 QP Ace Hardware 9.44 (Qty 2) bolts and lock nuts for ball joints
    6/22/2015 Automotive Services $1,168.67 Rebuilt Power Steering Rack, align front end, replace upper and lower radiator hoses, install heater control valve and add related heater hoses, rear track arm, replace leaking right output seal
    6/24/2015 RockAuto $22.72 Hatch Lift Supports Monroe
    6/24/2015 Walmart $28.76 Mirror adhesive, wiper blades, sun shade
    7/4/2015 Advance Auto Parts $8.91 7/32″ vacuum hose (to reconnect turbo gauge) and vacuum cap
    7/4/2015 QP Ace Hardware $4.90 1/4″ flare fitting cap (plug aftermarket oil gauge nipple)
    7/6/2015 Morrow Collision Center $172.35 Retape door molding, repair window molding, remove aftermarket gauge bar brackets (were welded to A pillars)
    7/24/2015 U-Pull-It-North $117.35 Front and rear seats out of 1990 Sundance, trunk jack
    7/25/2015 U-Pull-It-North $20.40 Washer reservoir w/pump, misc parts
    7/31/2015 Auto Body Supply $21.30 3M 08302 clear body seam sealer (to fill screw holes in floor) 3M
    7/31/2015 RockAuto $12.02 Parking brake cable Kelsey-Hayes
    8/2/2015 Walmart $112.32 Maxx-34N battery Everstart
    8/14/2015 Morrow Collision Center $54.00 Weld rear seat brace into car
    9/20/2015 Stock Interiors $285.72 Carpet
    10/7/2015 Mc Vicker Auto Trim $51.81 Recover headliner
    11/9/2015 Automotive Services $156.18 Tighten leaking fuel fitting at regulator, replace oil pan gasket, oil change with 5w-30 synthetic oil
    11/19/2015 Automotive Services $13.67 Fuel line fitting (part only)
    12/9/2015 Automotive Services $51.07 Fuel rail fitting (part and installation) Speedway Motors
    3/19/2016 Speedway Motors $10.70 (Qty 2) Straight Aluminum Pushon Hosend #6 (47223-00-6) Speedway Motors
    3/20/2016 Advance Auto Parts $6.74 Vacuum tee and 3/8″ Fuel Injection Hose Clamps
    3/22/2016 RockAuto $40.60 Trunk lock cylinder, master cylinder cap gaskets, (Qty 2) clutch/brake pedal pads
    3/23/2016 Positive Impressions $204.00 Complete decal set for CSX
    3/30/2016 Automotive Services $108.96 New master cylinder with reservoir
    4/3/2016 Glenn’s True Value $6.34 Angle brackets, bolts and nuts to build bracket for fuel pressure regulator
    5/10/2016 Collectors Auto Supply Co $80.00 2 speed intermittent wiper relay/control (Part # 4312002) Chrysler OEM NOS
    5/25/2016 Polybushings $77.00 Passenger, front motor mount Polybushing
    6/23/2016 Automotive Services $126.62 Retrofit A/C to R134a
    8/8/2016 Tire Rack.com $300.48 (Qty 4) Kumho Ecsta PA31 205/50R15 86V Tires Kumho
    8/12/2016 Graham Tire $120.54 Dismount & mount tires – wheel balance
    5/8/2017 Nebraska Auto Glass $216.09 Replace rear hatchback glass
    5/10/2017 No Limit Wraps $231.66 Install CSX decals/graphics

    Part Total $3,844.28

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