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Super Clean 4×4: 1979 GMC Sierra 1500


We’ve noticed a steady rise in the values and desirability of classic trucks, but finding nice ones that haven’t been abused is tough. This GMC looks to be in amazing shape, is said to run and drive like new and is a documented one owner rig! If you’ve been hunting for a classic truck, this is the kind of truck you want to find. At 61,744 documented miles, it’s low enough to have lots of life left in it, but not so low that you’ll feel bad using it. And with winter weather fast approaching, having something with 4 wheel drive sure would be nice! Find this Sierra 1500 here on eBay in Anderson, California with a current bid of $2k and no reserve.


One of the best things about this truck doesn’t have to do with it’s features or condition, it’s the fact that it’s a one owner rig. They seem to be quite honest about it’s history and condition. And I’m sure if you have any questions about it, they would be more than willing to answer them. While I’m bummed that it’s been already been repainted, the owner is forthcoming with that information and I like the idea of being able to ask them who painted it, how many years ago was it done and even what brand of paint was used.


The interior of this GMC is in great shape. Looking at it brings back lots of memories of driving my dad’s old Sierra work truck. It wasn’t nearly this nice, but that’s to be expected from a work truck that was used to clean furnaces and chimneys! One thing I still recall about the interior was the door panels and how the plastic deteriorated and would crumble if you pushed on it or even just brushed against it. I would bet this one’s door panels are in much the same condition, but thankfully reproductions are available and should be made from modern plastics that won’t deteriorate as quickly as the originals.


Here’s another familiar sight, the good old 350 small block! These are great engines that are both easy to work on and easily upgraded. I helped pull the engine out of my dad’s truck on several occasions, once for a rebuild and once for a transmission swap. Getting the engine out and in was fairly simple, the transmission, not so much. This one looks exactly how I would expect a truck with 60k miles. It’s a bit dirty, but looks complete. I still have fond memories of the sound of the 350 in my dad’s truck, but the Glasspacks might have helped!


It’s easy to see why trucks are one of the fast growing segments of the classic car hobby. They are durable, easy to work on, offer more functionality than most classic cars and lots of us have fond memories of them. I absolutely hated cleaning chimneys, but boy I was always excited about the prospect of going out in that old GMC, especially when I got the chance to drive it! If I were in the market right now, I’d want one just like this one!So do you have any fond memories of the Sierra 1500?


  1. Alan (Michigan)

    The dash and upholstery have most certainly been redone.
    Based only on the condition of the door panels, there is no way that the rest of the interior could have survived, still looking new.
    Someone spent a LOT of time on this truck, to get it looking this good. I am absolutely astounded that this auction does not have a reserve.

    • kenzo

      My guess is that the interior has been severely detailed and armorall’d.

  2. smackypete

    I wonder if it has the F44 package, which would have originally included the “Heavy Half” decal on the rear bed, each side. (Chevy’s were “BIG 10”). So tacky. Looks great w/o that.

    • mechman

      I thought heavy half was only available on the 2wd trucks? 4wd trucks were heavy half by default.

  3. Dave Wright

    Nice truck, a bit plain………no A/C, not that uncommon of a vehicle. My buddy has a similar truck, much better equipped that he bought new with fewer miles, orignal paint. I just bought a 95 S10 from the Army, better equipped, just as straight, 33k orignal miles 4.3, A/C, AT, nice shiny medium blue, dual fuel CNG for 2200.00 for my daughter……

    • Dave Wright

      Now we have lost our edit button too?…………….. This truck is from Northern Idaho, probably has seldom seen hot weather, the plastic and rubber really hold up well in that enviorment. Leather in old Mercedes interiors from there is frequently in incredible condition.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        It still works for me. You only have 5 minutes after posting to edit it though.

  4. Dave Wright

    Not on my iPad………

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Ok, we haven’t changed anything with that so I will look into it. Thanks Dave.

  5. JW454

    Being “old School” I don’t have a smart phone. I’m viewing this on a 22″ flat screen monitor connected to a 14 year old Dell desk top. The advantage there is, on a 5 inch smart phone this truck probably looks better than it really is. It’s a decent old truck with a nice paint job and some LMC bits so its about there on the bidding IMO.

    Before driving it I’d add some more clamps to the bed topper.

    • Mike

      I saw that about the camper clamps, I remember a good friend of my Dad’s was on a hunting trip with us, and some how when he put the camper shell on his truck, he forgot to tighten down the clamps, he had them on there just not tightened down, well we were in Northern Missouri on Hwy 19, near the town of Wellsville when it came off, talk about getting the crap scared out of you it smashed into the car that was following him, and needless to say the hunting trip was delayed by 1 day after the local Police got done with their investigation it was late in the evening, so when we got to camp Dad and I and 4 other crammed into the camper we had, only good thing about the trip was the fact I had killed a 12 point buck, biggest one I had ever killed up to that date. The buddy of Dad’s turned it in to the insurance and they replaced his top. The funniest thing about this was he put a sign on the inside of the camper top that read “Clamps Stupid”
      To this day anytime I drive up that way, I still laugh, because I still remember where it happened.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this truck. But then I’m somewhat partial; I’ve had mine since new and it took me over 300k miles with very few problems. The ’78 and ’79 models were the best that GM ever cranked out. A problem with the transmission case cracking was corrected by installing a couple of braces between the transfer case and the bell housing. The 80 models were OK but the General was already cutting back. If this was closer I’d be tempted to go for it.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi geomechs, I figured you be in on this one. I agree, this is a great example of this model. When comparing trucks of this era, they are all pretty good. I happen to be partial to a Ford or Dodge from this era ( although, I drive a GMC now) I thought the GM’,s were the best looking.( and the best heaters in the business) We don’t see many like this anymore in my area, as most of these have been repurposed as a snowplow, sitting behind the barn, waiting to still do their job, even though, half the truck is missing. Matter of fact,it’s almost time to get the old rusty Ford snowplow going again soon here. I’ve posted this image before, but this is what most the GMC’s look like by me.( but still run great) Great find, very nice truck.
      re: edit feature. Sometimes, not always, the edit feature does’t come up, but I’m using it right now.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Howard. I had a Ford before the GMC and in all honesty it was a lot better to plow through snow than the GM. Both had limited-slip axles and I used the same pair of old John Deere 5020 cylinder heads in the bed for traction. Both were easy to work on and the cost of keeping them on the road were about the same. I probably would have kept the Ford if I wasn’t working for a GM dealer at the time. Boss thought it was poor advertising.

      • Alan (Michigan)

        Jake’s truck has been on a starvation diet! I’ll bet that truck has lost 300 pounds of metal?

  7. angliagt

    I like the interiors on these,but absolutely hate the next generation.
    I had a ’94 Suburban,& hated that cheap looking Grey plastic dash.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    hood hinges

  9. erikj

    Boy I had a nice one. Bought my house in 1997 . the retired neighbor come over one day to talk and since I had a beater 783/4 ton He says come over I,d like to show you mine.In a garage out back was his baby. A 1978 gmc high serria camper spec. with a 454/t-400 and a 4:11 posi with only89,000 milesnicest one to this day I ever seen. I always helped him, work on it . I loved that truck. Well he passed away and 2weeks later his widow marge came over to tell me that russ had always wanted me to have first dibs on it. The price was $2000 and she said if I wanted it come right now and take it and and she trusted me to pay for it anyway I wanted. what a truckloaded with options even a fac. tach,elec. window-. It was a 3/4 ton but just 2wd its only bad mark was gas mileage was awful .had it for 5 years but needed a 4×4 so off it went. loved that thing

  10. kenzo

    Quick question….
    What makes this a barn find?
    Is it because it is listed here on Barn Finds\?
    Just curious.

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