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Super Original: 1969 El Camino SS 396


With a UTE type of appearance, the El Camino is the muscle truck that so many of us lust after. This 1969 Super Sport example is original with a matching numbers 396 V8. With loads of potential this would be an awesome El Camino to restore. With no reserve, bidding has reached $4,550.00 with 4 days remaining. Find it here on eBay out of West Creek, New Jersey.


The matching number 396 does not run but does turn over by hand. Optioned with air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, and an automatic transmission, this El Camino will make for a comfy driver with those features. The engine and bay are covered in a fairly even coat of surface rust, though there appears to not be any major rust of rot present. The alternator looks mighty corroded, and it is funny how one valve cover is rusty while the other is reasonably rust free. The only big item missing from the bay is the 396’s air cleaner.


Taking a looking inside the “cab” reveals a very reasonable condition interior. The dark blue interior with the silver exterior is a lovely color combination for this El Camino. A bit dirty, warranting a solid cleaning, this interior looks to need little. The driver seat is split, and the glove box door has some minor surface rust. We are sure there may be some other issues that may better present themselves in person, but overall this interior isn’t too shabby. Oh and did we mention this Chevy is equipped with an 8 track cassette tape player? Big selling point for sure!


Moving to the exterior also shows a not too bad off El Camino, though there are some issues that need to be pointed out. There is some various surface rust on the exterior as well as some rot in the lower front fenders. The lower portion of the rear quarters are rotted, and it looks as if the rockers are starting to develop some rust. The biggest issue with this El Camino is the front cross member has some rot needing to either be repaired, or replaced. The only other notable rot is in the bed, and it is a small area located midway in the bed.


This El Camino has a lot of potential, and we are sure this is someone’s dream “truck”. Unmolested, original, and complete, would you let this El Camino follow you home?


  1. Seth J

    Looks like Finnegan’s

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  2. Joe M

    This is cool. Hope there isn’t too much frame rust. Why wouldn’t someone have restored this diamond in the rough years ago? Hmmm?

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  3. Kevin

    Anybody know what the little white box with the lever below the steering wheel is/does?

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    • MattD

      Control for electric trailer brake. Old school!

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  4. Mark9241

    Possibly a brake controller for towing a trailer.

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  5. erikj

    ya that white box looks to be a brake controller for towing.
    What a cool camino, lots of options like that tach. don’t see that often,and even the 8-tract might be factory. This is a rare color combo and needs a loving person to restore it.Wish I could but to much going on already. I hope it gets a deserving home!

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  6. MattD

    Buckets, console, AC. Seems like it should be 1 of few. Wonder what Marti says.

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    • Chebby

      Marti only does Ford. Dunno who the GM equivalent is….

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      • MattD

        I have been following this sight for a year or so and did not realize only Fords. How stupid am I? Seems like there are similar reports for GM and Mopar. Love this sight!!!!!!

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  7. JW

    I lived in Florida for a year in the early 90’s and a young guy who worked at the Marina across from the rental store I worked for part time offered to sell me his 1970 red with black stripes El Camino SS 454 for $12,000 and it was showroom condition. Well we were planning on moving back home to Illinois the next year and the wife wouldn’t let me touch our savings for a house when we got there. OH if I would have been single I would have bought it and rented when I got there. Now this one needs more body work than I would want to tackle at my age.

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  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow. 396 SS car/truck…Wow.

    Would love to polish this gem!

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  9. Ck

    I’ve got a 70 SS 396/402 that I’ve had for 17 yrs.I also had a plane jane 69 El c with a 350/4spd.I love these cars,but alot of people dont.Which is why ,sometimes you can get a good deal.This Elcamino looks like a well optioned car,having bucket seats a cosole with a floor shift and air conditioning.Alot of these cars had a bench seat with a column shift.If the frame is good on this car ,This is a good deal people.This car will Haul Ace with that big block.I could go on and on about how much fun these cars are,but this post would go on forever. But I will say this, unfortunately SS Elcaminos dont get the respect they deserve,but make no mistake about it ,They are Muscle cars .

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    • al leonard Member

      I owned a “70 El Camino SS 402/396 4 speed…4.10. black with white stripes on hood…cowl induction.. in college..1974…drag raced it for 1 year..sold the body and motor separate…sure wish I had one again….any pics??

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  10. Allan

    “The alternator looks mighty corroded”

    Just be aware that most of coastal NJ is under salt water periodically, due to flooding, storms, etc. I’d want to know the history on this ElCo, considering that West Creek NJ is at 9ft elevation….

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  11. erikj

    Thought I would share my knowledge about martini type info on gm products. any gm cars,trucks built in the us where not documented much if at all. gm just built them and out the door they went.some where to a point. Oddly though if it was built in Canada they did document those.
    I had a 73 gmc stepside that was very rare in that it was so full of options :1/2 ton 454 dana rear w/4:11 posi. fac. tach,tilt wheel and more. Story was it was one of a handful built fully loaded to promote the new style. I tried to research it and that’s how I found out about gm,s record keeping

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    • Whisky Tango

      Yes GM Canada has a historical division for Canadian built autos. For a small fee you send the serial number and they will send you where it was sold, all factory options it was produced with as well as technical data and factory information of what was available for your model and year. Very impressive package.

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    • Ed

      Eric is correct. GM Canada has a vintage auto division dedicated to historical vehicles. Supply a vin number and credit card number and you recieve a very complete package in the mail including a framable on gm letterhead a description of your vehicle, what dealer sold it, factory options and how many were produced. Also included is factory specs and all production codes and options as well as drawings of grills hubcaps etc for that specific model and year. Very complete package for nominal fee.

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  12. M/K

    to me a cars history starts the minute i own it unless its been in/around the family it has no prior history.

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  13. JoeR

    Last registered in 1983!

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  14. Jubjub

    This one was particularly classy. Hopefully it gets put back that way.

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  15. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I like it, could save the patina, get it running, and re-flip it, find a couple seat covers so they would match, the rest of the interior looks great. Repair the rust through, and match the paint, treat and clear coat the surface rust, make the wheels look good or new mags, big buck$ Ebay here we come. Oh yeah, detail the engine compartment.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      I had the ’69 Chevelle SS, would love this one.

      But to “get it running” might not be easy. If it has not run for 30+ years… might take a bit to start a fire in all of the cylinders. And then, how well would the rings and valves seal? Back when I had my car, I had the guides replaced, because they were all worn so much, and that was with maybe 60K miles? Without new guides and seals, it would have been a lower-powered, smoky beast.

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  16. PRA4SNW

    This is the same seller who has 3 ’69 Blue Camaros, all in about the same condition.
    He must have found a large barn full of late 60’s Chevys.

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  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Someone took it home for $9,600.00. 35 bids.

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  18. Mike

    For there is no longer a van Nuys Blvd. Or a tweedy Blvd. For cruising on club night this forum and you guys are a welcoming sight for this old school. The el Camino as any other diamond in the rough if you have the space, money, time, patience and the wife/girl friend with the understanding I say go for it

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