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Super Sports Wagon: 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE

From the good people who brought us the laughter inducing Robin, comes this 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A. Known for its unusual shape and impressive performance, the Scimitar packs Ford V6 power with a commodious interior housed within a fiberglass shell. The example up for sale is reportedly one of five in the country and has been with the current owner since 1982. Find it here on eBay in Farmingdale, New Jersey with bidding at $3,650 and only one day left!

The car’s shooting brake design was fresh and different when it first appeared in 1968. It quickly inspired similar models from many manufacturers. Even Volvo jumped on the bandwagon with their P1800ES. The new design made it possible for Reliant to shove two additional seats into their popular SE4 couple that debuted in 1964. With plenty of space, good looks and sprightly performance, the Scimitar SE5A was an immediate hit.

Apparently, the car’s popularity prompted the seller to have his imported from England in the early 80s. Of course, this car’s desirable configuration made it worth the trouble to ship stateside: a 3.0L Ford V6 paired with a four-speed manual overdrive equipped transmission. Yep, that is the engine cramped up there behind the spare. Seems like a strange configuration, but it saved space and gave the Scimitar a top speed of over 120 m.p.h. and sub-nine second 0-60 times. The seller mentions that the overdrive transmission makes for pleasant highway cruising while the Ford mechanical ensure readily available replacement parts.

Even better than the car’s preserved condition is the numerous repairs and maintenance tasks that the seller has already performed. This includes new front shocks, tires, electric fan motor, and the car also received a full mechanical restoration in the late 80’s. We would ask the seller for a comprehensive list of what repairs were made, as some of them may need doing again. Cosmetically, the Scimitar has a brand-new Webasto sunroof and re-chromed bumpers front and rear.

Other improvements make us feel confident the seller has truly enjoyed his time with the car. New carpets were installed years ago and the original door cards are in good condition. The car still wears its original – albeit dulled – paint, preserved all these years due to its accident-free existence and limited road-time. The owner says he rarely drives the car save for short jaunts and car shows, and it’s now time to move on. How would you feel about owing this rare fiberglass sports wagon?


  1. P L S.

    Love it. Love it more when people come up and ask “…it’s a what ?…”

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  2. maria

    Great..i want one..love the color!

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  3. Hans Von Mehler

    Love to have it!

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  4. Philip

    They were so popular the Queen had one and the Duke of Edinburgh !

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  5. J. Pickett

    It looks nicer than the estate barn job on Chicago Craigslist for 6 G’s.

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  6. J Ceballo

    Sure ! nice car I’d go pick some hotties with it!

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  7. Cam

    Princess Anne was given one for her 21st birthday.

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  8. Bob W.

    I always loved this body style. It and the Volvo 1800ES, Jensen Interceptor II and Jensen-Healey GT. Sport wagons? Shooting brakes? Yikes…..No reserve?!

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  9. His Royal Flatulence

    I set up an auto-bid using Esnipe for this auction, but I should have set it a few hundred dollars higher. Sold for $4,677 and I think the buyer got a hell of a deal. This looks like a really nice, clean car that’s been properly maintained. I’m bummed; I should have loosened my wallet a bit more.

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  10. Jeni & Gordon

    We won it and are flyin up to NJ for the holiday to drive it to its new home in Charleston, SC to live with her new family that includes a Triumph Herald, Jaguar XJS and Daimler SP250! We plan to show this precious find at EuroAuto Spartanburg this fall!

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  11. His Royal Flatulence

    Congrats, Jeni & Gordon! It seems like a terrific car, and it will have good company. I used to have a Herald as well. Enjoy!

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  12. John

    Was in Chicago recently, saw the ‘barn find’, not good. Wish I had seen this one earlier, oh well, if another comes up I hope someone will let me know. I had an SE5A in England and loved it.

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  13. Graham Terry

    Had the dark blue SE5A 1972 loved the car 4 bucket seats I was born in England now in USA retired. Would love to own one again even the SE6A which was slightly longer and wider. Yes Princess Ann did own one, The Queen didn’t own one

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