Supercar Find: 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago

2006 Lamborghini Murcielago

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I know most of the finds we feature here are older classics, but this mysterious find that Reader Ralph O tipped us off to is just too interesting to not feature. This 2006 Lamborghini was apparently recently discovered. There is absolutely zero information provided about it, but it was clearly found under a tarp in a barn. Based on the photos, which can be viewed here on imgur, it is has been pulled out and cleaned up. I would love to know more about the story behind this find, as it isn’t everyday someone buys a six figure supercar, pulls it into their barn, covers it with a tarp, and forgets about it! If anyone happens to find out more of the story before I do, please share!

2006 Lambo

As you can see, it cleaned up nicely, but then again it is only 9 years old. I keep telling myself it has to be a kit car, as no one would park something like this in a barn with dirt floors and leave it. Some features of the interior look correct, while others just seem off to me. So what do you think, is this the real deal or a well built kit car that was abandoned in the barn? Either way, this one deserves some further investigation!

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  1. Rich

    That’s a Chevy steering column, stalk controls and ignition tumbler.

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  2. JimBot

    Yup, that’s a kit car, I 2nd the GM stuff all over it.. the column and turn signal stalk are dead giveaways.

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  3. dan


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  4. Dave

    looks all wrong. Too small and narrow, stance wrong, wheels too small and not correct. To Joe Public though I guess they wouldn’t know any different. Seems well built too. I’d have it :)

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  5. Ceezy

    Nothing says Lamborghini about that interior, the wheels don’t even look right. Its a good replica though.

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  6. Al

    Had a link to a page similar to yours showed a bunch of European cars in barns behind barns and every where was suprised how many 6 figure and actual 7 figure cars were abandoned.

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  7. MH

    Yeah everything about it says GM. The steering column is a dead give away. Same one I had in my suburban.

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  8. brian c6 speedMember

    Did anyone else notice that there is no clutch pedal but it has a manual gear shifter…

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  9. Mark E

    Agree that the column & turn signal controls are GM. What’s impressive it that you can’t tell by the gauges, dash or seats that it’s built off of a Fiero/Camaro/Firebird/what-not. Years ago I saw one of those Meras…the Fiero based Ferrari 308 replicar. The outside looked good, just 8/10ths scale or so. But the inside was DISGUSTING…Fiero steering wheel, dashboard, console, seats…it wasn’t going to fool ANYONE who looked inside…

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  10. Ian chorne

    Kit car, there are too much GM parts on it. And also no one could be dumb enough to park a real 300,000$ lambo in a barn lol.

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  11. DREW V.

    The C-6 Corvette brake calipers are a dead giveaway… Done some checking, this is a kit car built in ’87 on a Fierro chassis, very shortly before Lamborghini won a lawsuit against the kit car company and they had to change the body…

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  12. cory

    It happens. bad things happen to rich folks and cars get stashed. Anyone remember the hurricane ferrari find in florida? A barn full of ferraris hidden away to avoid tax seizures that was discovered when the barn blew down in a hurricane

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  13. Harlyn

    The no 3rd pedal is also a pretty big giveaway…

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  14. Jason

    Nice try…the “Lambo in a barn” story almost worked for this would-be seller!

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  15. Tim Moore
  16. David Frank David FrankMember

    Or there’s this…

    A real (butchered) lambo for 50K?

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  17. Cameron Bater UK

    Hmm, this looks to me like a kit car, perhaps based on a Pontiac or Chevy. It isn’t a cheap kit car though, it’s at least middle of the market in quality range and I have seen far poorer Mercealago kits, quality wise.

    The finish just Isn’t high enough to meet the standards of the Germans in a few key areas, I’m not demeaning the builders work that IS of a high standard but the parts themselves seem cheaper to look at than genuine German parts.

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  18. Monsieur le Baton

    i think the biggest giveaway is the speedo only goes to 140mph – the lambo speedo in this car starts at 6 o’clock and the end of the speedo is at 3 o clock (essentially a 3/4 gauge) and goes up to 220mph – rather than the common 7pm to 4pm configuration

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  19. krash

    It’s Lame-bo-gus…..

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  20. Cameron Bater UK

    Personally if I were to go for a super-kit car I’d go for the Toyota “Mr2” F40, if you get the right kit it looks gorgeous.

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