Surviving American Icon: 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville


The 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville is an American icon, and is easily recognizable by its immense tailfins. This particular example is in excellent condition after hibernating in Arizona for the past 26 years. Described as original, and having only covered 90,000 miles, this is a beautiful survivor. This Caddy does run, but needs a tune up and an all-around inclusive inspection. Bidding has reached $18,200 with 5 days remaining. Find it here on eBay out of San Tan Valley, Arizona.


The 390 cubic inch V8 and automatic transmission still operate after the long Arizona hibernation. After a tune up, and some fresh fuel we imagine this would be an excellent running machine. Under the hood is rather dusty, as is the rest of the car, but we suspect a quick blow off from an air hose would reveal a pretty decent looking engine and bay.


The interior is phenomenal in this Cadillac! With a lovely rich sea foam green and dark green interior, we don’t know if it gets any better than this Caddy. The front bench seat was wrapped in plastic from new, so it faired very well in day to day use.


Even the door panels are like new with no evidence of wear or sun damage. The seller has mentioned that there is some wear on the driver door panel, but is sounds minimal. The seller has also described that dash pad needs to be replaced. Unfortunately there are no detailed photos of these described areas, but we hope that these areas are less critical than depicted. The interior has survived so well, and seems to need little to be perfect. The level of originality is grand and we think this Cadillac is a jewel of American history.


It is difficult to study this Cadillac from its dusty appearance, to our excitement over the condition of this car. Described as rust free, there is no evidence of any major flaws of any kind. It almost looks as if the lacquer finish on the paint has failed in a few places, but it is difficult to say. Dents and dings look to be nonexistent, and the chrome glistens like new. Some very lucky person is going to get the opportunity of a life time. Would you give up your current car, or fleet, to pick up this Coupe Deville? What do you think will be the final hammer price for this great piece of American history?


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  1. Bob_S

    it is not a Coupe Deville, just a plain coupe model 62. It looks like it doesn’t have any options except tinted glass.

    • Trent Poole

      Have to agree with Bob_S . ’59 Coupe Deville would have the Coupe de Ville nameplate on the rear of the back fender right above the horizontal chrome trim.
      It is a very nice car, though.

  2. Joey

    I love this car, plus it easily fits my big fat a$$


  3. Chip

    I need this car! It’s so beautiful and in such great shape! I bet it takes over 25k in bids though! Good luck!

  4. Ed P

    Buy this car for the ultimate in highway cruising. I would be cautious with the plastic seat cover. A friend had those installed on a Pontiac. The plastic adhered to the cloth seat cover. When it was about 6 years old, the plastic was brittle and started to break up and the cloth went with it.

  5. Jumping g

    Love those fins…..

  6. Mark S Member

    Nice car needs a repaint.

  7. CapNemo

    Clean it up, tune it up, new tires, drive the heck out of it!

  8. Ralph

    I had one of these in 1984-’85. Mine was a Coupe de Ville. Black with the black and white interior. Electric seat and windows and the optional fog lamps. I need a 1958 Fleetwood Sixty Special now, LOL!!!

  9. Philip

    If you want one of these go looking on your own, as from Texas to California is littered with them and other rust free cars you might want. That will allow you to save more money to put into the car, and not to line a flippers pocket. People are smart, get a trailer and truck then cruise PODUNK until they come across something Iike this. If I were to guess I’d say the seller payed about 3-5K for this car not long ago. Put nothing in it and place one ePay and get a nice 20K$ payday. I don’t buy the relist story, there are lots of sellers out there that shill up the price and claim a no pay buyer trying to inflate the market, either that or a legitimate seller inspected the car before cash changed hands and saw something they didn’t like. Used car salesmen are still alive and scummy as ever, maybe worse with eBay and the internet behind them, since no one is there to regulate them.

    • Horse Radish

      Philip, You’re right on it. And it is what kills this hobby.
      Looks like (at least) 4 flippers hate you for your insight !
      Must be BaT people…..

      • Philip

        It’s dangerous out there, lots of scams and dirty deals. Not everyone in the car hobby is soul less, not every seller or dealer. Flippers.. IDK… I take issue with making money off of doing nothing but hauling it home and a few pictures, not even taking it off the trailer, but hey that’s what some people do. I wont deal with them, preferring instead to deal with an owner or enthusiast. I don’t mind spending money at all, and have had well over 100 cars in my lifetime, but I’m not going to make 3 other people money while doing it. Buy the car from the source, get the real truth and the low down, not the filtered down hyped up version about the car, then end up loosing your A$$. Love me or hate me, truth be told you feel the same way, it just makes sense.

  10. Pfk1106

    eBay lists the car as sold on 11/12 for $20,850, so the re list could be legit. Seller has sold other parts. The cluster in the trunk was also listed but not sold.

    • Horse Radish

      Lovely, when you find out they get a ton of money for the car and take the extra parts and sell them separately..

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      This time around she sold for $19,600.00 with 22 bids.

  11. Howard A Member

    These era Caddy’s always impressed me. I mean, THERE’S a 5 ( or 10) mph front bumper for ya’. Just the absolute ultimate in luxury cars, like the ’31 Packard, this baby was meant to roll. I can just imagine people’s ideas from Asia or Europe seeing this, compared to what they were driving, and wonder what we did with cars like this. Lot of work redoing one of these. Sitting this long rarely only requires a tune-up. Yeah, it may start and move, (stop?) but it would need a total rebuild, but sure is a good start. Nothing worse than cruising along in your partially restored classic, when it quits. I’ve been there. They are much more impressive rolling down the road, or at a show than at the side of the road with the hood up. American glitz at it’s finest here, folks.

    • Mark S Member

      Hi Howard this me giving a thumbs up. Have a great day.

  12. Bruce Fischer

    Cool find. Hows this for a barn find for me and with 87,000 original miles on it.Bruce Fischer

    • DJS

      Nice find love the two tone paint,

    • john C

      Hey Bruce,…looks like your dog has one of the car’s front steering parts in his mouth !!!

    • Randall

      Coooool… You have a great cruiser. Does that one have the hemi? Nice to see these cars on the road and still alive!

  13. Another Bob

    Dog has a Toy too.

  14. PETE

    i always find it a turnoff then i see photos on the trailer , when the seller is too lazy to unload it and clean it up. you dont really know what you are buying

  15. David

    $25,000 seems like a lot of money to pay for an old Cadillac that needs so much work just because it has only 2 doors. These old Cadillacs are wonderful drivers and there are wide variations in price with year and number of doors. You can find lots of nice inexpensive examples if you can live with the extra doors and are flexible about the year. For example, a 1965 at the museum is a survivor in amazing condition, and the asking is only $9000. If what you really want is just a nice driver there are lots of inexpensive, rust free old Cadillacs out there that were treasured and well maintained by their owners. Many of their owners, (think pink hair), choose to live in warm, rust free areas like Arizona, Nevada and California.

  16. Rustytech Member

    I remember the first time I saw one of these, my fathers boss stopped by one day with a brand new one, as a 7 year old whose father drove 48 Chev this was impressive. Not too many years ago you could pick these up cheap, everybody wanted the tri five chevy’s. Prices are getting to high and restoration is very expensive. I’ll pass

  17. Mark S Member

    If you want to beat that hotrod Lincoln this is the car you need, que guitar and caddy horn.

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Old man Fry had one his daughter last drove in 1968…..we sold a lot of the tail fins rears out of his wrecking yard when the Hard Rock Cafe’s were going strong….torched them fins right off…big money back in the late 80’s/early 90’s….after he died – Cadillac John out of Dallas talked the daughter out of it with some big cash…nice color – is it factory ?

    and there are many that like a non-power car….

  19. Joe Howell

    Get it up to snuff mechanically , polish it and drive it as is. Those seat covers look period. My grandparent’s had the same textured ones in their car. In the summer in addition to leaving imprints in your skin they made you sweat like a pig. As a kid I wondered why deprive yourself of the nice upholstery with crappy plastic covers and then trade in a car with new upholstery for the next owner to enjoy. When you trade cars it doesn’t make that much difference in value so I’ve always enjoy my upholstery without plastic covers :)

  20. Ck

    Fix what needs to be fixed,and clean her up.I bet she shines like a diamond.Pack up the wife and kids and take her out for a ride .

  21. Sean Stevens

    My uncle Charlie had one of these. I was just ten years old and loved shining things up. He got upset because the reflection off of all that chrome inside the car blinded him. Told me to keep my polish rags away from his Caddie!

  22. Howard Lanfranchi

    Just found the site after finding this car!
    RHD 454 1959 Eldorado Limousine. The seller drove it about 200 miles to delver it.

    Like 1

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